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External monitor won't start working when the dock is plugged in

Hi y'all

Sorry if it's not the best devel topic, but I thought that I have a best
chance to find a way to fix it here. If you know of better platform where
it's more suitable let me know.

So, I've ran into this problem few times, and wanted to share it with you
cause maybe it happen to someone here and he/she got a solution for it.

I have my laptop plugged into docking station (both Lenovo ThinkPad
products), and when I leave the office I just unplug the laptop from the
dock and leave.
When I come to the office, I plug the computer to the dock.

Beginner SPECfile Guide

Hello, I was wondering if there is some kind of video guide from some
conference or lecture about SPECfiles. I am a beginner in SPECfiles and
I've read a lot stuff about them, but it is too much text. I would really
appreciate some video tutorial, it would help me a lot.

Thanks for links or any kind of help