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Orphaning two packages

I am orphaning the following packages in Fedora:

clpbar - Command line progress bar utility
gpart - guess your partition table (for recovery purposes)

These are low traffic packages, but I lack the time to continue maintaining
these. The packages are already transferred to the orphan user, so feel
free to grab them in you want them.


Orphaning some packages

Hello all,

I was going through the list of packages I own in Fedora and see a few
that I do not use anymore and do not actively maintain. Traffic on
these is relatively low. If anyone is interested in taking over the
packages, feel free. I have transferred them to orphaned status:


system-config-kickstart -- stay or go?

The system-config-kickstart package in Fedora is on a very low
maintenance status at the moment. It is not really promoted much as a
tool that people should use, however I know some people still use it (or
at least did).

But now we are at a cross roads. system-config-kickstart needs to move
to Python 3.x which is going to be required by pykickstart soon.
Currently system-config-kickstart is all in Python 2.x.

Orphaning dzen2

For both Fedora branches and EPEL. If anyone wants it, let me know. Or,
you know where to pick it up.

swap reviews

I've got two package review requests that have been sitting around for a while
now. Anyone want to swap?

<a href="" title=""></a>

<a href="" title=""></a>

Small packages, just things I use locally that I wanted to get in to Fedora so
I wouldn't have to keep carrying around the RPMs to different systems.

David Cantrell < ... at redhat dot com>
Red Hat / Honolulu, HI

removal of dhcpv6 package from Fedora

If you do not care about IPv6, feel free to stop reading now.

I would like to remove the dhcpv6 package from Fedora as the current dhcp
package is now providing DHCPv6 protocol support for both the client, server,
and relay. ISC has finally surpassed what the dhcpv6 package was providing
and, frankly, I have no desire to continue working on the dhcpv6 at this

Does anyone care? If not, I will be marking it as a dead.package per our
package removal procedure.

removal of libdhcp (and related libraries)

It's time for libdhcp to be removed. If you do not know what libdhcp is, read
on -or- ignore this email entirely.


libdhcp was originally supposed to be a replacement for libpump. libpump was
the only thing still being built out of the pump package before libdhcp came
along. libdhcp was to give us a library capable of DHCP and DHCPv6 as well as
manual interface configuration (which is what pump did).

What appeared instead was a library called libdhcp which called functions in
libdhcp4client (for DHCP) or libdhcp6client (for DHCPv6).

change isdn4k-utils to optional

A random sampling of users at FUDCon Brno 2008 showed that ISDN isn't
really in use as much in Europe as previously thought. When I asked
people at FUDCon, I was met with laughter, much like when you talk
about ISDN in the United States.

Are there any places out there still where ISDN is still more deployed
than PPP dial-ups or DSL? Please comment on <a href="" title=""></a>