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I maintain multiple postfix servers with LMTP content filter set up.
last week we started receiving much spam that requests NOTIFY=SUCCESS
which results in many queued DSNs.

I got the idea of avoid notifications when they reach particular spam score.

My problem is, that on (at least) one of servers, postfix sends mail to
filter with SUCCESS stripped off NOTIFY= parameter, and sends bounce as the
mail gets delivered to LMTP filter. This way the filter is not able to
supress notifications.

kill hanging CGIs


we provide our users possibility to upload their own CGI scripts, using
suexec (in a limited environment, for security reasons).

Re: [users@httpd] Mod-rewrite problem

----- "Rudi Kramer" <rudi. ... at gmail dot com> wrote:
There is no need for mod_rewrite. the Redirect directive can do exactly the
same with less of workload.

You don't need a cannon for shooting birds, do you?