Postings by Petr Pisar

icecast-2.4.4 license correction

I've just built icecast-2.4.4 for all Fedoras and EPEL-7 and corrected
a license tag from "GPLv2+" to "GPLv2+ and GPLv2 and BSD" in icecast binary
package and to "GPLv2+ and MIT and FSFULLR and FSFUL" in icecast-doc
binary package to reflect the reality (the GPLv2 only code also existed
in older icecast releases).

-- Petr

indent license corrected

While rebasing indent package to a fresh new 2.2.12 release (done
after 8 years), I corrected license declaration from "GPLv3+" to
"GPLv3+ and BSD and Verbatim".

-- Petr

perl-Net-DNS-Nameserver-1.17-1.fc29 license change

perl-Net-DNS-Nameserver-1.17-1.fc29 binary package corrected a license from
"GPL+ or Artistic" to "MIT".

-- Petr

sharutils license corrected

I corrected sharutils' license tag from:

GPLv3+ and (LGPLv3+ or BSD) and LGPLv2+ and Public Domain and GFDL


GPLv3+ and (GPLv3+ and BSD) and (LGPLv3+ or BSD) and LGPLv2+ and Public Domain and GFDL

-- Petr

perl-File-MMagic license corrected

I corrected a license tag at the perl-File-MMagic-1.30-16.fc29 package
from "ASL 1.0 and BSD" to "App-s2p and ASL 1.0 and BSD".

-- Petr

Merging Perl 5.28 to Fedora 29


Perl SIG completed Perl 5.28 upgrade
<> in f29-perl side tag
that involved rebuildnig about 3000 packags.

perl-podlators-4.11 license change

perl-podlators-4.11 changes licence from "(GPL+ or Artistic) and MIT" to
"(GPL+ or Artistic) and FSFAP".

-- Petr

perl-Test-PostgreSQL license change

I missed a license change in perl-Test-PostgreSQL-1.06 (2015 year). The
old license was "Artistic 2.0 and (GPL+ or Artistic)", the new one is
"Artistic 2.0". An updated package heads to all Fedoras that will fix

-- Petr

perl-RDF-RDFa-Generator license change

perl-RDF-RDFa-Generator-0.192-1.fc28 changed license from:

(GPL+ or Artistic) and CC-BY-SA and Public Domain


(GPL+ or Artistic) and Public Domain.

-- Petr

time-1.8 changes license and output

After many years a new 1.8 version of "time" tool was released. This
version brings some noticable changes:

(1) License changed from (GPLv2+) to (GPLv3+ and GFDL).

(2) Additional exit codes are used to report meassured command failures
and failures to execute the command.

(3) A meassured command failure is printed by default.

pl-7.6.1 license change

pl package in version 7.6.1 that is being built for Fedora >= 28 changed
license from:
(BSD and (GPLv2+ with exceptions or Artistic 2.0)) and (GPL+ or Artistic)
and (BSD or GPL) and LGPLv2+ and TCL and UCD and MIT and BSD
and Public Domain
(BSD and (GPLv2+ with exceptions or Artistic 2.0)) and (GPL+ or Artistic)
and (BSD or GPL) and TCL and UCD and MIT and BSD and Public Domain


Broken perl-libwww-perl-6.27-1.fc28

I accidentally build perl-libwww-perl-6.27-1.fc28 that cannot be
installed because of broken dependencies.

verilator license correction

I changed verilator's license tag from (GPLv2) to (LGPLv3 or
Artistic 2.0) in Fedora 28 to be in line with the reality.

-- Petr

Retiring libwbxml-compat

I'm going to remove libwbxml-compat package from Fedora 27. The package
was forked from libwbxml six years ago to provide an old API for
packages that required libwbxml < 0.11.0.

Because there is no such package in Fedora anymore, I will remove
libwbxml-compat package.

-- Petr

libbson-1.7.0-0.2.rc1.fc27 ABI change

Fedora 27 delivers libbson's developmental version for testing purposes.
Now-built libbson-1.7.0-rc1 changed ABI comparing to 1.7.0-rc0. It
renamed bson_as_extended_json() to bson_as_canonical_json().

This shouldn't be any issue for Fedora packages as none of the libbson
libary users were built after introducing bson_as_extended_json():


Because this is still a release candidate, no SONAME was changed either.

