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CLAMD and EXIM - anyone got it working`

Has anyone actually got CLAMD and EXIM working?

I've just had a go on a new VPS server without success. The only thing that happened was that my server slowed because clamd was hogging CPU.

I have done a lot of googling and all I found was a couple of howto's that said the same thing, and my questions from 2015 which is the last time I tried this.

I can get clamd / freshclam etc installed, although from the two howto's I worked from I had to edit / create service files and edit config files.

yum install fails -

I've just tried a yum update on one of my C7 boxes and got the following output.

I'm guessing to fix this I need to re-install the RPM, but I can't remove it because of dependancies, so how can I fix the problem?
I've managed to download a later version of the RPM, but haven't managed to find the same version as the one installed.


[root@zeppo ~]# yum install
There was a problem importing one of the Python modules
required to run yum.

I broke "yum update" - C7

This evening I decided to do some work on my development C7 system. As I have not touched it for a while, and wanted to install new services I thought I'd better yum update first.

I saw that it only did updates from Google and PHP, and none from the system repo's so I had a closer look.

UEFI boot manager sequence problems HP Envy

Morning all,

I have a HP Envy dual boot system (Win8 for serious stuff, i.e. Train Sim and Flight Sim) and Centos 7 for everything else.

In the past I've had the occasional problem where an update on the windows side has updated the UEFI boot sequence but using efibootmgr has always fixed it.

On Friday I discovered that my HDD was failing so I tried using Clonezilla to move it on to a new SSD of the same size. Unfortunately the clone didn't work, failing half way through my main partition.

Re-install workstation - best repo's

I'm going to rebuild my workstation because maintaining it is now a nightmare after using "recommended" repo's that now conflict with each other. Every time I do a yum update I it fails with conflicts.

I'm looking for new recommendations for which repo's to use to have a stable Centos 7 workstation. Much like Centos itself, most of the web pages are very old now.

I'm looking for a KDE workstation with mp3 support and video editing.

faI2ban detecting and banning but nothing happens

I've followed one of the pages on line specifically for installing fail2ban on
Centos 7 and all looks fine.

I've added a fail regex to /etc/fail2ban/filter.d/exim.conf as suggested on
another page:

\[<HOST>\]: 535 Incorrect authentication data

which appears to be successfully matchnig lines in /var/log/exim/mail.log such

2019-04-19 13:06:10 dovecot_plain authenticator failed for ([])
[]: 535 Incorrect authentication data

/var/log/fail2ban.log, and the generarted emails all say that the regex is
working and the IP addresses are getting banned.


Firefox view downloads folder - changed program

Hi All,

A short while back, Firefox changed from using (I believe) Dolphin to using
gwenview when I choose 'view in container' or 'view all downloads'.

The problem with this is that when I choose 'view in containter' it no longer
selects the appropriate file. Does anyone know how to change it back?

I'm using C7 with KDE


CPAN not working, or is it?

(I've just tried this on a second C7 box, literally clean install, only did it
on Friday, with the same results)

I'm replacing a dead F19 box with a new C7 one and I'm trying to get my Perl
install completed. Ultimately, I need to get Selenium::Remote::Driver
working, but I'm struggling before that.

I started off as always by using RPM's for everything I possibly can. I then
started to use CPAN for everything else.

perl-Net-SCP on Centos 7

Hi All,

My new server is now built and I'm rebuilding the various services. Falling
at the first hurdle, my xinetd.conf service requrires perl-Net-SCP which
doesn't appear to be available on C7.

I could install CPAN and install it that way, but obviously I'd rather try to
keep to RPM's if I can. I've tried Google, but not really come up with a
solution I'm happy with.

Does anyone have any suggestions? I've found a Fedora 29 RPM on RPMfind.

Performing post-installation setup tasks - for 75 minutes

I'm doing a new install, and everything seems to have gone fine apart from the
incredible amount of time it's taken.

