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Azure cli in cbs ?


There was some movement towards getting the Azure cli ( az ) into a cbs
repo, any news on that ?


SIG Meeting notes

hi everyone,

Can I request that when you are attending or running a SIG meeting in
#centos-devel, please use the #info command to the bot to record
interesting events/objects/releases/information - these can then be
collected and used for the Newsletter that Rich is putting together.

It would dramatically increase the audience you can get this information
out to as well.

Regards and thanks,

updated atomic tree for 1706


updated atomic tree is available for testing at
<a href="" title=""></a>

once ack'd, it will get promoted to and
announced/released. maint 19th June 15:00 UTC


going to be doing some non-disruptive maintenance work on
later today, should not last more than 30 min, starting from 15:00 UTC


signing services

hi guys,

the signing services are blocked on arch issues, as I work through those
I will try and address some of the reliability issues around it we've
spoken about at the interlock and then recap the overall state of play.

Am in face2face meetings this week, but will have enough time in the
evenings to work through this. look for an update on this by this weekend.


role based builder capability


we've spoken about this in the past a few times, and I've gone ahead to
setup the rdobuilder account for building against koji.

what this means is that its now possible to have a role based koji
account, with some level of limited credentials, that allows a robot
like process to build, tag, request-test from koji content.

Ofcouse, we need to ensure this bot is unable to tag to release any
content, or to promote internally.

Anyone else needing this functionality, you will need to get in touch
and come through to the CBS meeting to talk through the requirements and


Update on the CentOS Community Container Pipeline


The last week and a half, the dev team split up and took on specific
focus areas. The aim being to spend a few days and quantify the
technical debt and also validate the features we had already delivered
( or had hoped to have delivered ). This allowed us to run a sort of
retrospective sprint.

Hi Guys,

Working on over the next few days, start at midnight 4th
/ 5th night and going to midnight 6th /7th night, July 2016 UTC.

There should not be any real downtime, but there will be some periods of
slow response rates. If anyone notices any form of oddities, please
reach out either here on the list, or on #centos-devel on



Hi Guys,

Zeeshan has offered to look at the wider state of registries and do a
short briefing on them ( oci/docker specific as a place to start ) at
the next centos buildsystems irc meeting.

Brian: what would be the best way to host this ?


Curating containers


Yesterday a few of us met for a face to face walk through of the CentOS
Container Pipeline we've been talking about.

SIGs sign push is suspended


Since were seeding the mirrors upto the 7 release, it creates a lot of
flux for about 24 - 36 hrs in the mirror network. In order to keep
content going to the right place, I've suspended the sign, push for SIG
content ( it was cleared yesterday, with nothing pending in the queue ).

We should be able to resume the run on Monday. If there are any security
or important updates to go through, ping me on IRC and we can try to do
something manually if needed.


CSIG-2015:0002 Info CentOS 6 VirtulizationSIG Update

CentOS Virtualization SIG Errata and Security Advisory CSIG-2015:0002 Info

There is an update notification for content released by the CentOS
Virtualisation SIG.

The following updated files have been uploaded and are currently
syncing to the mirrors:

CentOS Linux 6 /virt/x86_64/xen/

Sources: /virt/Source/xen/

CSIG-2015:0001 Info CentOS 7 CloudSIG Update

CentOS Cloud SIG Errata and Security Advisory CSIG-2015:0001 Info

There is an update notification for content released by the CentOS
Cloud SIG.

The following updated files have been uploaded and are currently
syncing to the mirrors:

CentOS Linux 7 /cloud/x86_64/openstack-liberty/



Regional CentOS Specific Meetup groups


Just a quick post to say that I've setup a CentOS users group in the UK
at <a href="" title=""></a> - aim to start organising regular
demos and meetups face 2 face around the country. If you are based in
the UK, I encourage you to come join the group.

Also note that we have a CentOS group in India at
<a href="" title=""></a> and another group for the
Netherlands at <a href="" title=""></a>

Regards and hope to see you at one of these meetups soon,

CentOS-7 / powerpc BE bring up

hi Ashish,

Fabian is putting together a VM ( or 2 if you need more ), for the BE
bringup. This would be a fedora19 VM.

Fabian: Ashish has confirmed that he has all the mock configs required
to bringup the CentOS 7.1406 os/ release content, then build the
updates upto May 2015 content.

integrating repos with ci jobs at

hi guys,
Can we get some notes on the wiki ( maybe in the GettingStarted guide
for the CI users ), on how they can track the cbs repos for new content
and trigger builds from there.

