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restrict Location URL with special string


I have URL like below (with ? and =)

<a href="http://myserver/?s=about" title="http://myserver/?s=about">http://myserver/?s=about</a>

What’s the correct syntax to allow only some IP.

<Location "/\?s\=about">
Require ip

<Location "/?s=about">
Require ip

<LocationMatch "about">
Require ip

Nothing work.

Thanks in advance for any suggestion.

KVM SSL with wget

I installed KVM on a CentOS 7.4 host.



About the following documentation I understand that I can set a "SessionCryptoPassphrase" for protect my session with a cookie.

cookie and RewriteCond


I use apache 2.4 on centos.

I want to protect the access to a page (/my_folder/secure) with a cookie (in my exemple the cookie name is : my_cookie_name)

I would like that some machine with IP and can access the server without the cookie.

form-login-handler - AuthFormLoginSuccessLocation


Please help...

Can anyone explain to me where I make a mistake?

I try to protect a portion of my web site with the following guidelines.

<a href="" title=""></a>

with this config I can not enter the url : <a href="" title=""></a>
I have the following error
Method Not Allowed
The requested method GET is not allowed for the URL /secure/index.php.

My config is:

/index.html (Public root / auth form)
/admin/index.html (The contents of the folder i wish to protect)

<a href="" title=""></a>
<form method="POST" act



I try to protect access to a part of my web site with One Time Password.

With apache 2.4 I try to use the following directive.

<a href="" title=""></a>

in my httpd.conf I add

<Location /dologin>
SetHandler form-login-handler
AuthFormLoginRequiredLocation <a href="http://myhost/nologin.htm" title="http://myhost/nologin.htm">http://myhost/nologin.htm</a>
AuthFormLoginSuccessLocation <a href="http://myhost/job" title="http://myhost/job">http://myhost/job</a>
AuthName "OTP WebCloud Protected Area"
AuthFormProvider OTP
OTPAuthUsersFile /otp/otp-users.txt
OTPAuthLogoutOnIPChange On
OTPAuthMaxLinger 600
OTPAuthFallThrough On

apache - upload files bigger than 2Go


I need to upload files larger than 4.4Gb (iso DVD) on CentOS (5.5 x64)
http server (httpd-2.2.3-43.el5.centos)

On the apache server set in my /etc/php.ini

upload_max_filesize = 4900M

post_max_size = 5000M

In my httpd.conf I set :

LimitRequestBody 0

I'm using firefox and/or chrome client for upload a file with 4.2gb size
on the server.

But it doesn't work.

Everything work fine and I can upload my file if it's not greater than

Cloud freeware suggestion


Is someone has some experience with a nice freeware tool like "DropBox"
that I can use on CentOS apache server. I see owncloud, it's a nice tool
that I can use with my AD server.

Some experience with other freeware tool ?


No USB 3.0 and audio sound with CentOS 5.6


I installed CentOS 5.6 on a Dell Precision Laptop M4600.

This laptop has 2 USB 3 connectors. Nothing work (mouse or usb key...)
when I connected something on this 2 ports.

Replace NIS by Active Directory


I'm looking a wiki or share experience for replace NIS authentication by
an existing Active directory Server (W2003). The problem is on the
management of id and gid.

How to move 1000 actual NIS users to AD ?
How to keep the same id and gid for this 1000 users ?
What's happen with nfs linux server and acess with gid and/id ?
Use the same user/password for linux and Windows clients

We test a solution who work very well. It's Centrify comercial software
<a href="" title=""></a> . But we are looking
a freeware solution. (kerberos ?