It does have 6 x 4TB drives in RAID6 and I am installing from a USB DVD drive
as I had no SATA ports left, but this is getting rediculous.

I chose a simple install (the one above file and print server) and added
Postgresql but that was about it.

It took over 5 hours to do the install and at 16:50 it changed to

Performing post-installation setup tasks. That was 85 minutes ago.

Help finishing off Centos 7 RAID install

I've just finished installing a new Bacula storeage server. Prior to doing the
install I did some research and ended up deciding to do the following

6x4TB drives
/boot/efi efi_fs sda1
/boot/efi_copy efi_fs sdb1
/boot xfs RAID1 sda2 sdb2
VG RAID6 all drives containing


1) The big problem with this is that it is dependant on sda for booting. I
did find an aritcle on how to set up boot loading on multiple HDD's,
including cloning /boot/efi but I now can't find it.

wireshark - installed by yum but no program

Hi all,

I've installed wireshark on two Fedora boxes (FC9 where I need it, FC13 to
test) but do not have the command anywhere.

The RPM installs successfully, but when I try to run the command, BASH doesn't
auto-complete, and a find doesn't find the program.

Is this a known problem or can someone suggest what I need to do to fix it.

Also, can anyone suggest a good tutorial for a first time user.

F13 <-> Samsung Galaxy S via USB

Hi folks,

If I connect a USB memory stick to my laptop it access it fine, with it
appearing in the 'Devices recently plugged in' and I can access the stick

If I try this with my Samsung Galaxy S in Mass storage mode, it doesn't work.

If you look at the following extract from /var/log/messages, you can see that
it gets as far as seeing the two devices (Phone memory and Micro SD card) but
doesn't make them available.

F13 <-> Samsung Galaxy S via USB

Hi folks,

If I connect a USB memory stick to my laptop it access it fine, with it
appearing in the 'Devices recently plugged in' and I can access the stick

If I try this with my Samsung Galaxy S in Mass storage mode, it doesn't work.

If you look at the following extract from /var/log/messages, you can see that
it gets as far as seeing the two devices (Phone memory and Micro SD card) but
doesn't make them available.

SSH / permissions problem

Hi folks,

This seems like de ja vu, but I can't find anything in the archives.

I've got F13 on my laptop, and also on a new virtual server.

I've copied my home directory from my old server to my new one and then tried
to ssh to the new server.

Mounting LVM partition - was Re: SATA HDD in an external case over USB - 2 partitions

By a process of elimination, unplugging, removing and reseating the HDD,
rebooting etc., I have got the HDD working and am currently copying across
the contents of the NTFS partition (/dev/sdb1).
Also auto-mounted was the boot partition (/dev/sdb2)
However, I can't get the main root partition to mount.

SATA HDD in an external case over USB - 2 partitions

I had to re-install windows on my laptop, and also wanted to try Fedora 13, so
I came up with the idea of replacing the HDD and doing the installs onto

This has worked fine, and I now have a clean (but still flakey) WinXP install,
and F13 dual booting fine.

I have now the old HDD in an external chassis connected via USB.

My problem is that neither OS will allow me access to either of the partitions
on the old HDD. Both see the USB->SATA bridge, and see the HDD but neither
will allow me access to the contents.

Windows just sits and smiles at me.

Re: [Wylug-help] Disc failure on a software RAID system has killed everything

I'm trying to assemble the array as much as possible, but I can't because it
complains about missing super blocks.

Disc failure on a software RAID system has killed everything

Hi folks,

I've got a PC with 5x500GB HDD's running software raid. On drive 0 and 1 I
had RAID0 for the boot partition and then on all 5 drives I had RAID 5 for
everything else.

One of the first two drives has died causing the PC to hang, and then when I
rebooted it couldn't get past GRUB. I have found out which drive it is and
disconnected it.


New user ID and password are:


Don't forget to leave it 5 minutes after you change the password.


Vodafone iphone email push via Linux/exim

Hi folks,

Anyone know the best way to configure an iphone (over vodafone) to work with a
linux mail server and exim to handle email push.

