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How do you start your KDE session?

How do you start your KDE session?

I'm talking post-Login, after KDE has settled and you're looking at a fresh

I don't like to boot my desktop any more than I have to since, being a
desktop, it's supposed to be on kinda like an appliance. Anything less than a
couple months' uptime is annoying if I don't have to reboot for a kernel/KDE

Plus, I run 3 virtual desktops that each can have multiple windows, and many
of those windows have multiple tabs.

I know KDE can save and restart Sessions, and browsers can save and re-open
tab clusters.

kdesyscoca during DNF dumps all over konsole window

[kf5 5.54, plasma-workspace 5.13, Fedora 28]

Whenever I run Fedora's DNF package manager, often kdesycoca is triggered, and
it dumps stdout/stderr over whatever tab is displayed on the last-opened
Konsole window. The dump is dark-grey on light-grey and is overlaid like a
'wall' message - it can't be copied, and doesn't always clear with a page-up/
down in vim, which is usually what it dumps on.

Anyone ever seen this?

Cleaning up config files

I have been maintaining my KDE configuration across several Fedora releases,
since Fedora 18.

Konqueror 5.0.97 issues

[Konqueror 5.0.97 on Fedora 28 updated just this morning]

Because of a disk crash I had to replace my /dev/sda which previously had
Fedora 25 on it. Fortunately I keep /home on /dev/sdb so I installed Fedora 28
on a new /dev/sda and all appears to go well. Except for Konqueror in 3
annoying ways:

1. I can't open more than one instance from the K Menu or the Quick Launcher

Using either of those just opens the one already-open Konqueror, even across

KDE (or X?) clipboard goes stupid

[kf5 5.38, plasma-workspace-5.10.5, Fedora 25]

My KDE/X clipboard goes astray sometimes. I Copy URL to clipboard from KMail,
for example, and when I paste I get something from a day ago pasted.

Is there any way to reset that clipboard without restarting X or KDE? I'm not
talking about Klipper, but the default clipboard.

Bluetooth transfers fail KDE 4.14.30

[KDE 4.14.30 on Fedora 25]

I used to be able to use Bluetooth to send photos from my Galaxy Note 3 to my
desktop in Fedora 23. Very handy. Now I can't, and I'm not sure how to try to
find out why. All my old settings look normal and were inherited from my old

Where to start?

Can't move windows anymore

[KDE 4.14.30 on Fedora 25]

The darnedest thing: suddenly I can't move a window by grabbing the title bar.
Neither full height windows nor dialogs. Others have reported this, but mostly
in past releases. It seems I need to kill the kwin process and restart it with
"kwin --replace". Failing that, logout and back in. I'd rather not do that.

First off, I don't have a "kwin" process, though I do have a "kwin_x11"
process. Secondly, is "kwin --replace" the right way to start kwin?

reduce height of KDE kicker icon

I recently updated to Fedora 25, KDE 4.14.29 and the icon for the kicker
("K") menu is much too tall, no matter what size of icon to put in it.
There's no way to resize it through the UI, nor any config file I can find.

How do I reduce its height?

Fedora Release Notes don't mention KDE anymore

I've been looking at Fedora Release Notes and starting in Fedora 23 there's no mention of KDE in the "Changes for Fedora Desktop users" link, e.g.,

<a href="" title=""></a>

Is this by design?

screen energy saving stopped

[KDE 4.14.7 on Fedora 20]

On my desktop machine I have "Screen Energy Saving" set to turn my monitor off after 90 minutes of inactivity.

It stopped working the other day and now the monitor doesn't turn off.

What can I do to re-enable it?

strategies for customizing the "K" menu

This is a 2-part question but both are about customizing the "main" or "K" menu. I Googled variations on "custom KDE menu" but didn't come up with much. So I ask some Knerds. :-)

1 - On every machine I set up for myself I copy over a ~/bin of scripts I use regularly, and then have to re-create menu items. Back in KDE3 days I hacked a collection of .desktop files together to give me a submenu of things I used most, but I'm not sure if that will work anymore in Plasma 5. What do you folks do?

System Load Viewer applet

I've always liked having the System Load Viewer applet on my main panel. I see in Fedora 22 it's been rewritten and lost the "show horizontal" option. Also, I've never been able to find the author, nor figure out how to get the source so I could maybe make my own or contribute patches.

Does anyone here be of assistance?

restoring deleted KDE panel

OK, I did a dumb thing - deleted my whole KDE panel. I rebuilt it fresh, but for the future, is there anything I can do to restore a deleted KDE panel?

konqueror links in iframe want to open in other window

I am having a problem with embedding local Webalizer pages in an iframe and
viewing that in Konqueror (KDE 4.11.5). Links inside the iframe want to
open in a new window and even the right-click "Open in this Window" option
is missing for links in the iframe. I'm using a <a href="///...index.html" title="///...index.html">file:///...index.html</a> and
testing on my desktop before deploying to be served by Apache.

setting for printing from Konqueror

I find Konqueror (4.10.5) very handy for some development work except for
one thing eluding me:

How to permanently change the default Print settings for printing to PDF?

I keep getting A4 paper selected with 1in margins. Where is that saved?

modifying the KDE System Load Viewer

This is the only system monitor I like on my task bar. But the graph bars
are a lot thicker than I'd like, especially with 6 cores.

How can I modify it? I've downloaded a zip of the source from
to see what I could do and it's python so I could handle that. Can anyone
point me to where to look further? This something I could learn on that
interests me.

Or, does the maintainer read this list?

creating a custom energy-saving mode

I have a desktop and a laptop that are configured pretty similar. When I'm
at home I like to use VNC from the desktop to the laptop so I can use my
desktop's keyboard and mouse.

I prefer the laptop screen to be off, because it sits below my desktop's
monitor and can be distracting. Mostly it stays off, until something
triggers the screen-blackout to stop.

System Sounds gone since 4.11.4

Since KDE 4.11.4 (and now .5) I have lost my System Sounds. Audio works
fine in all other ways (videos, streaming music). All sounds that were
enabled before are still enabled. Any ideas what to look at?

make Gwenview/Konqueror show the true image orientation

How can I get Gwenview and Konqueror to show an image's true orientation
rather than auto-orient it? Since Konqueror doesn't show hover-over
thumbnails anymore I have to drop an image into Firefox or some other
browser to see whether I need to rotate it before posting to my blog.

restarting KDED after it crashes

How does one restart KDED after it crashes?

window snap ignores window border but open doesn't

Why does window-snapping ignore the window border while window-opening

I open Konsole (for example) and it aligns along the outer window border
with the K panel. But, when I move the Konsole window it snaps to the
inside of the window border. So is snapping broken?

Opening Konsole with Multiple Pre-loaded Tabs

While pursuing how to rename KDE's Konsole terminal emulator tabs
programmatically I came across many people wanting to open and preload
multiple Konsole tabs, the most-popular example being multiple SSH

There is a way to do this with D-Bus, described in this Linux Journal
article [1].

I have wanted to open Konsole with multiple tabs after logging in, as part
of an alternative to KWin's all-or-nothing approach to resuming sessions
after login.

But for some years Konsole has had a built-in method to open with multiple
preloaded tabs, without using DBUS at all.

Prompted Restore Session

Is there any plan to make the Restore Sessions function have a dialog to
allow what session items to restart after login?

Currently it's all or nothing, so I've turned it off and fashioned my own
ways to repopulate my Desktops after a restart. In the case of a crash I
don't always remember what I had open.


So a fresh day arises and I try my migration again.

icon used in tray area

I have a perl-Tk tool that lives in my System Tray. In KDE 4.10 the tray
icon is the generic X application icon, whereas in 4.6 it was the tool's
icon. What determines the icon used in the tray? What do I need to adjust
so the tray uses the tool's icon?

K menu submenu on a panel

I'm on KDE 4.10 now, just migrated from 4.6.

One thing I had before, which I cannot remember how I made, was to have a
launcher on my panel for one submenu of my K menu.

I thought I could do it by right-clicking on a submenu and using "Add to
Panel" but this just gives me a duplicate of the entire K menu.

adding a folder back to the K Menu

I inadvertently deleted a folder of menu items from the K Menu. How do I
get it back?

migrating KAlarm

OK, I've spent 2 hours dicking around trying to get my KAlarm 2.4.11 setup
migrated to 2.10.2-ak and have had nothing but "Unable to create target
resource" errors and crashes, whether there's any data in place or not
(with a brand-new user). All for a little reminder app that's been one of
the handiest pieces in KDE.

So what's the magic?

Has the KDE Social/Semantic Desktop been worth the hassle to anyone?

With all the hassles added by Akonadi and Nepomuk and Strigi for some
higher "social/semantic desktop" purpose, does anyone actually _use_ the
stuff? Or just the devs that thought it up? Googling "KDE Social Desktop"
returns mostly 3-year-old links to articles about what it will do someday,
but I'm wondering, "What does it do today?" There have been 9 major
releases to date. Is everyone (but me) social-desktopping away happily and
not writing anything (useful) about it?

KRDC in KDE 4.8.4: Ctrl-W pass-through

I'm really liking KRDC as a VNC client, but I'm hooked on using Ctrl-W in
Vim to change between split screens. Unfortunately Ctrl-W closes the
current KRDC session.

Is there a way to let Ctrl-W pass through?