Postings by W. Michael Petullo

Orphaned: sphinxbase, sphinxtrain, and cmusphinx3

I have orphaned three projects, and thus they need a new maintainer:

sphinxbase, a common library for CMU Sphinx voice recognition

sphinxtrain, Carnegie Mellon University's open source acoustic
model trainer. It contains the scripts and instructions necessary
for building models for the CMU Sphinx Recognizer.

cmusphinx3, CMU's state-of-the-art large vocabulary speech
recognition system.

The latter two packages will likely need to be updated to newer
upstream versions which are compatible with sphinxbase.

Kernel development on Fedora

I am interested in doing some kernel development on Fedora. I am familiar
with kernel internals, but I am looking for some tips to help manage the
build, compile, and install cycle. Unfortunately, I am developing against
the Linux Security Module interface, so my work cannot take the form of
a kernel module.

I would like to build RPMs because they are convenient to install,
and they manage the kernel configuration for me. Put another way, I
would like for practical reasons to track the Fedora kernel source RPMs
as opposed to the upstream kernel tree.

Packaging Graylog2/unpackaged jar dependencies

I am interested in packaging the Graylog2 log analysis platform for
Fedora. I have created a number of Fedora packages in the past, but I
am a novice when it comes to packaging Java.

When I try to build my Graylog2 package, rpmbuild warns me that a number
of dependencies are missing from the package specification (see below).

I can build Graylog2 by hand using Maven, but of course this downloads
the requisite files to ~/.m2.

There is also at least one case of a package in Fedora which is
incompatible with the API version Graylog2 expects (okhttp).

Grubby and Xen

I have been working with a few other Fedora contributors on the Fedora 16
feature "XenPvopsDom0", <a href="" title=""></a>.
This feature would provide a robust virtualization alternative based on
Xen. Xen is a type-1, hypervisor-based platform and therefore has some
different properties than KVM, et al.

One of the integration points we'd like to improve has to do with

Review request/swap: gnupg-pkcs11-scd and spim

I have two packages that need to be reviewed. I'd be willing to review
two others in exchange.

Spec URL: <a href="" title=""></a>
SRPM URL: <a href="" title=""></a>

spim is a self-contained simulator that runs MIPS32 programs. It reads and
executes assembly language programs written for this processor.

Updated VIPS available

I am interested in seeing Bugzilla #676945, VIPS package is out of date,
addressed before Fedora 15 is released. The reason for my interest is that
one of my packages, dmapd, requires the new version of VIPS. The new VIPS
provides additional functionality that can be used to efficiently create
thumbnail images and read existing thumbnails from EXIF metadata.

Configuring a network interface without the associated static route

I am trying to figure out if there is a way to configure a network
interface using /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts without creating the
corresponding static route.

Problems with PowerPC iBook and X

For quite some time during the ramp up to Fedora 10, X has not worked
on my PowerPC iBook. I have submitted a bug report (Bugzilla #463118)
and a few people have mentioned a similar problem. Is anyone out
there using a PowerPC iBook / Radeon Mobility 9200 to test Rawhide?
What is your experience?