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HighLine 2.0.0

Hi all,

We've finally released HighLine 2.0.0.
Last year I wrote the bellow email asking people for testing the pre
release version of it. So I think everything we'll be ok!

HighLine is 13 years old now.
We've tried to put it back in shape!


Hi all,

HighLine is a Ruby gem that provides convenient console input/output.
It features ansi coloring, basic coercion and validation, list
rendering and more. It’s been around for at least 12 years. Authored
by Ruby Hero James Edward Gray II. It’s currently maintained with the
help of the Ruby addicted Abinoam.

The years were not so kind to HighLine code base, but a gem with such
great curriculum would surely deserve some love. We’ve been working to
bring HighLine back in shape.

A blog post about using NMatrix#dot to achieve a 400x speed boost


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I hope you enjoy it.

Best regards,
Abinoam Jr.

Daily Reminder: TCL > Ruby 22679

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Daily Reminder: TCL > Ruby 6224

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Daily Reminder: TCL > Ruby 11601

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Let's go 2.1.1 folks! - Ruby versions and some history

[ In part inspired as an answer to <a href="" title=""></a>. ]
[ My answer has grown enough and diverged in some extent from the
original issue so that I think it has deserved a thread to itself. ]

Dear Venkat,

Ruby version 1.8.6 is not under _active_ development for almost 6
years (since 12/mar/2007)!

Since 24 feb 2014 there's only two (major) versions under active
development and they are 2.0.0-px and 2.1.x, see bellow:
- 24 feb 2013 - 2.0.0
- 25 dec 2013 - 2.1.0
- 24 feb 2014 - 1.9.3-p545 is the last release of 1.9.3-px. Only
bugfixes now.

RVM 2.0 - Fundraise - 2 days left

[I'm not affiliated to RVM in any way. I'm just a happy user]

RVM is cool! (<a href="" title=""></a>)
RVM needs money.
The guys (EngineYard) that helped RVM so much will not be able to help
it this year.
So RVM is trying getting the money through
<a href="" title=""></a>
Some days ago I've donated a small amount to RVM.
But not enough people donated so far (only $19,000 of $50,000)
There's only 3 days to finish the pledge.
Why not give some help to RVM?

<a href="" title=""></a>

Abinoam Jr.

Ensuring uniqueness of an object at creation time

Hi all,

I would like to ensure that some attributes of an object are unique between
all the instances of that class.
So, I would like to prevent the creation of instances of a class that holds
attributes "equal" to the attributes of an already created instance.

(solely) As an example, the problem of creating an instance of a Person
class that has the same name of an existent instance.

My simple person class would be:

<a href="" title=""></a>

I found my way through overriding the method.
(Thanks "The Ruby Programming Language" book).
So that the new instance is not even allocat