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Centos installer not detecting hard drive


I have a new labtop and i want to install CentOS 7.6 on it.
My labtop has two hard drives :
- A 256Go SSD
- A standard 1 To hard drive
None of the two hard drives are detected by the Centos installer
consequently i can't proceed with the installation.

If i try with a Fedora server distro, then the standard hard drive is
detected, the SSD one is still not detected.

I do prefer to install Centos as is is the closed Linux version from RHEL,
so what can i do to solve the issue ?



Filtering HTTPS Access


I'm currently working on a configuration to force HTTPS by directory.
Configuration looks like :

<Directory /home/user/apache_data/htdocs>
SSLOptions StrictRequire
ErrorDocument 403 <a href="" title=""></a>

This configuration works perfectly. But i'd like to allow HTTP
connection to a particular set of IP,
for example keepalive from load balancer which are perform only in HTTP.

First solution would be to change load balancer to make keepalive over