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copy/paste not working

Running Ubuntu 16.04. Also use other pgms from KDE - kate, falkon,
konq, etc, which I use a lot, and other misc non-Ubuntu pgms. Have had a
few copy/paste problems in the past - usually in/out of KDE pgms. But
after the last couple of updates I can't do any copy/paste involving
any KDE pgm. Also copy paste from one KDE pgm to another doesn't work,
and even trying to copy text from one place to another within the SAME
kate document doesn't work! It is MUCH worse after updates.

Is there a way to get this to work?

old disk access

Some of the old disks I'm trying to access are likely quite old - in
the 250 to 750 MB range. Same connectors as old but larger disks
[1GB and up] that I can access. In disks they just show up as generic
ATA/ATAPI and it says "no media". A couple did a lot of
screeching/beeping before they finally decided to run, but none of the
very small ones show as a disk. What may be preventing me from accessing
those smaller disks?

user # access?

Running Ubuntu 16.04 updated. I have a few disks from my older linux
comps, even way back to Mandriva :-), and I'd like to check for some
info on those disks. When I try to access them, I can't. Says owner is
user# 501, etc and I don't have any permissions. Tried installing
Nautilus-admin but that doesn't work either. How can I access my old
disks via a GUI so I can easily see all and copy some if necessary?
These will not be used to boot, so I don't mind altering those disks
if necessary.

floppy disks?

I need to get some files from some VERY old MS floppy disk archives.
Running Ubuntu 16.04 updated but thinking of upgrading. Can I buy and
use a USB floppy disk drive to read these disks on a plug and go basis?
If so, do I have to buy certain drives to work well with Ubuntu?

Will I have to download any software to do this, or perhaps do this in a
better way? Some may be early floppies and have lower density - might
these not be readable by what is now recognized by Ubuntu?

stellarium problem

Using Ubuntu 16.04. Wanted to check out the location of close-by Mars
so installed stellarium via GUI but it won't run. All I get is an
instant flash of something on the screen. Htop does not see it running.
Locate gives me hundreds of stellarium-related files, so not sure what
to run via cli. This seems to be a snap install. Is there something
else needed to make it run correctly?

Not crucial - a phone app worked amazingly well, showing me what is in
the sky 'behind' the phone as I move the phone around in 3D space.

wrong icon

Running 16.04 fully updated. A while back I had a problem where
programs would "disappear" when minimized. At that time I got a number
of good suggestions and workarounds on this list that made it mostly
work correctly. Thank you all again. Since then I have seen something
else that made it look like they disappeared. What happens is that,
when minimized, they are associated with an icon on the left vertical
column that has NO RELATIONSHIP to the running program. The small white
triangle does appear on that icon, and when clicked brings back the
minimized program.

Screen freeze

Geeqie is a nice tool I use when looking through a photo
collection. Occasionally I will set it to full screen mode. If I then
try to go to another desktop via ctl-alt-arrow, the screen freezes in a
way that I can't seem to recover from. The full screen photo stays
there no matter what I do.

I'd appreciate any suggestions for recovering from this. Running 16.04
Ubuntu, fully updated, with several KDE pgms also.


Odd network behavior

I'm seeing some odd network behavior that I don't understand. The
problem started when I decided to improve the wireless coverage in my
house by using an extra router as second access point. Both routers
have the same SSID and the same encryption and password. The second
router has different LAN IP address, a different channel[using 5 and
9], and the DHCP server is turned off in the second router/access

startup in specific desktops?

I have several pgms I almost always use, set up in 4 desktops. How can
I get these to startup in the desktops I want then to be in?



unresponsive screen graphics

Running Ubuntu 16.04 with a number of problems we've discussed on this
list, and unfortunately seem to recur after certain updates. Some
seemed rather mysterious to the list folks so I won't go through those
again. I do run a number of KDE programs, and a few from other
desktops, but no other full desktop is installed.

One hopefully minor problem is that I have several graphics on my
screen that I can't seem to get rid of. They look exactly like icons
that have been on the screen before, but are completely unresponsive
and not listed in the desktop directory.

USB not working with camera

I currently tried to load some photos into Ubuntu 16.04, using a USB
adapter for the 16G SD chip used in a Panasonic FZ200 camera. The chip
is formatted by the camera. When plugged into any USB port on the box,
the red LED on the adapter keeps repeating a series of flashes, but
nothing is seen by Ubuntu - nothing happens on the screen, and discs
does not show the USB at all.

This works without any problem in my old 12.04 box, and has been used
many, many times to transfer pictures. On discs in 12.04, it looks
like a W95 fat32 LBA (0x0c) - nothing fancy at all.

