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didn't see Wietse message before sending. so please ignore my previous
post. (sigh, there is no "get my post back" in email :).

mouss a écrit :

sql lower (WAS: OT: Cyrus-sasl + virtual_mailbox_maps query - lowercase username)

Charles Marcus a écrit :

yes. but, in mysql at least, the default is case insensitive. so you
don't need that.

THREAD's DEAD Baby (Was: blocking replies (WAS: whitelisting problem))

Stan Hoeppner a écrit :

For the benefit of Mister Kite, this thread is declared as dead.
offenders will have to face Mr Wallace.

blocking replies (WAS: whitelisting problem)


I'm looking through you, where did you go:

< ... at hardwarefreak dot com>: host[]
said: 554 5.7.1 <[]>: Client host
rejected: Access denied (in reply to RCPT TO command)

It is nice to not reject mail from people who help you...

THREAD HIJACKED (Was: Forwarding to two servers)

Jie Wang a écrit :

your message contains:

References: <1251278092.6426.20. ... at devel dot>

which means you replied to Stephan Palme message with an unrelated question.

This is called "thread hijacking" and we hate it for many reasons that
you can find explained by searching the web.

Please repost your question in a new thread: compose a completely new

Please do not take this personally, and instead understand that this is
done for the benefit of the community.

if you post a completely new message (no hijacking), we can explain how
tod do wh

Challenge-response [Was: Confirmation email with captcha]

Ralf Hildebrandt a écrit :

Error messages may be "translated" by the final server (so your nice
"blah blah see http://.... blah blah" may become "mailbox unavailable:
error 501"). in general, smtp errors are not guaranteed to arrive to the
original sender.

anyway, challenge-response is a bad idea. do not delegate your spam
filtering to others. not only it is selfish, but it is unreliable:

If I get a challenge from someone I've never sent mail to, I do verify
the challenge, so that he gets spam.

postfix HA

I am trying to "collect" methods to setup postfix in an HA
configuration, for "outbound" relay (no MUA involved). a use case is
using multiple postfix boxes to relay mail out for one or more exchange
servers. there are many possibilities. which one is
"good/recommended/easy/blahblah"? This is somewhat off topic since the
problem is mostly on the client (exchange or other) side rather than
postfix. but I think this is a real need. and if I get enough infos, I
can aggregate them and submit that as a howto/readme.

hijacked NXDOMAIN (Re: DNS lookups not working?)

jan gestre a écrit :

you can easily check your DNS service with


if this returns a result, then your DNS provider is lying to you and
there is nothing we can do for you.

if installing BIND on your postfix machine, without using any forwarder,
doesn't fix the problem, then your ISP is redirecting your DNS traffic,
and the only thing you can do is complain to your ISP or switch.

if all you do is forward to another lying provider, that won't fix your

a workaround is

you can do this for other DNSBLs, but yo

safe wildcard aliasing with mysql [Was: Reject_unlisted_recipient and "wide" aliasing]

Roman Medina-Heigl Hernandez a écrit :

let's use these "simplistic" tables (no id/keys... for simplicity):

- a User table, with the following columns
* user: the user-part of an email address
* domain: the domain part.

- a DomainAlias table, with the following columns
* alias: This is a domain name
* destination: This too is a domain name

now, we set

virtual_alias_maps =
# user aliases
# domain aliases

user_alias is used for "user" aliases (no wildcard alias).

per recipient transport [Was: Evaluation of maps in local or virtual address classes]

Victor Duchovni a écrit :

is there a benefit in avoiding per recipient transports? or said
otherwise: is there a way to tell postfix to only lookup domains?