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Weird behavior with postfix and dovecot-lmtp

Hi all,

I’ve posed this question to the dovecot mailing list as well, but I’m asking here also because I think this more likely something that I’ve missed or misconfigured in postfix than dovecot.

Sending mail from a local address to gmail, I’d expect it to be forwarded through the configured relay host (the IMAP server doesn’t have direct internet accesss, only the relay box.):

I’ve got postfix setup to use dovecot-lmtp for (virtual) user delivery, and things to users or aliases that Dovecot knows about now get delivered correctly.

Re: [CentOS-devel] Upstream SRPMs

Thanks, Dag.

Are the SRPMS for the updates published likewise?

I'm mostly just curious. Having some idea of how this all works would
be beneficial if I were to decide to contribute in the future.


SRPMS for RHEL releases and updates

In looking at the various FAQs, I haven't seen an answer to this, so I
thought I would pose it here. Where/how do the CentOS maintainers get
the SRPMS from the upstream vendor? The reason I ask is more a
question of given DVDs of all the SRPMs, how does one go about
spinning up an installable ISO? I'm thinking from the perspective of
rolling my own ISO until CentOS 6 came out.