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Bad merge on dolphin.git rolled back

FYI, someone accidentally merged master into stable in dolphin.git:
<a href="" title=""></a>

I rolled back Applications/17.12 to a618383df3.

Generated files in version control (was: Re: Why is C90 enforced in KDE?)

2015-12-06 17:28 GMT-03:00 Ingo Klöcker < ... at kde dot org>:

KF5 tarball naming

Since 5.4 the KF5 tarballs are in a 5.4 directory, however the version
number on the tarball filenames is 5.4.0. Is it even possible to
represent this in version.ini?

<a href="" title=""></a>
<a href="" title=""></a>

Review Request 119170: Include ntdd* headers to make Solid build without the Windows DDK

Review request for kdewin and Solid.

Repository: solid

The `ntdd*.h` headers used in the Windows backend come with MSVC2013 and MinGW, but not with MSVC2010, you have to download and install the DDK separately, or grab the headers from MinGW or kdewin. I don't know if MSVC2012 has them or not.

I added the headers to Solid, in a subdirectory.

Proposal: support only one version of libraries

Hi devs,

Currently many library packages in emerge contain rules in the .py
script to download multiple library versions, and there are
corresponding patches for all those versions. Sometimes those patches
are even identical.

For example, assuan2 has download URLs, digests, and cmake patches for
2.0.1, 2.0.2, 2.0.3, and 2.1.1. The 2.0.x versions date to 2011. Any
reason to keep them? I'd just delete everything except 2.1.1, which is
the default target.

I hereby propose keeping only the latest version and deleting any old patches.

Review Request 119151: Update analitza package for the frameworks branch

Review request for kdewin.

Repository: emerge

Switched package to the kf5 branch.

Per-app MSI-based installers

For everybody's knowledge :) I'm working on single-app KDE installers
based on Windows Installer (built with the WiX toolkit).

My plan is to have a .msi with KDE Frameworks, Qt, and other common
dependencies that all app needs, and another .msi for each app. Then
there will be a .exe installer for each app, which chains together the
deps and the app. The app package will be embedded inside the
installer .exe, while the dependencies will be downloaded on demand.

Why the download on demand?

Current build errors on MSVC

Typing 'emerge kparts' on an empty kderoot currently leads to these errors:

- ki18n complains it can't find gettext's msgmerge executable. Should
we make it build-depend on gettext-tools?
- Solid can't find ntddcdrm.h and other Driver Kit headers. These are
available in kdewin. Should Solid depend on kdewin? Should Solid
include its own copy of the headers? Other options?

Review Request 118852: [kconfig] Fix build on Visual C++ 2010

Review request for KDE Frameworks and kdewin.

Repository: kconfig

Visual C++ 2010 throws an internal compiler error trying to compile kconfigtest, since 5f4dc2973f.

Dropping support for Windows CE

Many packages in emerge have patches to build on Windows CE. It seems
this was motivated by an old attempt to port kdepim to WinCE.

Is there any reason to keep supporting Windows CE? Should we remove
patches for WinCE support? I'm trying to simplify, split and document
the patches we have, and removing patches we don't need is part of

Has anyone even tried building for WinCE recently? Maybe it's already
broken and nobody cared...

Review Request 117131: Implement KUser::faceIconPath on Windows.

Review request for KDE Frameworks and kdewin.

Repository: kcoreaddons

Implement KUser::faceIconPath on Windows.

I use an undocumented Windows API (<a href="" title=""></a>) that stores the profile image in a temporary file and returns the path to it.

Review Request 113298: KDirWatch code style: cleanup whitespace.

Review request for KDE Frameworks and kdelibs.

Repository: kdelibs

KDirWatch code style: cleanup whitespace.

The KDirWatch code had *lots* of "( foo )" and inconsistent indentation and alignment, including a few tabs(!).

Build fixes for Raptor and Rasqal - please test


I'm trying to compile KDE on MSVC 2008. I don't have the IDE, I only
installed the SDK 6.1, but the compiler identifies as "MSVC
15.0.21022.8", which corresponds to 2008.

Raptor and rasqal were giving me compiler errors. I have fixed them
and pushed them to the vc2008-fixes branch in emerge.git, but I don't
know if they break things in other compilers. Could someone else
please test in other versions of VC++, and MinGW?

Plans for SVN infrastructure shutdown

Hello KDE developers!

As you know, a few years ago KDE decided to move to Git, and a lot of
our applications were migrated. However, we're not done yet. SVN is
still alive and kicking, hosting kdeadmin, kdeartwork, kdenetwork,
kdesdk, several websites, many extragear and playground applications,
and all the KDE translations.

This is a maintenance burden for the KDE sysadmin team. Not only we
have to keep the existing SVN infrastructure working, such as the main
SVN server and the mirrors, but we also have to add SVN support to
brand new services, such as the new IRC commit notification bot.

Re: Add support for Persona on KDE sites?

El 27/09/2012, a las 22:44, Mark < ... at gmail dot com> escribió:

KConfigIniBackend::isWritable bug


I'm trying to get kdelibs unit tests to run in a clean and headless
environment (for automated testing). I'm starting an X server, dbus, and
kdeinit by hand.

Currently kded (started by kdeinit) is failing to start up if I'm running it
for the first time and there is currently no ~/.kde directory.
Specifically, it's showing a kdialog popup with 'Configuration file
"/var/lib/buildbot/.kde/share/config/kdedrc" not writable.'. (I don't even
see the popup because it's on the invisible Xvfb server).

After some code-reading and debugging, I found the cause.

: Git reconversion of kdeedu

We have discovered that several commits were lost during the
conversion of kdeedu from SVN to git. To fix this, we will need to
reconvert and force-push some of the repositories.

The affected repositories are kalgebra, kgeography, kig, ktouch, and step.

The repush is planned for Saturday, May 14th.

Review Request: Fix compile of KIO with KDE_ENABLE_FINAL enabled.

Review request for kdelibs.

kdelibs compilation is broken with KDE4_ENABLE_FINAL turned ON.

Forward-ports in kde-workspace

Here is a list of commits in kde-workspace:4.6 that seem to be missing
a forward-port into master. I don't claim correctness of this list;
please let me know if there's something wrong in it.

I'm posting this so that devs do their forgotten forward-ports before
the 4.6->master git merge is attempted.