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libupnp ABI change notice


I plan to update libupnp to 1.8.3 which comes with an ABI bump.
The libthreadutil library is also dropped in this new release.

I will rebuild the dependent applications

f29 scratch build
<a href="" title=""></a>

On a side note, I've also updated the current branches to the latest
1.6.25 bugfix release.
Please report any issue in the related bodhi tickets

"libcryptopp update to 6.1.0 with ABI change"


I plan to update cryptopp to 6.1.0 release for f28+ later today.
This will not change the ABI number, because our package was
previously patched with a forged SONAME to only use the one number
convention (aka instead of

The good news, is that upstream accepted my patch to freeze the ABI
with .6, with this lts version. So for more safety, there is a need to
rebuild the few packages using this library:

tegrarcm (I will handle this one)


Update to VA-API 1.0.0 (libva-2.0.0 with SONAME bump)


I plan to update libva to 2.0.0.

Fedora 27 is here


Just want to say welcome to Fedora 27 !

The RPM Fusion repository is ready to server f27 content in time for
the release. However, there are few packages that were broken in the
process. The ones I'm aware are currently fixed and been pushed in the
updates repos. I plan to fixup the GA repo before this week-end to
avoid any issue.

Thx for the work done.

Release Ownership for oyranos


I've released ownership for oyranos which currently FTBFS in f20.
I will not have time to fix in the f20 time frame, so it might be blocked
or even retired if none volunteer to maintain it.

There will be a need to update elektra first, then if one in interested in
this package, libXcm and xcm are also of interested. I can keep theses for
the moment.


Nicolas (kwizart)

Reporting a bug on several components - rpath issue


I was trying to check if packages on my system has defined a rpath (1)
, I've made a little script:

# for f in $(ls /usr/lib64/*.so.* ) ; do chrpath ${f} &>/dev/null;
RETVAL=$?; if [ !

matio ABI bump and license change to BSD


This was forwarded to the related maintainers earlier, but an ABI bump
is required for the matio update in F-18.
I don't plan to update it in F-17.

There is a license change involved from LGPL2+ to BSD (2 clauses).

I've tested the rebuilt for vips and it went fine.


Nicolas (kwizart)

<a href="mailto:vips- ... at fedoraproject dot org">vips- ... at fedoraproject dot org</a>


I'm preparing a matio update to 1.5.0.

matio ABI change


Is it possible for a provenpackager to bump alsa-plugins to release 3
in f17 and later and submit an update.

This is a trivial fix

<a href="" title=""></a>


Nicolas (kwizart)

ABI break for OpenCV 2.2 update


There is an ABI breakage with OpenCV 2.2 update.
Actually it is more a rename (1) , so as soon as your package rely on
pkgconfig or opencv.cmake, thats should be silent.

Here is a koji --scratch build for dist-rawhide
<a href="" title=""></a>
The packages is already imported into git and I will probably 'fedpkg
build' later tonight.

Here is the list of the affected packages:
(I will handle frei0r-plugins that I own).

# repoquery --whatrequires ""

libproxy addition to comps for F-13


I would like to discuss the possibility to add the patch described in this
report in comps for F-13 and later.
<a href="" title=""></a>

The basic idea is to make libproxy default installed plugins more in shape
with the actual set of installed packages for a given system.
That, so application using libproxy will discover or receive the proxy
configuration automatically as soon as they use system settings.

As I agree that this change appears rather late in the Fedora process, and
libproxy is indeed in the crithpath for updates (why actually?!),
I would give an opportu

Who broke opencv ? (was Re: Broken dependencies with Fedora 12 + updates-testing - 2010-03-01)

Why opencv has experienced broken dependency at first step ?
I've miss the required announcement, and even if it was announced, it would
have be stroken by a denial from my side!
That kind of development is unappropriate in a stable release.

Nicolas (kwizart)

2010/3/1 Haïkel Guémar < ... at gmail dot com>

Updating DirectFB 1.4.0 in Rawhide - SONAME change

Hello !

There is a SONAME change along with the DirectFB major update to
1.4.0; to be built in rawhide in a few days.
At least the following packages will need a rebuild.

# repoquery --whatrequires

The update has been done in cvs.

directfb version bump (with ABI bump)


I would just warn the fedora-devel ml that a version bump for directfb
is scheduled before the end of the week.
This update has been tracked in this bug:
<a href="" title=""></a>
With this new version comes an ABI bump from the previous 1.0.0. thus, a
rebuild of dependents packages is required.

Here is the list of the dependent(s) package(s):

So, this is more a warning if some packages would use the directfb
binaries directly for any reasons, and for third parties.

Nicolas (kwizart)

yafray "renamed" to yafaray - pick it ?


As announced at <a href="" title=""></a>, yafaray replaces YafRay 0.0.9.
Thus I'm thinking of submitting yafray as dead.package in Rawhide. (1)

On the other side, I'm not going to work on yafaray soon. So, if anyone
wants to start working on it, feel free.

Nicolas (kwizart)

(1), There is no reason why yafray should stop working with the current
blender releases. But there might be a problem when theses two are
installed together. (until now, blender either dlopen library or call
binary, from yafray).
This has to be discussed in the yafaray review.

libgii is orphaned.


Libgii was the first step of an attempt to package the whole ggi project.
See <a href="" title=""></a>
I'm not interested anymore in it. (libggi failed with usability test
and now libgii is in the FTBFS list for lib64)
<a href="" title=""></a>

Nicolas (kwizart)