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Artful Alpha 2 release candidate is ready for testing!

Test if you can, on real hardware if possible, in virtual machines if not.

Kubuntu Desktop amd64 testcases in Artful Daily:

<a href="" title=""></a>

(The label "Daily" will change once the Alpha 2 has been milestoned)

Kubuntu Desktop i386 testcases in Artful Daily --- sooooooooo
important to get this preliminary testing done if we want a 32-bit
Alpha 2 ISO!

<a href="" title=""></a>

Thank you folks. That alpha 2 ISO will be spun on the 27th -- IF we
have all tests done.

Who is going to Akademy?

Anyone besides Gerry (grayback) and I? If so, shall we schedule a
dinner together, a Bof, or what?

All the best,


<a href="" title=""></a> -- best at Akademy

Podcast help needed?

Hi folks, I know many of us are missing our beloved podcast, which was
an absolutely super motivational thru-line for the Kubuntu team.

Shall we drop i386 / 32-bit? If you think no, please test

Hello folks, Art Alpha 1 is released today: release notes:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Please report test results here:
<a href="" title=""></a>

If we don't get complete test coverage on the i386 test cases, I think
we should drop it now. the KCI doesn't build the images, we get no
questions about 32-bit any more, and it is in general a pain to

Is there any reason to keep it?


Call for testing Artful Alpha 1

Hi folks, the images have hit
<a href="" title=""></a>

Please help us out by testing and reporting there on the qa tracker.

Release notes: <a href="" title=""></a>
-- it's a wiki, fixes welcome.

All the best,


Alpha 1 on Thursday 6/29/2017

Hi Folks -- I assume that we'll opt-in?

<a href="" title=""></a>

Thoughts? Any reason to opt out?


Getting ready to judge the new wallpapers!

Hello folks, our wallpaper competition was a smashing success, with 39
entries! Before they can be judged, however, we need someone to ensure
that they are fairly-entered images, and the property of the person
who submitted.

KDE PIM in Proposed for a month

Greetings Release Team,

I'm writing as the Kubuntu Release Manager this cycle, and a newbie at
the job. I see from looking at
<a href=";queue_text=&amp;memo=28&amp;start=28" title=";queue_text=&amp;memo=28&amp;start=28">;queue_text=&amp;mem...</a>
that all of our PIM packages are waiting in Proposed since May 2 when
Rohan uploaded them.

They are just splits from existing source packages, so we're a bit
puzzled as to why they've been waiting so long.

Kubuntu commercial support

Hello folks,

Right now on the website you are listed as providing
commercial support for Kubuntu users. Are you still providing
commercial support?

If so, is youir listing on the website correct?

The leadership of the project has changed. Can you tell us, the
Kubuntu Council, on what basis you support us and our users?

We wonder because surely to offer support you should have a voice with
our devels in order to fix any issues.

Kubuntu Release Manager / Kubuntu Promotion team

Hi folks, now that Artful Aardvark 17.10 archive is now open, and our
developers are preparing packages for testing and upload, we're
heading towards Alpha 1 which is scheduled for June 29. So no hurry,
but why not get things set up now?

I helped Walter (wxl) who functioned as our RM last cycle, and it
wasn't *hard* -- but there were lots of steps. I think a small team
would do this job better than one person, so I'd like people to look
at the job and step up for this cycle. It would be great is someone
who likes Facebook, can be active there, for instance. has sent you the calendar Kubuntu

Your friend, <a href="mailto:valorie. ... at gmail dot com">valorie. ... at gmail dot com</a>, has sent you the following Google
Calendar and included this message:

Another attempt to share the Kubuntu Google Calendar with you all.


View Kubuntu calendar:
<a href="" title=""></a>

KDE PIM update for Zesty available for testers

Hi folks,

Since we missed by a whisker getting updated PIM (kontact, kmail,
akregator, kgpg etc..) into Zesty for release day, and we believe it
is important that our users have access to this significant update,
packages are now available for testers in the Kubuntu backports
landing ppa. Read the details on the website:

<a href="" title=""></a>

I've posted this news on Kubuntu Forums, and Twitter (my own account).
Feel free to spread the word!