I know we do this already for the cloud-sig, openstack packstack
validation run, but its a feature that we can use in quite a few places.


Adding geo distributed builder hardware for


What are the main concerns for hosting some builder hardware
geo-distributed from the main koji hub ? Apart from the latency thing,
but given that most builders spend all their time in mock root builds
and then the rpmbuild, if we can get gbit links to the remote machines,
we should be ok right ?


Last few days in CentOS

hi everyone,

I know this update has been a bit delayed, things have been pretty
hectic. But lots of good updates for everyone:

* Upstream 6.7 was released a few days back, we have all the rpms from
that release built and released to the early-adopters into the CentOS-CR
repos ( ref: <a href="" title=""></a>
); lots of people have applied these updates and there are no major
reports of issues so far.

Testing CentOS as a hypervisor in different scenarios


this has come up in a few conversations, and its worth looking into.

Various efforts including the CentOS Cloud Instance SIG, would like to
test their VM instances under a CentOS 6/7 hypervisor setup. I am sure
the Virt SIG guys would like to also have these VM instances tested on
hypervisors and environments they curate.

Whats the best way to move forward on this ?

I am going to propose asking the various efforts ( eg.

Stickers for people in the EU


Up for grabs, a few packs of CentOS stickers ( but only to the EU )

These already have Royal Mail EU stamps, so I cant send them elsewhere.
There are 20 packs in all, each pack has

4 x 1" by 1" CentOS logo sticker
4 x 2.5" by 2.5" CentOS logo sticker
2 x 2" round CentOS sticker

Want one ? email me at <a href="mailto: ... at centos dot org"> ... at centos dot org</a> and give me your address, I'll
aim to have these out by the weekend.


help with the IPA tests


Can someone help debug why the ipa tests are failing when run inside a
VM ? ref:
<a href="" title=""></a>

I've bumped machine resources to multiple cores and 4G of ram, but
afaict, its not failing due to running out of resources here.

seems to work fine when run in the same infra, but on the bare metal
machine. Which makes me think it might be network related ? this is the
same test running on the bare metal:
<a href="" title=""></a>



hi guys,

I believe we are fairly well established on the infra to
now consider moving the instances from their present location at

This would also allow us to run the nightly tests on baremetal

It would also allow us to consolidate the jenkins instance, and maybe
SIGs and other tested projects could use the distro runs as a trigger
for their own validation / testing.

Brian, can we find a slot in one of the CBS meetings to work through this ?


Building a downstream CentOS Atomic Host


One of the things that the Atomic SIG will attempt to do is build a
downstream CentOS Atomic host, that is modelled on the RHEL Atomic host.
Most code and info needed for this is now available, and its a good
point to think about the build, release process. I've attached a map of
what that might look like.

Release for Atomic Host Feb 2015 rolling builds

We are pleased to announce CentOS Atomic host rolling builds for
CentOS Linux.

This release is tagged 20150228_01 : It represents content from Feb 2015
CentOS Linux 7 + Atomic SIG and Virtualisation SIG.

A major change in this release is that all images are now built via
anaconda and no longer consume the ostree-toolbox chain.

moving from gitorious


We have some of our content currently hosted on that we
mirror from - the intention being that is
still the authority, but people can use the easier contribution path at
gitorious to build karma and then get direct git commit access at

since gitorious is going away, what are everyone's thoughts to
consolidating all of this external contribution path on - we already host a bunch of content there.


Atomic ostree update for 16th Feb 2015


Fixing for : <a href="" title=""></a>

implies major ostree version update in tonights ostree repos. I've done
a couple of basic tests and it seems to work fine, but test before
deploying onsite as well please.


docker 1.5 in virt7-testing

hi guys,

docker 1.5 is now in virt7-testing repos, please test and feedback so we
can move to release..

thanks lokesh!

- KB

SCL's from repos to SIG


Do we have a list of things that need to get done before the repos
hosted at can go away to be replaced with
properly maintained content from ?


- KB

Meeting face to face CentOS Project and EPEL


crossposting this to centos-devel and epel-devel

we are working to arrange a meeting with the EPEL folks at Fosdem 2015,
on 31st Jan at 7pm ( venue to be confirmed ), to try and workout some
options on how the two efforts might best co-ordinate.

A key part of the conversation would also focus on how SIGs and other
contributors to downstream repos in can interface with and
set expectations on the epel repos.

Everyone able to make it please let me know your names so I can track
attendance and make reservations accordingly.


Fosdem 2015 Distro DevRoom CFP

Hi Guys,

<a href="" title=""></a>

is now up, get submitting!

- KB