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Re: Xubuntu 18.04 and Wine

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My partner has hundreds of tracks she'd like to access, but they're
all in iTunes.

Xubuntu 18.03 and Wine

I'm running Xubuntu 18.04 and I've been trying to get Wine installed
such that I can run iTunes on it.

My first try was to install Safari, and that worked just fine.

But iTunes...

The wiki page says I should install Wine (which is now 3.0.2), then
playonlinux, and install iTunes from there.

Wine and playonlinux install just fine.

But when I try to install iTunes 64-bit, playonlinux says I have to
install the 32-bit version, and then it installs wine 1.7.4 (!) even
though wine 3.0.2 is already installed (and works pretty well)..

If I try to install iTunes 32-bit, it says I'm running a 64-

Sound control is gone, menus weird in 18.04.1

I just took the plunge and installed Xubuntu 18.04.1 on my home
desktop and it's a little scary.

The most serious change I've noticed so far is that my sound control
is gone from the notification area and my sound all gets shunted
through the HDMI connection to my monitor instead of the speakers
plugged into my motherboard. Also, there's no volume control in the
main menu (see below about the menus).

What happened?

More is broken in latest update

Running Xubuntu:
4.10.0-32-generic #36~16.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Wed Aug 9 09:19:02 UTC 2017
x86_64 GNU/Linux

The /bin/more command appears to be broken beyond use:

$ more
more: unknown option -/bin/more

more [options] <file>...

A file perusal filter for CRT viewing.

-d display help instead of ringing bell
-f count logical rather than screen lines
-l suppress pause after form feed
-c do not scroll, display text and clean line ends

Mplayer (and others too) occasionally pauses for no apparent reason

I run Xubuntu 16.04 and I like to play long, random selection music
play lists using mplayer.

Occasionally the sound just pauses for no apparent reason.

I have checked with top and htop, but there's nothing consuming a
significant piece of CPU time (i7, 8 cores, less than 1% on up to four
CPUs when this happens) or memory (less than 4GB out of 16GB in use).

I though t it might be Chrome, as I routinely have 4-8 tabs open, and
there are as many as 30 or more Chrome related entries showing in
htlop (I can't count them - too fast), but when exit Chrome, it still

I am running with my

Grub-common failed to update (and install)

I'm running Xubuntu 16.04 in a VB VM (on Windows 7).

I tried to do a software update, and I got an error while the updater
tried to update grub-common - it says the service is not running.

When I tried to force the install, I got this:

Preparing to unpack .../grub-common_2.02~beta2-36ubuntu3.17_amd64.deb ...
Failed to stop grub-common.service: Unit grub-common.service not loaded.
invoke-rc.d: initscript grub-common, action "stop" failed.
dpkg: warning: subprocess old pre-removal script returned error exit status 5
dpkg: trying script from the new package instead ...
Failed to stop grub-comm

New power manager or locker error since latest update

I run Xubuntu 16.04 LTS.

Re: Software (app) for camcorder interface with xubuntu 16.04

On Mon, Oct 30, 2017 at 5:51 AM, Robert Heller < ... at deepsoft dot com> wrote:
Thanks to all who responded.

Yes, it has a (mini) firewire port, but I don't have a FW cable for
that (yet - dunno if I'll get one).

I tried using the mini-USB port, but I couldn't get the notebook to
recognize that at all.

Sfotware (app) for camcorder interface with xubuntu 16.04

I have an HP 8740w notebook to which I would like to connect a
camcorder. However, I can neither find any such app on the machine,
nor does google turn up anything remotely connected to a camcorder.
There are lots of webcam apps and screen capture apps, none of which
are what I want.



No audio through displayport

I have an HP 8740w "elitebook" laptop that comes with a displayport
instead of an HDMI port.

I have tried every possible combination of DP->HDMI adapter and nvidia
vs nouveau drivers and none of these combinations produces an audio
stream that goes through the digital interface the DP (and HDMI) are
supposed to provide.

All I see in the volume control audio settings are five analog stereo
settings and an off setting.

Notebook won't reboot after nvidia driver install

I think I goofed up....

My displayport doesn't work riht, and Nvidia has a newer driver than
the one in the Xubuntu repository (340.104, vs 340.102).

I downloaded the driver from nvidia's web site and installed it.

Now the notebook won't boot at all - I'm running off a flash drive.

It keeps stopping in busybox. I've tried going back to recover mode
and previous versions that used to work fine, and it's just plain

No sound in FF or SeaMonkey

On Xubuntu 16.04, when I try to view a video on the web other than
youtube, I get no sound (goto webinar, vimeo, .flv videos).

This started last week, and it's happened before but it usually goes away.



Need latest nvidia driver (340.104)

This driver is not in the repository. It is new - 9/19/2017.

How long do these generally take to appear in the repo?

Or, to whom do I address this notice for best results?


Different kernels in same Xubuntu (16.04.3)

I'm running Xubuntu 16.04.3 on my desktop and my laptop.

The desktop was installed from a fresh 16.04.1 image and has been kept
up to date.

The laptop was installed form a 16.04.2 DVD and has been kept up to date.

However, my desktop is running (now) the 4.4.0-91 kernel, and my
laptop is running the 4.10.<something> kernel.

Why would that be? How do I get the desktop up on the 4.10 kernel
(safely) without a reinstall?


DisplayPort not recognized

I just bought a refurb HP 8740w "EliteBook" and installed my Xubuntu
16.04 drive in it. Everything seems to work so far except the display

To verify that it works, I just took out my Linux disk and put the
Win7 disk back in, and it has no trouble recognizing the DP connected

In Linux, I get nothing. The Display app is set to configure new
devices when they are connected, but nothing shows up. The monitor
control app that lets me decide where to place the screen does not
show up. There are no errors I can see about this in the system logs
or the Xorg log.