PCRE2 10.30-RC1 changes

PCRE2 upstream released 10.30-RC1, a release candidate for 10.30. This
version will have three major changes:

(1) library changed ABI and SONAME to There is no other user of this library in Fedora's x86_64
repository, thus no mass rebuild is needed. Still this limits the
package upgrade to rawhide only.

perl-Prima-1.52-1.fc27 license change

perl-Prima-1.52-1.fc27 changed license from
BSD and MIT and TCL and ImageMagick and LGPLv2+
BSD and MIT and TCL and ImageMagick and LGPLv2+ and AGPLv3+.

-- Petr

pl-7.4.1-1.fc27 license change

pl-7.4.1-1.fc27 package changed license from:

(GPLv2+ with exceptions or Artistic 2.0) and (GPLv2+ with exceptions)
and (GPLv2 with exception) and (GPL+ or Artistic) and LGPLv2+ and LGPLv2
and UCD and (UCD and MIT) and BSD and Public Domain and EPL and GPLv2
and GPLv2+ and GPLv3+


(BSD and (GPLv2+ with exceptions or Artistic 2.0)) and (GPL+ or
Artistic) and (BSD or GPL) and LGPLv2+ and TCL and UCD and MIT and BSD
and Public Domain

-- Petr

Has anybody seen Jose Pedro Oliveira (jpo) package maintainer

Perl SIG struggle for more than a year to retire some jpo's packages
that need to be removed from Fedora because of broken dependencies:

perl-ZeroMQ <>
perl-ZMQ-LibZMQ2 <>
perl-ZMQ-LibZMQ3 <>

So far I did not receive any response from him.

perl-lexical-underscore-0.004 license change

Since perl-lexical-underscore-0.004-1.fc25, the package license is
((GPL+ or Artistic) and Public Domain) now.

-- Petr

Retiring yap (Prolog interpreter)

I'm deeply sorry I will have to retire yap package because:

It crashes on i686 after updating GCC to 7
Last stable version is 7 years old (we have it in Fedora).
Last development version is 4 years old (Jerry James tried to update
but it does not work with non-lazy linking) and it fails on i686 too <>.
Upstream does not respond
<> and playing
with the code reveals other bugs like signed interger overflows or
linkage failure w

MongoDB 3.4-compatiable clients report user agent

To whom may it concern,

MongoDB clients started to report implementation identification to a server
It includes operating system and MongoDB driver name and version.

Although the shared data are modest and, in my opinion, do not divulge any
sensitive information, I'd like to make Fedora community aware about this

-- Petr

perl-Module-ScanDeps-1.23-1.fc26 license change

perl-Module-ScanDeps-1.23-1.fc26 changes license from
((GPL+ or Artistic) and Artistic 2.0) to (GPL+ or Artistic).

-- Petr

libbson soname alias removal

libbson-1.5.0-0.1.rc2.fc26 removes soname aliases visiable on RPM level
as "*)(64bit)" provides and keeps
"" only.

The 1.5.0-rc2 will be pushed into rawhide only and I will rebuild the
three affected packages there:


-- Petr

perl-podlators license correction

perl-podlators license declaration was corrected from (GPL+ or Artistic)
to ((GPL+ or Artistic) and MIT).

-- Petr

perl-Archive-Zip license correction

perl-Archive-Zip license declaration was corrected in F26 and F25 from
(GPL+ or Artistic) to ((GPL+ or Artistic) and BSD).

-- Petr

perl-Unicode-Collate license corrected

I corrected perl-Unicode-Collate license declaration in F26 from
((GPL+ or Artistic) and UCD) to ((GPL+ or Artistic) and Unicode).

-- Petr

perl-DateTime-Locale license corrected

After discussion with legal team, I reclassified perl-DateTime-Locale
license from ((GPL+ or Artistic) and MIT) to ((GPL+ or Artistic) and
Unicode) in F26. The included CLDR license resembles more the Unicode
license than the MIT license.

-- Petr

perl-Encode license correction

I found ecnguess tool uses Artistic 2.0 license, so I corrected it in
all Fedoras. The license tag was changes from
((GPL+ or Artistic) and UCD) to ((GPL+ or Artistic) and Artistic 2.0 and UCD).

-- Petr

rpm-build's dependency on perl-generators removed

Perl <>
F25 change, I removed run-time dependency on perl-generators from
rpm-build package in rpm-4.13.0-0.rc1.40.fc25 build.

This should remove perl from minimal build root.

-- Petr