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Which KIO job is suitable for batching?


By batching i mean send a bunch of data to the IO slave.
I hoped KIO::BatchRenameJob would be a start for me as the name does imply
batching, but doesn't seem to be doing just that. It's merely that you call
it with a list of url's which then sequentially get processed inside

3 UDSEntry optimizations


I just pushed 3 UDSEntry changes to gerrit for your reviewing pleasure:

1: <a href="" title=""></a>
2: <a href="" title=""></a>
3: <a href="" title=""></a>

The end result is a faster UDSEntry in every way. The benchmark results
(which are from udsentrybenchmark) can be found here:
<a href=";preview=1&amp;_ppp=c936cdced4" title=";preview=1&amp;_ppp=c936cdced4">;preview=1&amp;_ppp=c936cdced4</a>

So.. what did i do this time? Initially i wanted to get rid of the extra
bookkeeping without loss of speed or increasing memory usage.

Frameworks compiler and Qt requirements after Qt 5.7?


If Qt's plans progress according to what they post on the mailinglist then
Qt 5.6 will be LTS, 5.7 will up the compiler requirements to the following:

GCC 4.7
Clang 3.2
MSVC 2012

Framework currently requires:
GCC 4.5
Clang 3.1
MSVC 2012

When frameworks started it had slightly less strict compiler requirements
then Qt had. But now that Qt is upping the compiler requirement, we should
follow as well. In fact, we should probably also update the Qt version
requirement which right now is at 5.2.

I have no clue when Qt 5.7 will be released, but i'm guessing around this
time next year.

KIO SMB slave performance issue. Any help?


A few days ago i started profiling and debugging the KIO SMB slave to
figure out why a simple task as listing a directory (in dolphin) is so
utterly slow. It's been like that for as long as i remember but never had
attempted to debug it before.

Do this for example:
Mount a samba network share locally like so:
mount -t cifs //path/to/your/share /path/to/your/mount/ -o user=guest,guest

Now if you browse that folder in dolphin (the cifs mount) you get perfectly
fine performance.

kdesrc-build: how to set cmake options for one specific framework?


Kdesrc-build uses (right?) to get a list of frameworks and
compile them. That works great :)

However, a few hours ago David Faure pushed something rather cool in KIO
[1] that i would like to play with. It adds the KIOCORE_ONLY cmake define.
Sure, i can compile KIO without kdesrc-build and just add "-DKIOCORE_ONLY"
to the cmake step.

I prefer to keep using kdesrc-build so i wonder how to add a cmake define
for just the kio framework.


[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

kdesrc-build complains about a dependency cycle in kdelibs..


If i use the default config[1] i get this[2] error.
This is in an attempt to build parts of KDE 4.13 git.

My kdesrc-build is at git branch
598ad6225ddf1fa1d9701eaa0eb350b57eb337fc (fresh clone).

Any idea what might be causing this?


[1] <a href=";a=blob&amp;h=8682bf03e34341513aea029691f198c6469ce20a&amp;hb=598ad6225ddf1fa1d9701eaa0eb350b57eb337fc&amp;f=kdesrc-buildrc-sample" title=";a=blob&amp;h=8682bf03e34341513aea029691f198c6469ce20a&amp;hb=598ad6225ddf1fa1d9701eaa0eb350b57eb337fc&amp;f=kdesrc-buildrc-sample">;a=blob&amp;h=8682bf03e34341513ae...</a>
[2] <a href="" title=""></a>

Re: KMountPoint::probablySlow and cifs mount points

On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 5:41 PM, Aurélien Gâteau < ... at kde dot org> wrote:

Review Request 113205: Make KJob::result public for the new signal/slot syntax.

Review request for KDE Frameworks and kdelibs.

Repository: kdelibs

The new signal/slot connection:
connect(job, &KJob::result,...

does't like result to be private and throws an compile error:
error: 'void KJob::result(KJob*)' is private

Making it public resolves the issue and makes this slot usable in the new syntax.

Review Request 112702: KIO slavebase listEntry improvement and cleanups

Review request for KDE Frameworks and kdelibs.

This patch actually does two things:
1. A small indentation fix that this diff doesn't show properly (i can commit that as a separate commit if that's preferred)
2. A cleanup in how a listDir is handled. It used to be required to send a listEntry(UDSEntry, true) to indicate that the listing is completed.

Review Request 112463: Port SMB kioslave to KF5/Qt5

Review request for KDE Runtime and KDE Frameworks.

This is the initial port! I added two TODO lines in the diff for parts where i'm not sure if I've ported them correctly.
Also, i needed a change in FindSamba.cmake to even get the samba detection working.

Review Request 111870: KDirWatch, make a little bit better use of inotify and prevent a stat call

Review request for kdelibs and David Faure.

At first i wasn't intending to even ask a reviewrequest for this because i want to fix an issue that is well described in my thread: "KDirWatch bug and the analysis. Help is welcome!" on kde-core-devel. However, while starting on fixing that issue i noticed that this would be a nice small improvement to have.

KDirWatch bug and the analysis. Help is welcome!


I'm horrible in clearly explaining issues and i'm going to explain a
lot in this mail.

KIO progress towards tier 1 framework?


When i'm looking in the kdelibs splitting document [1] i only see KIO
pop up twice. One to get kbookmarks out of KIO (which is work in
progress). Another one with "kio-core" as work in progress.

But i can't find any documentation anywhere that gives me a clear view
as to how far KIO is on it's way to a tier 1 framework. The meeting
notes don't say anything either (besides david making progress on the
kio split).

I'm asking this because i'm getting more and more interested in KIO. I
want to get it running on windows, linux and mac as tier 1 framework.
Or more specifically, a Qt module.

Should fast mime detection use a stat call?

-- sending to kfm-devel as well --


By now some of you have likely seen my reviewrequest [1] that greatly
speeds up fast mime detection. In fact, the speedup is ~13x over the
current situation. I only stopped profiling and further speeding it up
because initialization and KGlobal calls began to float on top of the

While profiling that and filling the reviewrequest i found some issues
that warrant a bit further discussion.

Review Request 111050: Fast mime detection speedup. Well over 10x faster.

Review request for kdelibs, David Faure and Frank Reininghaus.


I've recently seen Frank Reininghaus do his best in speeding up the rendering in dolphin with regards to the app icons.

Is there a PreviewJob version where i can add more items?


In my project is need to create thumbnails of files and am using
PreviewJob for that right now.

KDirModelV2, KDirListerV2 and UDSEntryV2 suggestions


-- Be sure to read all of this (long!) mail or parts won't make sense! --

Recently i've been playing a lot with KDirModel in combination with
QML and i certainly found quite a few points for improvement. Even so
much that i think i version 2 would be best. The same is true for
KDirLister because i'd like to change data that it's signals return
when new files are emitted.

Before i explain any API details it is important to know what i want
to do with KFileItem.

Review Request: Fix KIO listDir entries batching

Review request for kdelibs and David Faure.

listDir is batching only in a vague manner. It required to have details set to something bigger then 0 and required to know the amount of files that where going to be send. Even then it was fixed to broadcast only the first 100 entries followed by _everything_ that comes after it.

Prepping KDirModel and KFileItem for QML


In my project i need to use the KDirModel and KFileItem
functionalities. KDirModel is exposed through the custom class that
Marco Martin made [1] and it works. However, that custom class does
(apparently) need to expose some QML ready data hence the get function
[2] (from line 99).

So i was thinking: Why don't we just make KFileItem available in QML.
It doesn't have to be a QML component, but if KFileItem where to have
Q_PROPERTY lines then most of the data would already be possible to
make available.

KIO::ListJob::entries emits twice for folders with 100+ entries. Why?


I'm playing with KIO::listDir() and the signals to get the directory
content and i've hit a strange "issue".