Re: Problem reinstalling Xubuntu 16.04 - SOLVED

After running into the same drop-into-busybox problem trying to
install my new HP laptop from the same Patriot flash drive I created
via unetbootin, I decided to use a DVD.

Worked flawlessly.

It seems, at least for me, the unetbootin Xubuntu flash drive is NOT
installable. It has failed in every system I have. Looks like I'll
be trusting the still more ubiquitous DVD install image until further

Thanks everyone for all your help.


Xubuntu install on Win7 laptop fails

I have a Lenovo ThinkPad at work where we are required to have Windows
on the machine. I shrank the Windows partition so I could install
Xubuntu 16.04.2 and run with that without destroying the Windows

Linux-friendly laptops

I'm looking at getting (yet anothre) replacement laptop and this time
I'd like to buy one that works well with Linux.

Current options are:

ASUS G751JT (2 of these, possibly 3)
Dell M6700 Covet

The Dell is slightly more expensive, but I'm leaning toward it because
I'm fairly familiar with Dells and they tend to be OS agnostic,
durable and reliable.


Can't boot notebook at all anymore

Before it was just a problem with the SSD. Now the notebook refuses
to boot at all.

It keeps coming up in busybox, but the more command doesn't wokr, or
pieps don;t, so i can't peer through dmesg to see what's wrong.

This is an ASUS N75SF that was running Xubuntu 16,04 just fine until
this weekend. (Last weekend it worked perfectly.

Notebook won't configure plug-in monitor

My Asus N75SF recognizes that a monitor (HDMI TV) was plugged, but it
fires off 4-8 copies of the Display configuration app, none of which
recognize that monitor.

I haven't tried booting with the HDMI TV plugged in yet, but I'm
wondering if it might be a hardware issue. I didn't see anything in
the BIOS that might be related.

I did try to reset the autoconfigure box of the Display config app -
no difference.

Any clues where to look?


Scanner software recommendation

I have an HP OfficeJet 5710 All-In-One attached to my Xubuntu 16.04.2
home desktop that I've been using for over a year now. I use xsane for
the scanner software, but I'm not at all happy with it. It forgets
half of its settings every time I switch from ADF to flatbed (mainly
resolultion and paper size), and it doesn't handle multi-page scans
well at all.

File system only mounts with gparted

I just updated my Xubuntu 16.04.2 to the latest kernel et al, and when
I rebooted, one of my drives did not mount.

Can't boot notebook from SSD

I know this has been around, and I've posted before when I had this
problem with my desktop boot SSD (which was solved - it needed the
UEFI boot space at the front of the drive).

I was able to do a near-complete install of Xubuntu 16.04.2 on the
drive using my USB flash drive. All went well until I had to reboot.
All I get is the flashing undersccore cursor.

At first I didn't even get the grub screen, but I made some
adjustments and that at least comes up.


1. Added the UEFI boot space and reinstalled.

Slightly OT - VirtualBox VM doesn't connect to USB drive on Xubunt 16.04 host

I run Xubuntu 16.04 on my desktop, but I use VB to test out other OSes
as VMs, including a solid Windows 7 VM I have used for about 6+ years
for work-at-home uses, like Outlook.

Yesterday I was trying to fill out a DHS I-9 form for a new employer
on this VM. I had to use Windows because it requires Acrobat Reader to
access the form, including fill in and print.

The problem arose when i tried to print to my USB printers (neither
one worked).

Re: Software updater no longer functional

On Tue, Jan 31, 2017 at 5:23 AM, Liam Proven < ... at gmail dot com> wrote:

Problem reinstalling Xubuntu 16.04

I have a spare HP NW9440 laptop that I had running 14.04 for a while.
I replaced it with an 8710W a few years ago (that was recently stolen
and replaced) and hadn't used it in a while. I installed 16.04 on it
as a backup laptop for a good friend of mine, then it sat unused for a
while again. Then I took out the drive with the intent of adding it
to my newer replacement notebook. It seemed to work fine there

Now I can't install on the NW9440. It failed part way through
installation on the replacement hard drive I put in.

What happened to the consoles?

I did an update yesterday to the latest Xubuntu 16.04.2 LTS updates,
and the consoles seem to be gone. I just logged out so I could
migrate to an encrypted home directory, and the <ctl><alt>F[1-6,8]
don't give me the consoles anymore.

Any lights here?


Re: How do I install Ubuntu on an ASUS N75S SOLVED

It turns out there are two different power buttons on the keyboard.
The left side one isn't the "real" power button, it's their ASUS Music
Now boot, which apparently boots before or on top of the OS.

Once I found the real power button, on the right side, the disks
showed up as I expected and all is underway for a Linux install.

Makes me wonder what's the deal with ASUS.



How do I install Ubuntu on an ASUS N75S

I've done things like this many times before, but this one has me baffled.

I just picked up a used ASUS N75S laptop and I want to install Ubuntu
on it, or Mint, either way.

Once I get to the relevant part of the install, where normally I get
to set up the disk partitions, neither Mint nor Ubuntu can see the
hard drive at all.

I tried using gparted, and it only sees the optical drive.

I went into the boot prom, and SATA unit #1 is the hard drive, and the
boot is set for AHCI booting, the only other option being IDE.

I notice when I run from the DVD image, there is no trace of a hard
disk l

Re: SOLVED What just happened with the last Ubuntu update? - UPDATE

On Tue, Feb 21, 2017 at 10:08 AM, MR ZenWiz < ... at gmail dot com> wrote: