Postings by Peter Lemenkov

Let's EOL mozjs24 starting from Fedora 29

Hello All!
With recent erlang-js build there is no more packages dependent on
mozjs24 in F-29 and Rawhide. It wasn't build successfully since Fedora
26 and no longer updated by upstream. Let's retire it.

* <a href="" title=""></a>
* <a href="" title=""></a>
* <a href="" title=""></a>

RFE: update xmlgraphics-commons up to ver. 2.2 in Fedora 28

Hello All!
This package, xmlgraphics-commons, didn't receive much attention
recently, so we missed an opportunity to update it in Fedora 28
without hurry. Unfortunatelyit seems that we have to.

Recently updated pdfbox (which has a subpackage fontbox, a Fop
dependency) makes fop-2.0 unable to produce PDF files (at least in
some cases). Upstream fixed compatibility in Fop version 2.1 (2.2 is
the latest available version).

I've updated Fop to 2.2 in Rawhide, but Fedora 28 still contains
broken Fop because it also requires upgrading xmlgraphics-commons up
to ver. 2.2. We ship ver.

Fop fonts issue in a freshly updated Fedora 28+

Hello All!

Just got a strange issue while generating doc-files from sources with fop:

<a href="" title=""></a>

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoSuchMethodError:
at org.apache.fop.fonts.truetype.OTFFile.readName(
at org.apache.fop.fonts.truetype.OpenFont.readFont(
at org.apache.fop.f

Build failures on alternative ("secondary") arches

Hello All!
I've got two nasty packages.

Intent to retire fleet in F-27 (F-26?)

Hello All!
Upstream decided to abandon fleet in favor of Kubernetes:

* <a href="" title=""></a>

I believe we should do the same and retire it. I'll mark it as retired
this weekend (18-19 March).

Stepping down as a leveldb primary maintainer/contact.

Hello All!
I'm no longer using leveldb, so I'm no longer interested in
maintaining it. Does anyone want to become a primary maintainer?

Erlang package's versions inconsistency between arm and x86_64/i686 repos

Hello All!
Is there something going wrong with ARM-repository? I can't build
package due to missing required packages although everything is fine
on i686/x86_64.

Namely I can't rebuild Wings because arm-repository has older package
than others.

<a href="" title=""></a>

How can I build and push package just for arm?

Running CLI uitilities not available in Fedora?

Hello All!
I'd like to ask you for advice. I've packaged an application which can
use external CLI tools (not available in Fedora for various non-legal
reasons). Shall I remove support for these tools or better keep it?

libcue soname bump

Hello All!
I'm going to upgrade libcue. Unfortunately this requires a soname
bump. Fortunately only recompilation is necessary.

Koji build fails on the same place on i686 in Rawhide

Hello All!
I'm afraid I'm stuck with one of my packages. It fails to build on
i686 in Rawhide but builds fine if koji was started with
--arch-override=i686 (no other builds in parallel).

I suppose I run into some "limits exceeded" issue. Unfortunately all
I've got is the segfault during the documentation build.

Technically I could disable docs on i686, but I really don't want to.
Could someone take a look inside - what's going on there?

Here is my latest build attempt:

<a href="" title=""></a>

Heads up! Fedora 21 and Ejabberd

Hello All!

I'm really sad to say that but I overlooked a very nasty upgrade issue
while updating Ejabberd up to a very recent version. As a result it's
barely working now (at least some perfectly valid configurations are
now refusing connections) and what is even worse *it will wipe out all
the data from the previous ejabberd installation* (chat logs, history,
user subscriptions, etc) during the upgrade.

So far I have the only advice - don't upgrade Ejabberd if possible.
I'll try to provide a fixed build soon.

I'm terribly sorry for that.

Heads up RabbitMQ users!

Hello All!

I've removed SSLv3 from the list of supported crypto protocols in
Erlang. This should apply only for cases where application doesn't
define explicitly a list of supported protocols. E.g. if your package
explicitly enables SSLv3 then it will be available, otherwise - won't

Heads up CouchDB and RabbitMQ users!

Hello All!
I've finally found time to fix a very long-standing issue with Erlang
applications pulling in a lot of X11-related rpms during the
installation. See these two Bugzilla tickets for the details:

* <a href="" title=""></a> (Fedora)
* <a href="" title=""></a> (EPEL 7)

Now fresh headless Fedora 21+ (and even EPEL7 is you live dangerously
enough to use epel-testing) installations of CouchDB or RabbitMQ won't
pull a long tail of packages related to GUI, which is great.

How to stop unneeded services?

Hello All!
Perhaps a silly question but I'm stuck and need your help, my fellow fedorians.

I've got a service foo.service which Requires=bar.socket (which in
turn runs bar.service). So if I start foo.service then systemd opens
bar.socket, captures first packet and runs bar.service (which isn't
intended to be started manually btw). So far everything works as

I was asked if it's possible to automatically stop bar.service (and
bar.socket) if no services which requires these two are active.

Status of weak dependencies support in Fedora 21+

Hello All!
RPM shipped with Fedora 21+ has support for weak dependencies. What's
the current status of that feature? Is it ok to start using them
(building RPM with Recommends/Suggests tags)?

