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grub To grub2 Migration

I'm trying to move to CentOS 7.  One of my concerns is how to make the
changes to grub that supports booting from either of the disk partitions
that make up /dev/md0 (/dev/sda1 and /dev/sdb1) or whatever it would be
under CentOS 7.

Is there some document or tutorial available on making the move from
CentOS 6 to CentOS 7?

Kernel 4.12 and nVidia Driver

I tried to move to the latest stable kernel (4.12) so I could take
advantage of my newest custom system (Intel Core I7 6-core; 64 GB RAM;
MSI nVidia graphics card; 2 - 120 GB SSD; 2 - 4TB WD Black) on a UEFI
Asrock mother board.

I've had the machine for 3-months but I couldn't get it to work until I
found out that the Nouveau driver was causing me all the 'hardware'

Re: [CentOS] What's Next

I read somewhere that the PCIe issue is indicative of some other
hardware (PCIe SSD; etc) not working correctly.
Also, the 4.10 kernel is not the kernel out of the box. In a
environment with 10 or more servers do you really want a custom kernel?
How do you maintain all of these custom kernels (i.e. is a different
kernel required for a HP Gen 8 server different than a HP Gen 9
server?)? I've learned my lesson from using the FOSS HPLIP HP printer
driver - every time the kernel is updated you have to re-install the

What's Next

OK, AMD has announced it's new line of server and desktop processors.
What level of CentOS has been tested on them? OK then, when will CentOS
be tested on them? Or do we wait for Red Hat?

Latest AMD CPUs and AM4 Motherboards

Has anyone used the new AMD CPUs and AM4 motherboards with CentOS 6 / 7?

Any reservations or warnings?


I'm running the following hardware:

MSI 890FXA-GD70 motherboard
With a AMI v1.7 BIOS
AMD Phenom II X6 (1055T)
8 GB RAM (2 x 4 GB DIMM)
nVidia Geforce 7300 (G72) video Card
ViewSonic VA2431wvm monitor

The OS is:

CentOS release 6.3 (Final)

Actually, on this machine I'm getting the following error during bootup:

[drm:drm_edid_block_valid} *ERROR* EDID checksum is invalid,
remainder is (222; 122; 251; but mostly 128)

From time to time the video locks up and sometimes goes black.

Re: [CentOS] 75% - 80% Rebuild Complete

OK, I'm about 90% sure that I've corrected the boot loader situation
with RAID-1 and the second hard drive.

Where Did All The Noise Go?

OK, I've got 2 machines running CentOS. One running CentOS x86_64 6.2
and the other running CentOS x86_64 5.8. At some upgrade point I've
lost all sound using Firefox and Thunderbird with my Gnome desktop.
When I bring up 'System', 'Preferences', 'Sound' and go to the
hardware tab and test the speakers, they are working.

Any ideas on how to get the sound back?


+ It's impossible for everything to be true at the same time +

HP Network Printer Issue - Resend

I sent the following message back in June, but I must have missed the reply:

I'm attempting to install and configure HPLIP (HP Linux Imaging and
Printing) software on my CentOS 5.3 x86_64 system without success. I've
got a HP Officejet Pro 8500 multi-function printer connected via
I'm getting a message saying that it cannot locate the libcups
module in
the /usr/lib64 and /usr/lib directories. However, I can locate then
correct modules using the find command.

Missing Hardware

I'm running Fedora 9 on a custom AMD Phenom Quad-Core with 8GB RAM
installed, 2-SATA hard drives (Seagate 500GB and Seagate 1TB); HP DVD/CD
RW Dual Layer with Lightscribe.
Lo and behold, I've updated my running (this machine) from kernel
2.6.25-14 to kernel (?) and have experienced the


Upgrade Caused Downgrade


I've just experienced one of the most unnerving situations.