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FF v dnf needs-restarting

I'm guessing most of you here probably observed this behaviour with dnf when FF is upgraded. Even after FF restarted, dnf needs-restarting reports that it needs restarting. Does that sound like a bug or is this somehow intentional?

I'm seeing this in f29 and previous releases are the same. Once I upgrade to f30, I'm planning to open a bug on this if it's still the same, unless someone tells me this is how it's supposed to work.


Re: F29 updates-testing

Thank you both for clarifying.

F29 updates-testing

Anyone understands why this is not being pushed in recent days?

Latest RHEL7 release v Xorg

With RHEL 7.6 out, a new version of Xorg has been delivered, which made xorgxrdp package that I maintain binary incompatible. Given that build overrides are not possible with EPEL (AFAIK), could someone with enough privileges please update the build environment for rhel7.


F28 updates-testing

Does anyone understand what most recent masher messages mean for F28 updates testing?

bodhi masher failed to mash f28-updates-testing 3 hours agobodhi masher successfully mashed f28-updates-testing 3 hours ago

RHEL 7.5 for aarch64

Anyone knows when RHEL 7.5 packages will be available for aarch64 in
koji, so that new dependencies get picked up? I'm trying to build EPEL7
xorgxrdp against the latest xorg-x11-server and all other arches have
1.19.5, but aarch64 is stuck on 1.19.3.

PS. Buildroot overrides don't work here, AFAICT.


Re: Latest updates-testing for F27

Wow! That's what I call a fast turnaround. Before even reading the replies, the bug was fixed! :-)

Latest updates-testing for F27

Does anyone know why latest dnf repodata for updates-testing in F27 appears to be missing some packages that were supposed to be pushed? For instance, kernel 4.15.12-301 is there, but latest dnsmasq is not and they were supposedly pushed at the same time.

I noticed a similar pattern the day before, so just trying to understand whether there may be a bug in bodhi in relation to this.

Old updates in F26 testing

Was just curious, anyone understands why there are so many obsolete
updates in F26 testing repository? For example, there is firefox 54.0
from June, other stuff back from April etc.

CVE-2017-3140 bind: RPM rebuild for F26?


I pinged folks in bug #1461641 about this a couple of times, but no
joy. Anyone else here that can rebuild and push patched bind to F26?


Re: Firefox 52.0.1: CVE-2017-5428

Thanks Martin!

A push to testing repo would also be highly appreciated. :-)

Firefox 52.0.1: CVE-2017-5428

Does anyone know whether the fix for this problem is already in F25
builds of FF or should a new build be prepared and pushed to fix this?

See: <a href="" title=""></a>

Firefox 52 Electrolysis

Anyone understands why Firefox 52 in F25 doesn't support multi-process
any more? Or alternatively, is there a new trick to get this working,
apart from what is written here?

<a href="" title=""></a>

F25 updates/updates-testing failures in bodhi

Anyone understands what's going on with these? Seems like everything F25 related has been stuck for quite a while now...

Firefox 49.0.2

Could someone with access please build this version of FF. Apparently,
it's a security release.


Bind update (CVE-2016-2776)?

Could someone with sufficient access please spin up an update of bind
for F-24 and other flavours of Fedora. That CVE looks like a pretty
serious DoS. This has already been fixed in RHEL.


Firefox 48 v Electrolysis

Will Fedora build of FF 48 have this enabled or disabled? Or is this
something every user will have to decide upon through options etc.?


Firefox build?

Release notes for FF 43.0.2 say that a security issue was fixed (MD5
signatures accepted within TLS 1.2 ServerKeyExchange in server
signature). Does this not affect Fedora builds?

PS. The link to that security issue is broken (<a href="" title=""></a>
en-US/security/advisories/mfsa2015-150/), so not quite sure any more
what is real and what's not on Mozilla site.

bind: CVE-2015-5722 and CVE-2015-5986

According to ISC, these two affect bind 9.10.2 as well (up to P3).
There a no new builds (i.e. P4) for F22 of this package that I can see.

Does anyone know why? Is there something Fedora specific that prevents
these problems in F22 packages?

ISC release notes are here:

<a href="" title=""></a>

A proposal for Fedora updates

Hi there,

I've been a bit perplexed by the Fedora updates recently (talking about
F-21 specifically). Many of them appear to be obsolete the moment they
hit stable, sometimes even testing.

Take the kernel, for instance. 3.19.2-201.fc21 replaced the previous
build in bodhi on the 24th. It is still not in testing as I'm writing
this (although the updates system says it is). Take Firefox. Submitted
on 23rd, took 3 days to appear anywhere where "regular" folks can test
it (which is actually stable). Then there are updates (e.g.

Firefox 29.0.1

Could someone please build that. The blank PDF print thing is a bit
annoying with 29.


Pidgin rebuild

Hi folks,

Could someone with requisite rights rebuild Pidgin, please? Apparently,
there were quite a few security fixes in 2.10.8 and 2.10.9 is out as


spampd: pinging maintainer(s)

This package appears to be a bit neglected (bugs open without replies
etc.). So, if you are the maintainer, know the maintainer or otherwise
have the powers to approve package commit access for this package, could
you please do so for pending requests.

Talking about:

<a href="" title=""></a>
<a href="" title=""></a>

Bug 894274: sqlgrey rebuild


Could someone with relevant privileges please pick up one of the
attached patches (most likely the second one) to this bug and rebuild
sqlgrey for F-18. With the default config, sqlgrey otherwise dies after
receiving connection from Postfix and trying to process the e-mail.


Component question

I filed a bug recently against remmina
(<a href="" title=""></a>) which on second
look would seem to be unrelated to remmina itself, but is rather a more
generic issue affecting Gnome. Essentially, some applications that used
to start their windows with the appropriate size in F-16 (even
proprietary ones like ICAClient), now in F-17 appear to be disregarding
the size of the window and opening in almost full screen mode (the
window takes the whole workspace, but is not actually maximised).

Does anyone know which component is normally responsible for this?

Another heads up for F17 upgrades from F16 (via yum)

<a href="" title=""></a>

You may want to make sure you have people on hand that can "push the
button" for you when the kernel panics on the remote box.

Fedora 17: Heads up for folks using xrdp with custom resolutions

Just finished fixing an upgrade of F16 to F17, where I have xrdp running
under a custom resolution (i.e. the one that no known monitor would
normally use). It seems that this somehow confused Gnome (or maybe gnome
confused Xvnc, or xrdp or whatever) in F17, so it would basically
disconnect Xvnc (which runs underneath xrdp) every time a connection
would get established.

Samba update

Anyone knows what's the holdup with the Samba update (CVE-2012-1182)? No
new builds have been done or queued up recently AFAICT...

Slow shutdown with big file in /dev/shm

Before I file a bug for this, I need to figure out which component may
be doing this. If one creates a large file (several GB) in /dev/shm and
shuts down, the system will take many minutes to shut down. Last message
before hang is "Disabling swap".

Not sure which component is doing that and why. The file will be gone on
reboot anyway, so why not just nuke it...

Subversion 1.7.1? Not 1.7.2?

Is there a particular reason Rawhide etc. are stuck on 1.7.1? Is there a
known problem with 1.7.2 or something?