I have a real-world example where I'd like to mark a dependency as
Suggests instead of Requires and want to know if dnf is ready to
process it?

Proper directory for storing arch-independent data (bytecode)

Hello All!

Imagine a virtual machine, %VMNAME%, which executes a arch-independent
bytecode. Where packager should store it?

How to decode/debug this TeXLive error message?

Hello All!
Sorrty for the almost unrelated question but I'm experiencing troubles
with TeXLive. I installed just texlive, texlive-comment, and hevea and
tsee this while rebuilding a package's docs:

LaTeX Font Info: External font `cmex10' loaded for size
(Font) <17.28> on input line 190.
LaTeX Font Info: External font `cmex10' loaded for size
(Font) <12> on input line 190.

Non-responsive maintainer: Hubert Plociniczak (fas: hubert)

Hello All!
As fas as we know Hubert quit Fedora for a very long time (said in his
private email). So it's time to change a poit of contact for the only
package Hubert maintained - RabbitMQ server.

<a href="" title=""></a>

I propose myself (FAS name: peter) and John Eckersberg (FAS name:
jeckersb) as a primary maintainers. If anyone has any objections
and/or suggestions, please, let us know.

Retiring stratagus

Hello All!
I'm removing myself from the stratagus maintainers. It has two
co-maintainers but afaik automatic package re-assignment to a new
maintainer never worked. So if you interested then pick it up.

Removing myself from mldonkey maintainers

Hello All!
Feel free to grab if interested. But I advise you to switch to transmission.

Retiring jbrout

Hello All.
I'm no longer using it so I'm going to retire it. Feel free to take it over.

Removing myself from OpenSER maintainers

Hello All!

I should have done this months ago - I'm removing myself from the
OpenSER maintainers. The upstream is dead for a very long time, and
everyone who's still using OpenSER must migrate to OpenSIPS (available
in Fedora/EPEL) or Kamailio (n/a in Fedora/EPEL).

Just for your info - I'll continue co-maintaining OpenSIPS in the
foreseeable future.

Could someone help me with writing polkit rule?

Hello All!

I 'm trying to write a polkit rule which allows every member of a
particular group ("ejabberd") to run a specific script
("/sbin/ejabberdctl" or "/usr/sbin/ejabberdctl"). Other users should
not be even able to run it.

How to create another one maillist?

Hello All!

Unfortunately "fedora create maillist" doesn't give me a lot of
related links, so I'd like to ask here. I want to create two
additional maillists dedicated to the particular Fedora Language SIGs
- one for Erlang, and another one for Golang. Could please anyone help
me - where should I start?

Heads up! I'm going to upgrade Wireshark up to 1.10.x in Fedora 18

Hello All!

There are *lots* of CVEs against Wireshark shipped with Fedora 18
(quite old 1.8.8 version).

* <a href="" title=""></a>
* <a href="" title=""></a>
* <a href="" title=""></a>

In order to fix them and not to add additional work for the
maintainers I'm thinking of upgrading up to 1.10.2 from 1.8.x.

Instead of backporting stuff let's build the latest stable! I'm sure
users will love this, since new Wireshark adds a lot of new features
and fixes all these CVEs.

HEADS UP - libcue soname bump in Fedora 20/21.

Hello All!
I'm going to update libcue up to 1.4.0 from current 1.3.0, with soname
bump. The following packages are affected by this upgrade:

* audacious-plugins-0:3.4-0.6.beta1.fc19.x86_64
* cmus-0:2.5.0-2.fc19.x86_64
* tracker-0:0.16.1-3.fc19.x86_64

I'll rebuild them as soon as libcue-1.4.0 will be available.

Two packages for swapping reviews.

Hello All!

I'm desperately searching a reviewer for two Erlang-related packages:

* <a href="" title=""></a> - erlang-riaknostic - A
diagnostic tool for Riak installations
* <a href="" title=""></a> - erlang-sidejob - An Erlang
library that implements a parallel, capacity-limited request pool

In exchange I'm willing to review your packages. Don't miss your chance!

I'm going to retire opengl-games-utils

Hello All!

I've no idea how did I become an opengl-games-utils maintainer in the
first place (perhaps I applied as a co-maintainer years ago). Also I
think that the package isn't needed anymore, so I'm going to remove
myself as a maintainer. If anyone wants to take care of this package,
then don't hesitate to grab it.

* <a href="" title=""></a>

levedb update from 1.9.0 to 1.12.0 for Fedora 19

Hello All!
I'm updating leveldb from 1.9.0 to 1.12.o for Fedora 19. Actually
that's mostly a change of the number in spec-file (NOT a soname bump)
and a few compatible enhancements, however I also backported one
essential patch from Basho's fork of leveldb, which is required for
the next version of erlang-eleveldb (which in turn is necessary for
the Riak).

How to remove package and all dependent packages from EL branch?

I've got bugreport that Erlang doesn't work on EL6 PPC64 achitecture.

<a href="" title=""></a>

I don't have resources to fix this issue, and nobody volunteered to
fix it so far, so I'd like to limit Erlang, and Erlang applications
and libraries on EL6 to x86/x86_64, where they works for sure. It's
not the only issue with Erlang and PPC64 - it also has limited support
for Java which prevented Erlang-Java bridge from being built