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Trying to get DVD to play

I have an ACER Aspire laptop. The Matsushita dvd-ram uj8b0a DVD/CD
player will load CDs without issue, but will not play DVDs.

Can't open terminal

I'm having problems with error messages about 'unable to copy the user's
Xauthorization file'. I found some online help that said open the terminal
and check various settings, but I can't open the terminal. All I get is a
blank gray screen.

I'm also unable to run Update Manager and get the same Xauthorization
message. I can't run my Office or GIMP.


I've just installed 11.10 and have one problem already. Where do you go to launch a program? In 10.10 it was on the side panel. It's not there now. So can anyone tell where i meed to look?

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HELP No network icon showing

I have Ubuntu 10.04 and have had it for a few months. When I'm at home I get
my wifi connection okay, 2 other places I go it finds and connects to them,
but now the icon on the top panel that let you see those connections has
vanished. Right now my daughter has borrowed the laptop and wants to
connect, but I can't point her to any way to connect. Where can she find

I don't understand why it disappeared. It was there until about a month ago.
The only new things on it are regular updates.

Pat Brown

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Problem with Adobe flash

I just installed Ubuntu 10.04 onto my new Toshiba Satellite. It came with
Windows 7 and I have it dual booting. When I'm in Ubuntu and try to run
Youtube videos I get a message that I need to install the latest Adobe
Flash Player. But attempts to install bring up the message that my Google
Chrome browser already includes the latest Adobe® Flash® Playe. Anyone have
any experience like this? Any ideas for a fix?

Pat Brown

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Chrome freezing issue

I installed Chrome a couple of weeks ago. It ran without issue all that
time. Today every time I open it, it freezes before loading. The default
home page is Google. I hadn't done any updates recently, nor have I
installed anything. When this started I did install some updates -- for the
most part they were all Firefox related. I restarted the machine a few
times. The problem persists.

Right now I'm using Opera or Firefox. But I would like to fix this issue
since I liked Chrome. Does anyone have any ideas?

Pat Brown

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The vacation from hell -- Forest of Corpses

Formatting a write protected flashdrive

I know this has been covered before, but I can't find the
documentation for it. I have a flashdrive that is write protected. I
would like to delete everything on the drive and use it for new
storage. How do I do this? I looked through the forums and can't find
any answers.

Gmail or Thunderbird problem?

I have a Gmail account. I use Thunderbird on my desktop. Starting
yesterday I stopped getting most of my mail. It's on the server and I
can access it online with no problem, but only one or two of the lists I
am on download. I also have no problems sending mail, but if I send mail
to myself I don't get it either.

Does anyone have any ideas why this would suddenly start happening after
months of stability? And no, I haven't changed anything on my system.

Creating a share

I'm trying to create a share on a second computer I have so I can access
it remotely, but I get a 255 error. I don't have 'permission' to do
this. Since I can't log in as root on an Ubuntu machine to do this, how
do I set up this share?

Problem with router

I have a wireless Belkin router that I just purchased last Saturday. It
is the second wireless router I've had in a few months. The first one
was a TP-LINK. Both work fine for a while then quit. The router appears
to connect, I get an IP address through DHCP and I can ping outside
sites, but I can't get online. This happens even if I make a direct
connection with a cable. If I take my laptop to another wireless
connection site I can get on no problem so it seems to me the issue must
be with my router. But this has happened to 2 different routers.

Release and renew IP

How do I release and/or renew an IP address in a command line?

Trouble getting sound on videos

All of a sudden (since my last update) I can't play videos -- well, I
can play them, but I'm not getting sound. This is YouTube, music videos,
etc. I also am no longer able to play Internet radio stations. I can
play music in Rhythmbox just fine. I was playing everything okay a
couple of days ago. The only thing that has changed are I ran the latest

Curious phenomena

When I look in System Monitor it reports I have something like 43.2 GB
of disk space which is so far off I'm staggered. In actual fact I might
have 4 GB on my laptop. Why would it show such a discrepancy?

Windows fonts

What is the name of the package that will install Windows/Office fonts
like Times New Roman?

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