Nautilus closes instead of minimizing?

Nautilus "disappears" when minimized, and Colin has suggested that it
is closing instead of minimizing. I'd like to fix that. If I could
find a way to keep nautilus from closing when minimized, I may be able
to go back to using more native Ubuntu programs, which may get me back
to a more problem free system.

Any ideas why it is closing instead of minimizing?



Nautilus acting up

When I minimize Nautilus, it essentially disappears. Usually, when
something is minimized, a small white triangle appears next to the
icon for that program, and when multiple instances are minimized there
is a triangle for each instance. When I minimize Nautilus, there is
never a single white triangle no matter how many instances of Nautilus
I have minimized. Also, when I use alt tab to see what's running in
that workspace NONE of the minimized instances of Nautilus are shown.
So, Nautilus has disappeared and I don't know how to get it back after
it is minimized.

fslint menu items still gone...

I formatted/reinstalled 16.04 and things are going well except for a
very few items. I use fslint all the time - it is an important pgm for
me, but it is still useless because the menu bar is still blank and
thus I can't really do anything useful with the pgm.

I left /home the same with the reinstall so it might be that something
there is causing the problem. I could not find anything in hidden
files that seemed to relate to fslint, so not sure what it might be.

Seems that fslint uses python and gtk. Is it possible that I have the
wrong versions installed and/or activated?

Multiple desktop problems SOLVED, mostly

I had quite a few problems after installing kubuntu-desktop to 16.04
Ubuntu, as you may have seen in multiple threads here.

The best solution I found was to reinstall Ubuntu into a FORMATTED /
disk, leaving /home, on another disk, as-is. Trying to install Ubuntu
without formatting / did not work that well - it apparently kept too
much stuff in /. Most of the many problems I saw are no longer there.
A small number remain, and these may be due to things in /home, so I
still have a bit of cleanup to do.

Overall, I would strongly recommend AGAINST installing kubuntu-desktop
to 16.04 Ubuntu.

Minimize is seriously broken

Some pgms, when minimized, show up as new 'random' icons on the bottom
of the left icon stack. Alt-tab also displays this random, unrelated
icon which, if selected, does bring up the pgm that was minimized.

For example, if I start konq it comes up and works OK. When minimized
it creates a new icon 'Treeline doc' on the bottom left which is a
desktop icon pointing to documentation for the Treeline pgm.

If I place an actual konq icon in, say, the middle of the left icon
stack, that will start konq as one would expect, but if minimized will
create a new 'Treeline doc' icon on the bottom left.

FSlint menu is gone....

Here's another problem since the kubuntu-desktop install - the FSlint
menu disappeared - it does not show up in the menu bar OR the title
bar. Changing the settings does not bring it back. Since there is no
way to activate commands in the GUI the pgm is now useless. It was
installed and worked fine BEFORE the kubuntu-desktop install. I use it
a fair amount and need to get it functional again.

Nautilus loses history

I like and use number of KDE programs. The Ubuntu website suggested
installing kubuntu-desktop instead of downloading several individual
KDE programs, so I did that. This may be the source of some problems
that were *not* there before this installation. [I don't use that
desktop though]

One new problem is that when Nautilus is minimized, it no longer
appears in the group of running programs brought up by alt-tab. The
only way to get it seems to be to click on the icon, but that brings
up a brand-new instance that has no memory of how it was before it was
minimized - no locations, tabs, etc.

Disk access/permission problem - simplified question

Been working on this - let me try a simplified question.

New 16.04 box. I can access any folder in /home from a win box, using
the sharing set up with the Files tool - works OK.

In 16.04 USB disks mount as /media/user/diskname. I tried to share
this diskname both with Nautilus sharing and via smb.conf - neither
one works. I changed the permissions for the entire diskname to
everyone can read/write, and allowed guest sharing. From the win box,
I get "access denied."

Diskname has permissions for everyone, but /media and /media/user are
still owned by root with NO ACCESS.

Disk access/permission problem

Discs seem to mount differently in 16.04 compared to 12.04. In 12.04
they were mounted as /media/disk name but in 16.04 they mount as
/media/user/disk name. I'm trying to access, from other boxes, a disk
mounted internally that mounts as above. Originally I used the same
samba .conf file I used in 12.04. In 12.04 this worked for both
Windows and Linux boxes.

I adjusted the mount location in the new samba file, but the disk was
not accessible from either Windows or Linux boxes.

Is this possible?

I've been checking out AMD MBs and I've seen a LOT of problems. My main
goals were:
AMD 4or6 core processor [have a 6 core]
990 [preferred] or 970 chip set
32 Gb memory
3-6 Tb hard disks [needs UEFI] for data
SSD for system files/boot

The 990 chip set, in particular, seems to have several problems with
linux, and needs workarounds to be functional. 32 Gb with linux also
seems to have problems.

