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E-invoicing to OpenPeppol with Oxalis on CentOS anyone ?

Hello list,

I'm desperately trying to get the latest Oxalis software
(<a href="" title=""></a> )
to run in Tomcat on CentOS 6.9 but I'm getting a obscure Java error. Something
about a a method not found:


Has anyone succesfully implemented this on CentOS 6.x ?

Tomcat is running fine behind Apache.

Subject=Re:CentOS Simple solution for small network in school


I would use some (old) pc's as thin clients and have them boot over the
network from the server, or from cd. Then, have them make a connection to the
server with the NX protocol. provides all this.
Just install FreeNX on the server (yum install) and manage the accounts as
local accounts.
Can't have it any simpeler than that in my opinion, also for management.