Postings by Jens Petersen

ghc alternatives and triggers


Any objections to dropping the alternatives for runhaskell and hsc2hs in
Rawhide at this time?
<a href="" title=""></a>

Also a heads-up that I am planning to move to rpm triggers in ghc-compiler
for updating the ghc-pkg cache instead of the current post/postun scripts
in all ghc-*-devel.


new pkgtreediff tool

Hi, I made a little tool called pkgtreediff to compare package trees
(directories of rpm files).
See <a href="" title=""></a> for more details.
I hope some people here may find it useful.

Fedora and Epel7 builds are available in <>.

Feedback and suggestions are welcome (particularly other than "why did you
write in Haskell again?";-)

Thanks, Jens

fedora-img-dl: a tool for downloading Fedora iso's and images

Hi, I made a small cli tool for downloading Fedora iso's etc.

It can download rawhide, branched, beta, and released isos (eg Workstation
Live etc), and even WS Live respins (support for spins coming later).

You can try it now from <>.

Feedback is welcome.


ps I am not entirely in love with the name, so if you have suggestions for
a better one, let me know - note it may also be extended to more OSes in
the future perhaps.

retiring gettext-commons (java/maven FTBFS)

Heads-up that I intend to retire 'gettext-commons' which no longer builds
and I believe is not used by anything in the distro.

If that is not the case please shout out, otherwise I will try to drop it
by the end of this week.

Thanks, Jens

ghc module and Haskell static linked executables


A heads-up that I am planning to move Haskell executables to static linking
in F30.
This to improve the experience with the new ghc module: currently most of
the Haskell executables (except hscolour and hedgewars I believe) are
dynamically linked which conflicts
with modular ghc, making it painful to use.

Switching to Haskell static linking means that cabal-install, pandoc,
ShellCheck, git-annex, etc will continue to work even if one installs a ghc

<a href="" title=""></a> is to be updated to
reflect this.


tool to order packages by build dependencies (rpmbuild-order)


This is an early announcement about a tool called 'rpmbuild-order' I made
to sort RPM-based packages in build dependency order. I am not sure if such
a tool exists already? Certainly some tools like `mockchain` can already
order builds in this way, but I don't know of such a standalone utility.

<a href="" title=""></a>

It works by reading the BRs in spec files of the packages you want to
build, generating a graph of their interdependencies internally, from which
it outputs the packages in a build dependency order.

looking for new owner for 'bibutils'


Does any Packager want to take over or comaintain the bibutils package?

I am not really interested in maintaining it any longer since I no longer
have a package that needs it.

Let me know if you want to help.

Thanks, Jens

ghc 8.2 now in Rawhide

The Haskell SIG is pleased to announce that the ghc Haskell compiler has
been updated from 8.0.2 to 8.2.2 in Fedora Rawhide (for more information
see <a href="" title=""></a>).

Most Haskell packages have already been updated and/or rebuilt.

A few remaining excepts are:

darcs (needs a patch)

ghc-gi-gio (these needs an upstream patch to ghc)

haskell-platform (pending)

ghc-listsafe (new package)

hedgewars (statically linked and should rebuild fine)

Cheers, Jens

retiring git-annex


I think we need to retire git-annex from Fedora (the current version is
very old and has security issues), since to build current versions needs
adding a lot of new Haskell dependencies to Fedora.

Currently noone has expressed interested in doing this... I plan to make a
copr repo later at some point. So unless someone wants to help do a lot of
package reviews, I think it is better just to retire git-annex from Fedora
for now.

I will do that next week unless someone volunteers to do all the work to

I am writing on behalf of Ben who is on away and the Haskell SIG.

Thanks, Jens

headsup: ghc-7.10.3 went into Rawhide


On behalf of the Fedora Haskell SIG, I am happy to announce that finally
GHC 7.10 (7.10.3) has gone into Rawhide for F25. This is a new major
release (though ghc-8.0.1 is already out for a little time now).

headsup: ghc-7.4.2 and haskell-platform-2012.4 coming soon to rawhide


The Haskell SIG will soon be updating ghc to 7.4.2 and the just released
haskell-platform-2012.4.0.0. At the same time there will be a big bunch
of pending version updates for various Haskell packages. As usual this
will require rebuilding all the packages.