Great release! and other thoughts

Hi folks,

17.04 in released, and technically it is great! Perhaps the best we
have ever done. Well done, team! Great thanks to Rik, who carried much
of the load as a brand-new Kubuntu Developer.

On the other hand, I think we didn't promote it very well. I take
responsibility for part of that, and want to prepare better for the AA
release. Walter (wxl) was our actiing Release Manager this round, and
deserves a round of applause!

Zesty RC is published -- call for testers

Hi folks, sorry for the lateness of the email, but the RC was
published yesterday. The call for testers was published
yesterday, but it slipped my mind to write here too.

<a href="" title=""></a>

Please report success and bug reports here: er: <a href="" title=""></a>

Spread the word!



PS: We need more help with release management and Kubuntu promotion.
Please respond here or join the #kubuntu-council IRC channel on
Freenode. Bodies, ideas and energy are all welcome!

Beta 1 released; Preparing for Beta 2

Good job everybody on Beta 1! I'll leave it to Walter to give feedback
about our QA testing and so forth.

Because I'll be flying to India to attend and give a talk
the second week of March, I'm trying to prepare for Beta 2 now. It's
due March 23rd:  Final Beta Freeze (Monday), Final Beta.

The rough of the release notes are done:
<a href="" title=""></a> .

I didn't write about PIM being left out because I think we are hoping
to get it into the final? Nor did I mention any of our new apps I hope
make it to the final, like Peruse.

Kubuntu 16.04.2 LTS Update Available

The second point release update to our LTS release 16.04 is out now.
This contains all the bugfixes added to 16.04 since its first release
in April. Users of 16.04 can run the normal update procedure to get
these bugfixes. In addition, we suggest adding the Backports PPA to
update to Plasma 5.8.5. Read more about it:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Warning: 14.04 LTS to 16.04 LTS upgrades are problematic, and should
not be attempted by the average user. Please install a fresh copy of
16.04.2 instead.

16.04.2 images are up for testing

Hi folks, the release of 16.04.2 has been a bit delayed, which gives
us a few days to test.

Please head over to and help us get all the required
testing done.

<a href="" title=""></a>

and Link:
<a href="" title=""></a>

We very much appreciate your help. Be sure to file bugs if necessary
and link them there on the qa site.


NOW is the time to fill in the Ideas page for GSoC! Application deadline 9 Feb.

Hello GSoC mentors, and teams supporting mentors,

We've asked for more time to get ramped up for GSoC, and so the
calendar has been moved back to early February. However, that means
that our Ideas page needs to be filled NOW, so that it can be taken
into consideration once the Org Applications are all in. The quality
of our ideas and the guidance they give our students are the most
important part of our application.

Phabricator wiki created; Phurls requested

Ben Cooksley created our wiki: <a href="" title=""></a>

Go and fill it with packaging docs! Perhaps a good top page would be
an updated version of this - QA links: <a href="" title=""></a> (from our
#kubuntu-devel topic). And we need to get those notes cleaned out -
Package Docs (WIP): <a href="" title=""></a>

For PHurl, I'll need to submit a list. I assume that we want these
URLs for our channel topics, primarily. Besides these URLs, what would
we like?

As Google Code-in ends, time to plan for Google Summer of Code

I've just finished preparing the new Ideas page for 2017:
<a href="" title=""></a>

It is basically the same as every other year, and has no previous
ideas on it. If you or your project plan to present a former idea
again, click on the 2016 Ideas link, and copy/paste it into the 2017
page as soon as possible.

Of course, new ideas are welcome as well, as long as there are mentors
available. We'll remove ideas with no mentor listed. Please ensure
that there is contact information for each mentor.

*Please* do no maintain a separate Ideas page which you present to

Change in policy for Kubuntu Members

In the early days of Kubuntu, all the Kubuntu Members were packagers
and developers. Since the community has grown, we now have some
Kubuntu Members who are not packagers, developers or coders.

