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glassfish-el-3.0.1~b11 license change

Since the pre release version ~b11 (last was ~b08) some files in the
directory "/api/src/main/java/javax/el" no longer contain two licenses
(CDDL and ASL 2.0) but only ASL 2.0. Therefore I am adding ASL 2.0 as an
additional license.

xmlunit 2 license change

The package xmlunit since version 2 uses two licenses. The legacy module
retains BSD from version 1. The rest is licensed under ASL 2.0.

I improperly marked it as ASL 2.0 only, this should be fixed in this PR:
<a href="" title=""></a> if we still
want to update the ursine package.

I fixed this in MBI:
<a href="" title=""></a>

jaxen-1.2.0 license change

The package jaxen at least since version 1.2.0 no longer includes the
only differently (under W3C) licensed file from the rest (BSD) which
leaves the package with a single license (BSD).