I can configure it for a normal SMTP send / IMAP receive, but I want the
emails to be pushed to the phone, as it is with the blackberrys that they're


Faxing suggestions

Hi folks,

For the first time in ages I'm setting up a network fax facility.

Last time I did this I used hylafax, but doing a yum search doesn't show this
any more.

Before I start looking any deeper, are there (better) alternatives out there?

The plan is to the PBX's at each site to redirect all incoming faxes to a
single PC on that site, which will then receive these incoming faxes and then
forward them, probably using SMTP to a central web server for archiving and
user retrieval.

At the moment I'm not looking at sending faxes, but may do in future.

CSS for table and img - can't get rid of gaps

Hi folks.

I'm creating a tree-view using a table and three images. The logic is working
fine for generating the html, but I cannot get the css right to eliminate the
gaps between the images.

Orange Livebox WIFI and Fedora Linux on a DELL

Hi folks,

I've just changed ISP to Orange and I'm trying to set up the WIFI connection
to my DELL, running an up-to-date FC11.

My desktop, connected by lan cable works fine and I have logged into the
Livebox to confirm the settings.

The WIFI settings are:

Channel 13 (changed from 6 but made no difference

I checked the key and it matches on both the Livebox and the laptop.

I pressed the WIFI button to put it into pairing mode.

When I try, it looks like it is connecting on the laptop but on the Livebox,
nothing appears on the device list.

USB link to phone doesn't work in FC11

Hi folks,

I've re-installed my DELL laptop using FC11 (which has fixed a number of
issues with FC10) but now I have another problem.

I cannot connect my Samsung phone using USB, although it still works with my
FC10 based desktop computer.

When I try, I get the following errors in /var/log/messages. The system has
all updates.

SSH and X forwarding not working from my laptop

I'm sure I've reported this a while back but I can't find it in the archives.

I'm having a problems connecting from my laptop to a number of my servers.
It's not a solid fault, but it's fairly constant at the moment.

I have a number of servers FC7 to FC10 that I connect to, as well as a number
of FC10 workstations. These all work fine.

keyboard/sound problems after upgrading video

Hi Folks,

I have FC10 with all yum updates, installed on a MSI P4M890M-L board.

I upgraded from a nVidia g-force2mx to a g-force 9500GT to be able to double
head (which works a treat).

However, after rebooting KDE declared that my audio devices no longer existed
and removed them.

Also, my keyboard (PS/2) has started beeping randomly when I type. I borrowed
a USB keyboard but this also beeped randomly (although not as much).

Anyone know what I need to look at to sort these two problems?

need to change non-existant xorg.conf

Using xrandr I get the following error message. I have been told that I need
to change the virtual screen size in xorg.conf to fix this.

however, when I went to do this I found that the file does not exist anywhere
on my PC. Anyone know how I can have a working X/KDE system (I'm using it
now with kmail to write this) without this file.

Dual screen / Xinerama

Hi folks,

I've got on this topic before and also done a load more googling but I still
haven't got an answer.

I have a FC10 / WinXP system at home with a NVidia GForce 9600 card in it.
Attached to it I have 2 19" screens.

In WinXP everything works fine. I have the left screen as the main one and can
open and drag windows between the two screens with ease.

However, in FC10 all I can manage to do is to get both screens to have the
content which is of course no use.

My research points to me needing to use Xinerama.

xauth problem from laptop

Hi folks,

sometimes, when I connect from my new laptop to some of my servers I get the
following error, and the X windows, BASH auto-complete and other stuff stops

I connect from my laptop using a kmenu entry of (e.g.)

ssh -Y -C -l root harpo

set to run in a terminal

Anyone know how I fix it?


Warning: No xauth data; using fake authentication data for X11 forwarding.
tcsetattr: Interrupted system call
Last login: Tue Jun 16 13:52:18 2009 from
[root@harpo ~]# gvim
[root@harpo ~]# s

[root@harpo ~]#