Apart from bugfixes, a nice feature of ghc-7.4.2 is ARM support for ghci
and hence template-haskell - apart from shared-library support
this will almost bring ARM ghc up to Tier 1 level support.

The plan is to backport haskell-platform-2012.4 later to Fedora 18 updates,
and maybe also haskell-platform-2012.2 to Fedora 17.

headsup: ghc-6.12.3

I built ghc-6.12.3 for F14. This will require rebuilding all
ghc library packages, which I and the Haskell SIG will be doing
over the coming days - the meantime please bear with us with
the broken dependencies...


gettext-0.18 built

Headsup that I built gettext- for rawhide
and also a build for f13 updates-testing.

<a href="" title=""></a>

Please report any problem in bugzilla or Bodhi.


today's i18n meeting

You can find the minutes and log of today's i18n meeting at:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Main topics were f13 relnotes, f13 bugs, and splitting Simplified
and Traditional Chinese again for comps and fonts.


moving to weekly i18n meetings

We have had biweekly fedora i18n project meetings for a good while now.

Then we added a separate weekly input-methods meeting and more
recently a i18n fonts meeting. In an attempt to rationalize
the number of meetings I am proposing now that instead
we move to one main weekly fedora i18n meeting on Thursdays
rather than Tuesday (at the usual Asia-Pacific time of 0500UTC).

I have updated the wiki meetings page to reflect this change.
<a href="" title=""></a>

Thanks, Jens

tomorrow's i18n meeting

A reminder of tomorrow's biweekly i18n meeting:

<a href="" title=""></a>

Please follow up if you have a topic for discussion.


yum-presto and comps

In F12 we shipped yum-presto in @gnome-desktop - a kind of a compromise I guess.
Presto/deltarpm is very useful for machines with low net connectivity to mirrors
but enough resources to rebuild rpms.

But yum-presto is not a desktop package at all and certainly does not
belong in the gnome-desktop group. [1]

Perhaps the right approach for f13 is to install yum-presto by default
but to disable it by default? Lighter compression might also
help to reduce the resource requirements for older machines?


[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

bitmap-fonts by default?

We have been looking at updating bitmap-fonts recently,
and noticed that it is still listed mandatory in the comps
@base-x group.

So I just wondered a couple of naive questions:

- does bitmap-fonts have to be installed by default?
- what actually needs it?


a home for comps @books group

So I start a rawhide install and decide to browse (customize)
the package groups...

I see an uncategorized group standing out - turns out to be
a new @books group which currently contains 3 devel books...

Then I remember fedora-security-guide-en_US (which doesn't
really fit with the devel books).

But there is the string/translation freeze so I hesitate
to add a new Documentation category for F12...
(maybe/probably we should for F13?).

It seems most of the fedora-docs are published on the web
so fedora-security-guide-en_US seems a bit lonely
(probably also since current fedora publican stil

fedora-i18n bug day 2 April

The Fedora I18n Project is planning a bug day this Thursday (2nd April).

<a href="" title=""></a> has links to various lists of i18n related bugs.

The main focus will be triaging rawhide bugs related to i18n but also checking on older i18n bugs to see if they are still present in F10 and/or F11 Beta.

Join us on #fedora-i18n during the day to help out, ask questions, and for discussion i18n issues.

Fedora I18n Team

new owner for emacspeak?

Is anyone here interested in taking over emacspeak?

Do many fedora users use it?

Emacspeak (Emacs Speech interface) has been in RHL, FC and Fedora, and is a pretty low maintainence package. I took it on the same time I became Emacs and XEmacs maintainer long ago and still own it even though I don't maintain our emacs or xemacs packages any more.

Contact me if you are interested in taking over this package.


fedora-i18n-bugs list

A new bugs mailing-list fedora-i18n-bugs has been setup to track Fedora i18n related bugs in bugzilla. It will also be used for autocc'ing (initialcc) of i18n related Fedora packages.

<a href="" title=""></a>

The list will be fairly high traffic but give people a way to track i18n issues also in the archives or in bugzilla.

Thanks, Jens