Postings by Petr Pisar

pcre2-10.34-RC2 with AArch64 SIMD JIT

I've just pushed pcre2-10.34-RC2 into Fedora 32.

perl-Geo-Point and perl-Geo-Proj4 retired in Fedora 32

I retired perl-Geo-Point and perl-Geo-Proj4 packages because they are
incompatible with proj-6.2.0. These two packages are not used by
anything else in Fedora.

-- Petr

libisds licence correction

libisds license was corrected from "LGPLv3" to "LGPLv3+ and GPLv3+".

I discovered during a rebase to 0.11 version that bundled gettext.h
header file is GPLv3+ licensed while all the other code is LGPLv3+.
Although one can argue that the few gettext.h macros are not
a substantial work, it's still a GPL code that imposes GPL conditions on
the resulting library.

I raised the issue to gettext upstream
<> as I believe any non-GPLv3
softare that follows the gettext guidelines (include gettext.h) is

-- Petr

Unannounced libproj soname bump

I noticed proj-5.2.0 was rebased to 6.2.0 in Fedora ≥ 31.

recode-3.7.1 in Fedora 32 will change a soname

I'm preparing an upgrade of "recode" pacakge from 3.6 to 3.7.1 version.

Because it changes an ABI and a license (from (GPLv2+) to (GPLv3+ and
LGPLv3+ and BSD and OFSFDL); the library itself from LGPLv2+ to
LGPLv3+)), the upgrade will be performed in Rawhide only.

Following packages will need to be rebuilt (and I will perform the


Once upstream determines the new soname, I will commence.

-- Petr

License correction in teckit-2.5.9-2.fc31

After unretiring teckit I reviewed the sources and corrected a license
tag from

LGPLv2+ or CPL


(LGPLv2+ or CPL) and (LGPLv2+ or GPLv2+ or MPLv2.0 or MPLv1.1)

-- Petr

perl-SQL-Shell-1.16 changed license

perl-SQL-Shell since 1.16 version has GPLv2+ license instead of GPLv2.

-- Petr

miniz: a soname bump and a license change


I'm going to rebase miniz in Rawhide from 1.15_r4 to 2.1.0. The new
miniz breaks ABI (while preserving API), thus a soname will change.
I will rebuild all the two dependent packages:


This new miniz also comes with a new license.

perl-GIS-Distance license change

perl-GIS-Distance-0.18-1.fc31 changed a license from "GPL+ or Artistic"
to "GPLv3+".

-- Petr

Orphaning pl (SWI Prolog)

I have no interest in maintaining pl (SWI Prolog) package and thus I'm
going to orphan it.

The package is a Prolog langugage interpreter with bundled various
libraries and tools written in that language. E.g.

Changes in libpcreposix (a regexp emulation in PCRE)

I got a bug report that the applications that use a libpcreposix library
crash after building with an --as-needed linker flag

perl-NetPacket-1.7.0 license change

perl-NetPacket-1.7.0 changes a license from (Artistic 2.0) to
(Artistic 2.0 and CC-BY).

-- Petr

icecast-2.4.4 license correction

I've just built icecast-2.4.4 for all Fedoras and EPEL-7 and corrected
a license tag from "GPLv2+" to "GPLv2+ and GPLv2 and BSD" in icecast binary
package and to "GPLv2+ and MIT and FSFULLR and FSFUL" in icecast-doc
binary package to reflect the reality (the GPLv2 only code also existed
in older icecast releases).

-- Petr

indent license corrected

While rebasing indent package to a fresh new 2.2.12 release (done
after 8 years), I corrected license declaration from "GPLv3+" to
"GPLv3+ and BSD and Verbatim".

-- Petr

perl-Net-DNS-Nameserver-1.17-1.fc29 license change

perl-Net-DNS-Nameserver-1.17-1.fc29 binary package corrected a license from
"GPL+ or Artistic" to "MIT".

-- Petr

sharutils license corrected

I corrected sharutils' license tag from:

GPLv3+ and (LGPLv3+ or BSD) and LGPLv2+ and Public Domain and GFDL


GPLv3+ and (GPLv3+ and BSD) and (LGPLv3+ or BSD) and LGPLv2+ and Public Domain and GFDL

-- Petr

perl-File-MMagic license corrected

I corrected a license tag at the perl-File-MMagic-1.30-16.fc29 package
from "ASL 1.0 and BSD" to "App-s2p and ASL 1.0 and BSD".