Add support for Persona on KDE sites?


-- i'm not sure where to send this mail to.. code-devel seems out of
place but i can't find anything more fitting for this question.. there
is no "websites" list --

Yesterday mozilla introduced Persona (used to be BrowserID). More
information about that can be found here <a href="" title=""></a>. At
first i was - like probably quite a few others - sceptical about
another single sign-on system. I mean, we have openid already and it
does seem to work fine now that it's finally populair. However, i
personally now see persona as it's successor.

Use Icon Tasks as out default taskmanager for KDE 4.9?


I was witnessing a range of very annoying task manager bugs.

1. I was still witnessing ghosting even with Qt 4.8.1. I haven't re-opened
<a href="" title=""></a> yet since i think the ghosting
doesn't occur in icon tasks.
2. I was witnessing something new in KDE 4.8 (hidden feature ^_-) called
overlapping. It's very efficient use of space and perhaps usable for
tablets but i rather dislike it. hehehe, anyway, there is a bug report for
that as well: <a href="" title=""></a>

Review Request: Fix KShortcut to really allow the usage of multiple shortcuts

Review request for kdelibs.

So i was trying to fix this bug: <a href="" title=""></a> That only asked for one more shortcut. That issue seems to be a little more complicated than it looks. Till this point KActions could only have a "Primary" and a "Alternate" shortcut.

Review Request: Add back and forward key binding in Dolphin

Review request for KDE Base Apps and Peter Penz.

Bug <a href="" title=""></a> requested this. I simply implemented it.

GSoC idea: Country holiday service for calendar and calendar improvements


Disclaimer: This is just an idea. I don't have plans to make this and i
sadly lack the time to even implement it. However, someone might be
interested to mentor this and someone else might be interested to do this
as a GSoC project. Provided that something alike isn't already existing. I
didn't do a lot of searching prior of making this mail.

= Current issue =
The current digital clock has a calendar, but the default events are really
pointless for non usa people. I see the events and i certainly don't live
in the usa.

Review Request: KImageCache optimization

Review request for kdelibs, David Faure and Michael Pyne.

I was running KWin through callgrind to see where possible bottlenecks are. I wasn't expecting much since it improved greatly during the 4.8 dev cycle, however one stood out. The saving of PNG images was taking about 1/5th of the time in KWin that i could see directly.

Can we please have an updated and confirmed working "build KDE from source as separate user"?


The current kdesrc-build knowledgebase article is incomplete and missing
quite a few things to get everything working.
Asking this because today i, yet again, wasted a dozen hours getting KDE to
run from git under a separate user.

There isn't a good description for what needs to be placed in .bashrc and
.profile and/or .bash_profile.

Where i ended at this moment is the odd thing that dolphin (and all kde
apps) crash when i run them from the desktop : <a href="" title=""></a> but
runs when running from the command line.

Review Request: Improved Button.qml in PlasmaComponents

Review request for KDE Runtime, Plasma and Marco Martin.

I - quite heavily - modified the Button.qml to just look better. The list of changes:
- Added myself to the copyright :p
- Added a second leftMargin to the text if an icon was used. The icon and text where a little to close.
- Added surfacePressed and renamed surface to surfaceNormal.

Review Request: Add fromTheme property to QIconItem in QtExtraComponents for theme icons in QML

Review request for KDE Runtime.


I found it very strange that QIcon::fromTheme was "just working". Sadly in KDE's brand new PlasmaComponents it was simply impossible to use the system icons without using plasma to view the QML.

Some help for recreating the Plasma Tool Box in QML

Hi KDE folks,

It's been a long while since i last actively contributed to the KDE project.
Sadly having a job is sucking up way more time then i would like.

In recent months I've started to experiment with QML and started to like it.
Provided if i only use it for declaring the GUI. Not the app logic, that
should stay in C++ imho. I tried some things with it and it certainly is
cool and powerful but now i want to do something useful with it.