GCi ending; Google Summer of Code preparations

Hello folks,

Last fall, some of us attended the GSoC Mentor Summit, and one of the
things we asked for was more time between the beginning of the contest
to "Coding begins." It looks like we got our wish.

Alpha 2 -- help needed

Hi folks, you might notice that we didn't have an Alpha 1 out today.
That was partly because our packages aren't published and ready to go,
and the other is that none of the other flavors were ready either.

Or, perhaps they didn't want to do all that extra work. Because I've
never been involved in releasing before, I didn't realize that "The
community flavors that choose to release alpha milestones (and the
beta-1 milestone) are responsible for finding the resources to make
these milestones happen.

Two linked subjects:, phab and /or trello

Hi folks, Walter reminded me tonight to that is gonna
die in the near future, replaced by Phabricator and
(nextcloud). Clive was asking the KDE sysadmins about getting a
Phabricator task board for us, so we could replace Trello with free
software. The first response was non-committal, since we are not a KDE

Walter for ninja?

Hello folks, a few days ago Walter (wxl) asked if he could
pretty-please be a ninja. I'm not a Kubuntu Devel so I have no say
here, but Walter seems like a valuable part of the packaging team now,
and in my opinion is due for ninja status and access.

How say you all?


Google Code-in tasks -- we need them NOW

Hello folks, November 28th looms, and we are below our needed task count.

* If you have already been invited to the GCi webapp, please get your
tasks into the system now. We especially need beginning tasks, which
can be the same as tasks last year, and they can be reused as often as
we need them.

* If you have not yet been invited, or have not been able to accept
the invitation, please write to <a href="mailto:kde-soc- ... at kde dot org">kde-soc- ... at kde dot org</a> and ask.

** If you want to mentor but are not subscribed to
<a href="mailto:KDE-Soc- ... at kde dot org">KDE-Soc- ... at kde dot org</a>, please do so ASAP, and remember to confirm
your email before pinging us to be accepted.

Artist needed for Kubuntu Business cards

Hello folks, I was checking out the business cards we have available
just in case our new members want cards, and all we have officially is

<a href=";do=view&amp;target=KubuntuBusCard.svg" title=";do=view&amp;target=KubuntuBusCard.svg">;do=view&amp;target=K...</a>

I think it would be nice to have a couple of choices available,
including on with the new Konqui.

Business cards are really nice to have especially when there is an
key-signing at some conference.


Welcome new Kubuntu Member José Manuel Santamaría Lema

Hi all,

Having contributed to Kubuntu for at least two years, Santa has been
voted in by a majority of the Kubuntu Council after his membership
meeting yesterday [1,2]. I'm happy to welcome him as a new Kubuntu

His wiki page: <a href="" title=""></a>

Please everyone give him a warm welcome. Yesterday was quite a day!

All the best,

Valorie, on behalf of the Kubuntu Council

1. Kubuntu-devel logs:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Welcome new Kubuntu Members Simon Quigley and Walter Lapchynski

Hello everyone,

After having contributed to Kubuntu for awhile in various way, both
Simon Quigley (tsimonq2) and Walter Lapchynski (wxl) have been voted
in by a majority of the Kubuntu Council in their membership meetings
today [1]. I'm
happy to welcome them as a new Kubuntu Members. Both were already
Ubuntu Members.

Their wiki pages: <a href="" title=""></a> and
<a href="" title=""></a>

Please everyone give them both a warm welcome.

All the best,

Valorie, on behalf of the Kubuntu Council

1. Kubuntu-devel logs:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Google Code-in

Hi folks, I just heard that Ubuntu will not be participating in GCi
this year. However, KDE is, so Kubuntu can still contribute mentors
and tasks. If you have time to mentor 13-18 year old kids in smaller
tasks such as testing, finding and confirming old bug reports, and
even simple packaging, please subscribe to KDE-soc-mentor list and
also ask to be invited to the webapp.

We are collecting tasks now and the program will begin Nov. 28.

All the best,