-- Petr

Merging Perl 5.28 to Fedora 29


Perl SIG completed Perl 5.28 upgrade
<> in f29-perl side tag
that involved rebuildnig about 3000 packags.

perl-podlators-4.11 license change

perl-podlators-4.11 changes licence from "(GPL+ or Artistic) and MIT" to
"(GPL+ or Artistic) and FSFAP".

-- Petr

perl-Test-PostgreSQL license change

I missed a license change in perl-Test-PostgreSQL-1.06 (2015 year). The
old license was "Artistic 2.0 and (GPL+ or Artistic)", the new one is
"Artistic 2.0". An updated package heads to all Fedoras that will fix

-- Petr

perl-RDF-RDFa-Generator license change

perl-RDF-RDFa-Generator-0.192-1.fc28 changed license from:

(GPL+ or Artistic) and CC-BY-SA and Public Domain


(GPL+ or Artistic) and Public Domain.

-- Petr

time-1.8 changes license and output

After many years a new 1.8 version of "time" tool was released. This
version brings some noticable changes:

(1) License changed from (GPLv2+) to (GPLv3+ and GFDL).

(2) Additional exit codes are used to report meassured command failures
and failures to execute the command.

(3) A meassured command failure is printed by default.

pl-7.6.1 license change

pl package in version 7.6.1 that is being built for Fedora >= 28 changed
license from:
(BSD and (GPLv2+ with exceptions or Artistic 2.0)) and (GPL+ or Artistic)
and (BSD or GPL) and LGPLv2+ and TCL and UCD and MIT and BSD
and Public Domain
(BSD and (GPLv2+ with exceptions or Artistic 2.0)) and (GPL+ or Artistic)
and (BSD or GPL) and TCL and UCD and MIT and BSD and Public Domain


Broken perl-libwww-perl-6.27-1.fc28

I accidentally build perl-libwww-perl-6.27-1.fc28 that cannot be
installed because of broken dependencies.

verilator license correction

I changed verilator's license tag from (GPLv2) to (LGPLv3 or
Artistic 2.0) in Fedora 28 to be in line with the reality.

-- Petr

Retiring libwbxml-compat

I'm going to remove libwbxml-compat package from Fedora 27. The package
was forked from libwbxml six years ago to provide an old API for
packages that required libwbxml < 0.11.0.

Because there is no such package in Fedora anymore, I will remove
libwbxml-compat package.

-- Petr

libbson-1.7.0-0.2.rc1.fc27 ABI change

Fedora 27 delivers libbson's developmental version for testing purposes.
Now-built libbson-1.7.0-rc1 changed ABI comparing to 1.7.0-rc0. It
renamed bson_as_extended_json() to bson_as_canonical_json().

This shouldn't be any issue for Fedora packages as none of the libbson
libary users were built after introducing bson_as_extended_json():


Because this is still a release candidate, no SONAME was changed either.

PCRE2 10.30-RC1 changes

PCRE2 upstream released 10.30-RC1, a release candidate for 10.30. This
version will have three major changes:

(1) library changed ABI and SONAME to There is no other user of this library in Fedora's x86_64
repository, thus no mass rebuild is needed. Still this limits the
package upgrade to rawhide only.

perl-Prima-1.52-1.fc27 license change

perl-Prima-1.52-1.fc27 changed license from
BSD and MIT and TCL and ImageMagick and LGPLv2+
BSD and MIT and TCL and ImageMagick and LGPLv2+ and AGPLv3+.

-- Petr

pl-7.4.1-1.fc27 license change

pl-7.4.1-1.fc27 package changed license from:

(GPLv2+ with exceptions or Artistic 2.0) and (GPLv2+ with exceptions)
and (GPLv2 with exception) and (GPL+ or Artistic) and LGPLv2+ and LGPLv2
and UCD and (UCD and MIT) and BSD and Public Domain and EPL and GPLv2
and GPLv2+ and GPLv3+


(BSD and (GPLv2+ with exceptions or Artistic 2.0)) and (GPL+ or
Artistic) and (BSD or GPL) and LGPLv2+ and TCL and UCD and MIT and BSD
and Public Domain

-- Petr