Maybe I'm asking for too much. Has ANYONE on the list been able to get
a box that achieves the above goals, runs Ubuntu 16, and works
well otherwise?

New box, memory problem

New box, MSI 970a-g43+ MB. Yet another problem... :-( Had 16G memory
installed, was working well after fixing a number of problems. Decided
to put another 16G in for 32G total. Wouldn't boot! BIOS sees 32G. Ran
memtest, but it sees only 24G and gives errors if run with 32G. Tested
each 16G pair separately, both pairs test OK with memtest [although
got a "warning" on one set, which seems to work OK otherwise]. Each
16G pair seems to run fine in the box if installed as 16G. MB has no
integrated video, which could require memory- using a separate board
for video.

Can't remove printers - Ubuntu 16.04

When I finally got the UEFI problem straightened out, the installer on
the new Ubuntu box did a good job of tracking down printers on our
local net, but it did so by using all of them shared by the old Ubuntu
box. They all came up working fine.

The problem is that the new box is going to replace the old box, and
so I had to install the printers on the new box. That went well - they
all worked on the new box as direct connections for those printers.
Since the old box was going to be removed, I tried to delete the
printers that were tied to the old box.

16.04 problems - install, inactive/suspend, hard disk

New install, new hardware MSI 970A-G43+, AMD FX6350, 16Gb, 480G SSD,
and 3G WD hard disk. SSD has /, 3G is 1 partition, will have data
[~2Gb will be copied from old box.]

Install from CD went well. Did update in 'chunks' - security stuff
went well, non-security hung at "preparation of thermald" - crash, box
not responding. Powered down, reboot, no logon screen, reboot/fiddled
a few times & finally got logon screen with an error screen, got pix
of errors - can send these if needed. Could logon OK, but tried
another reboot which came up with no errors.

Find missing files but with same file name

I lost some photo files, possibly doing backups because they have the
same file name as a different photo. In this case pc050049.jpg is NOT
the same pix as pc050049.jpg, for example. Pictures that I know I had
[I have a print :-) ] at an event are missing.

I have many archive disks, CDs and DVDs with perhaps a hundred or so
large dir trees of archived pix.

What I'd like to do is find archived pix that may have the SAME file
name as a current pix, but are DIFFERENT pix. Given MANY archives, is
there an efficient way to do this in Ububtu?

Fixing broken links

I reorganize my disks and that breaks links. I just found a way to
list broken links and I have several hundred of them. 3 questions:

1. Is there a GUI tool that would help in finding AND repairing ALL
broken links?

2. Is there a way to find/list only circular links/loops, which have
caused me big problems in the past?

3. Before I move/delete/rename a file/dir, is there a way to tell if
that will break links to that object?



update-manager --no-focus-on-map ??

(1) In htop, I'm getting quite a few instances of "update-manager
--no-focus-on-map". They seem to build up over time and, according to
top, are using up memory [ ~5% each] -- and I eventually seem to get
memory problems. (2) Also over time I seem to lose the update manager
GUI - it shows as a running icon with alt-tab, but selecting it gives
me nothing.

How can I fix 1 & 2 re the update mgr? Are 1& 2 related?



Forcing static address in 12.04

I had to replace a failed router in the lan, and needed to temporarily
set a 12.04 box to dhcp. It had a fixed IP since installation. After
the router was configured, I tried to set it back to fixed, but can't.
The network window(s) let me set 'manual' to get a fixed address, BUT
the save button gets grayed out and the fixed IP can't be saved.

I saw a couple of suggestions on the net to change the 'interfaces'
file but I can't get that to work either. Error: 'interface eth0 not

The new ASUS RT-N65R router doesn't cooperate either.

12.04 update breaks video

Just updated 12.04 and video is broken. Neither VLC, Movie Player, or
Dragon player will show the video part of MP4, avi, or wmv files.
Dozens of MP4s that used to play just fine are all broken. Trying to
play these in Ffox gives "file is corrupted". A 14.04 box, recently
updated, plays MP4s just fine. The audio part seems to be fine - just
a black screen instead of video. . How can I find out what happened
and fix it?

All suggestions much appreciated,


OK to delete/rename lost+found on disk?

Is it OK to delete/rename/change permissions for lost+found on disk
[assuming I can - owned by root]? Opinions on the net range from 'OK'
to 'h*ll no'.

It looks as though 'permission denied' for this is what is causing my
backups not to work correctly [was described in an earlier email]. If
I can safely get rid of lost+found then perhaps grsync backups might
start working properly...