Postings by Steve Huston

Testing new server

I have an old machine I'm in the process of retiring, and want to test its
replacement. To do so, I'd like to send a copy of all locally-delivered
mail from the old machine to the new one to have it processed there.

Interest in a SIG for logging and monitoring?

Apologies for not being able to use a proper reply, since I only just
joined the list today; came here to say that I too would be interested
in such a SIG.

Rewriting Received: header

I'm using Postfix 2.3.3 (from CentOS 5.5) and am trying to rewrite the
initial Received: header on messages for which the sender is SMTP AUTH'd
already (due to the original IP in the headers causing spam scanners to
give bad scores to legitimate messages). A bit of searching had turned
up this message in a perfectly relevant thread from not long ago:

<a href="" title=""></a>

However, the problem I'm having is that the Received: header is still
not being rewritten.