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Question about restriction class (AD LDAP)

Hi all,

I have to implement a restriction class as per
<a href="" title=""></a> to protect some
internal aliases, allowing just selected users to send mails to. Initial
idea is to create a security group (called PSIU below) inside AD (Samba
4.7) and put granted people there.

OT: Help implementing an alias with external addresses (LDAP)

Hi all,

I manage a postfix server for our company with only one mail domain All mailUser's are on a LDAP database as are mailGroup's,
transport tables, etc.

Restriction class not working


I have a fairly simple setup for my mail server running Ubuntu 16.04.

Issue with a customer running Symantec Messaging Gateway: .dat attachments


I run a mail server for my company with Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and postfix
2.7.0-1ubuntu0.2 and all my users use Thunderbird ESR. We have a
customer running Symantec Messaging Gateway and it converts attachments
of our messages with *special chars* to "randombogusfilename.dat" (_not_



Could anybody advice me how to achieve a sometimes_bcc, which should
work as an always_bcc only when certain criteria is matched, based on
subject and/or destination, like a sieve script?


CIDR table from LDAP lookup


I have googled a little and just found "not possible" for this, please
advice me if this is still true or not. I want to store mynetworks on
LDAP, but seems there is no way to make something like a cidr:ldap: type
map. Is there any solution other than dump the LDAP query to a file or
store every individual host on LDAP?

I am using Postfix 2.8 on Ubuntu 10.04.

Thanks and best regards.


Hi all,

I know it may seem stupid, but I think there should exist
relay_alias_maps. I am setting a MX anti-spam relay server which has no
local account, all mail is delivered to another server. I use
relay_domains, relay_recipient_maps, but there is no how to specify
relay_alias_maps. If I had, I could disable local and virtual transports.

Just to brainstorm, discuss and trash, if you like. :)

Best regards.

relay_recipient_maps, aliases and LDAP


Long time since I last deployed a postfix server, and things used to be
much simpler. :) Now I have set a Ubuntu 8.04 server to work as an
anti-spam/anti-virus gateway. Messages will be sent to amavis via

domain.tld smtp:

and amavis will deliver the message to the final destination via smtp,
instead to this gateway server.