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Supported scanners fugitsu iX1500?

I've searched what I can find on the SANE page and for ubuntu
supported, but can't find any up to date info.
Does anyone know if the fujitsu scansnap iX1500 scanner is supported?
I am using Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on my business computer. I'll need to
update at some point, but everything is working Sooooo . . .

I'm not wanting to buy one only to find out it won't work. Thanks for
any thoughts


Correct posting format

New to the list (newly returned actually).

I want to get off on the right foot with correct posting format. I can
figure out bottom posting and proper quoting in the various gmail phone
clients. But can't find a setting to turn off HTML format for this list.

Any thoughts / guidance?


package nvidia-opencl-icd-361:i386 held back


apt-get dist-upgrade gives the following message:

The following packages have been kept back:

I am wondering if this is something I should be concerned about and if it
is just cruft, if I should remove it. While I found the info about my
system below, I'm not sure how to interpret it in connection with this.

Experience with Lenovo Flex 3

I am looking at the Lenovo Flex 3 as a possible replacement for my laptop.
Does anyone have experiences pro or con that you can share? If con, better
choices with similar features? One of the things I do lots of is reading /
anotating large PDF docs.

OT- Libreoffice - Base / Writer will this work?

Question is whether what I describe below is possible / reasonable using
Libreoffice Base and Writer. Part 1 is setting up the database, part 2 is
importing data into writer, which is what I need. Since Part 1 is time
consuming, I don't want to start if I cannot get the desired result.

I manage projects where I need to generate written reports, action
requests, etc. with project specific information. Because of my existing
extensive library of forms, I need to stay with LO writer.

I know it is possible to set up a database with a single table, each record
having the data for one project.

OT - Inserting fields in Libreoffice forms


I am hoping someone here might be able to point me in the correct
direction. I have a set of forms in which the same information appears
several times. Example, an name. I'd like to set them up so that I can
fill in the name in the form once, and then everywhere it is referenced in
the form will have the same text.

I tried reading up on the "fields" function, but it isn't clear how to use
it or if that is even the right way to do what I need. Does anyone have
any thoughts or a pointer to a relevant website?


remove xorg-edgers ppa

Greetings all,

This post has the what at the top and the "why" and background further down.

I am trying to remove / purge the xorg-edgers ppa and revert to supported
repositories. Using ppa purge gives this:

patton@XPS-8700:~$ sudo ppa-purge xorg-edgers
Updating packages lists
PPA to be removed: xorg-edgers ppa
Warning: Could not find package list for PPA: xorg-edgers ppa

My searches suggest that this is because the ppa was installed on version
14.04 and I did not remember their stern instruction to use ppa-purge
before the upgrade.

Convertable Laptop Compatibility?

I am looking at replacing my current laptop and am considering a
convertible that can lay flat and be used like a tablet. I am looking for
user experiences.

Are such convertibles useable "out of the box" with Ubuntu 15.04? Are
there any brands / models that have particular problems?

Any thoughts, suggestions, feedback appreciated


Firefox crash problem

I am having a problem where if I have firefox open, some sites will not
load. If I open Chrome, then Firefox freezes solid. Only solution is
$killall firefox from a terminal. Currently on ubuntu 14.10. Any thoughts
on where to begin to troubleshoot?

Roll back recent updates

Sorry if this is a duplicate. The list does not seem to be sending my
copies back to me.

A recent update to gscan2pdf (from the developer's ppa) has caused a
problem. I have posted that problem to the gscan2pdf listserve. But I
want to get it working again between now and a fix.

Does anyone know of a way to identify and roll back updates without
uninstalling and going with the version in the repos? (The PPA version
fixes another problem found in the version shipped with Ubu 14.04)


rollback / uninstall updates? gscan2pdf crash after update

Following updates today, gscan2pdf freezes when attempting to save PDF. (It
is the version from the PPA so it's not a bug that Ubunutu passed through)
I have posted the problem to the gscan2pdf help list. BUT

Is there a way to identify and roll back the specific updates today?


Thumb drive installation, minimum size

I plan on installing 8.04 on a thumb drive.[0] This will be a full, not a
"live" install. The purpose is to run a USB video converter, so it will
probably need swap space somewhere. The data files that ate created will
go on a separate partition or USB drive that'll be mounted when needed.

The question is how large a thumb drive I need for the project. Also
interested in other thoughts.

-- Patton

[0] The reason for using 8.04 is that the drivers for the hardware do not
work with recent kernel updates.

MS fonts update

This AM I processed a bunch of updates on my lucid box. One was an update
to the mstcorefonts package. I didn't notice it initially because there were
65 updates .but it's forced me to click through the EULA. because it is a
font package, I now wonder what was changed.

Is there a way to find out what changed in the most recent update of a
package? Thanks for all thoughts.


Script / parse issue

Greetings all. I am trying to write a script to extract email
addresses from several lists. Here is the problem:

List 1 contains member names in five groups, but no email addresses.
I will manually break this list into five sublists.

List 2 has complete address information for all five groups, but it is

What I need to do is use the names in a sublist to search for the
block of text in list 2 and extract the email address.

List 1 is a listing of members and the date they will be removed from
the list "Exp'" formatted like this:

Fname M. Last Exp. 1/2/12
Jane Smith Exp.

Hardware testing.

I've been asked to triage a laptop running windows xp I know that my
problem is off topic, but the question is "on" I think.

My intention is to do hardware and memory testing from an Ubuntu live
CD before having to dig into the guts of XP to try and solve.

I have in the past DL'd and burned several rescue type CDs But for
this purpose, I thought I would just run the memory test provided on
the Ubuntu live CD, then from a live environment, use the built in
hardware test tools.

List Admins??? Ubuntu Users broken to Comcast and Yahoo emails

There appears to be a problem with Ubuntu-users traffic going to and Yahoo email accounts.

I am posting from my gmail account in hopes an administrator will see
and can correct.

I have not received any emails from the list today at my
account.  Several test messages are from me.

I have been able to confirm that this problem is not just me or my
settings.  I spoke with a comcast security tech who attempted to
subscribe to the list from her comcast account, her yahoo account, and
her gmail account.  Comcast and Yahoo failed to even send the
confirmation email,