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mysql setup issue

I installed mysql on my new system (18.04). Ive followed the
steps to install but at no point have I been able to access mysql
to set the password.

how to use wireless dongle

I have two Thinkpads: W10 and Ubuntu 18.04.
The W10 uses a Edimax EW-7811UTC AC wireless dongle.
I downloaded and installed the driver for this device on 18.04
but ... how do I select the hardware to use? It shows up as
connected but when I click on wireless - there is not a way to
switch to either the device or use a different frequency.

Bus 001 Device 004: ID 7392:a812 Edimax Technology Co., Ltd

gedit snippet not working on new system

I have these snippets Ive used for years now.
This one is not working.

tab+t = $(date + "%H%M ")
simply puts in the time for me and the other

tab+q = [QUOTE] $0 [/QUOTE]
is for quotes.

I tried creating a new snippet.
I tried importing the one that works from my laptop.
I just copied over the xml file.
Still doesnt work.

When you hit tab+t, you see the t on screen and then the
tab backspaces over it. No time is seen.


18.04 = circular login problem on system freeze

I just installed 18.04 this week and have been testing it out.
Earlier today I clicked on Show Applications an the screen froze.
After several minutes it logged me out and when I tried to log back in -
Im immediately logged out. This is a similar problem I was having with
17.10 recently. (This is a fresh install).

Thankfully I have a second account to login with and I was going through
the logs looking for something .. anything at the time this happened.

After update, login loop

My assistant was working on the laptop when a update popped up.
She said it was just an update so I said allow .. it was a upgrade.
So my 16.04 went to 17.10. What a mess. Now though the login
screen is stuck in a loop. Doing some research this must have been
somewhat of an issue because I found lots of posts on it. None of those
solutions are working. The first thing they say to do is Ctl+Alt+(F1
or F3) to get into login terminal. That doesnt work at all.


CD wont play properly

My wife got me a few movies from Netfilx. They play fine.
Then she got me a tv series that Im watching - you can only
hear thebackground music and sound effects. You can just
barely hear the dialog. I use VLC though Ive tried a few others.
They play on VLC on my wifes Windows computer (unfortunately).
Any suggestions to things I can try?


Hot spot customization

I was using my friends Kubuntu laptop and when you move your
cursor towards the top of the screen a large terminal drops down.
Hot Corners only has a few uses. After some searching Im not
really finding anything about this type of customization. Anyone
know of any?


Windows opening half off screen - they are not accessible

This morning after starting my laptop I opened gedit and
it opened half off screen. I opened Chrome to get to my
email and it opened half off screen. I cant click on them
to move them back onto screen. I was able to open firefox
and it opened in the middle of the screen. Ive had no
external monitors connected or change in display. How can
I move them back?


Pidgin Zombie process

Pidgin has a status of zombie with N/A on resident memory
and shared memory. Im still using pidgin and havent noticed
a problem but there are at least 100 different pidgin processes

What would cause this to happen and short of killing each one,
what can I do?


text area to the right of System Monitor wont turn off

I must have clicked on something but I cant figure out what I did.
I have system monitor shown up by the clock. Somehow I turned
on a text area to the right of it. Currently it says: Disk 0.0kB/s/261kB/s.
Ive tried turning off the monitor, turning off only the disk indicator but
this text area isnt going away. Does someone know how I accidentally
did this and how to turn it off?

Monitor issue

I changed my monitor cable to a DVI and this started filing my
error log. There is 96 entries per second!!

Is this a setting problem?

Feb 29 13:31:12 wadesmart kernel: [13935.215886]
[drm:radeon_crtc_page_flip], flip-ioctl() cur_fbo = e9d5c800, cur_bbo
= eb01ce00
Feb 29 13:31:12 wadesmart kernel: [13935.266022] [drm:drm_mode_addfb], [FB:22]
Feb 29 13:31:12 wadesmart kernel: [13935.266030]
[drm:radeon_crtc_page_flip], flip-ioctl() cur_fbo = eb01ce00, cur_bbo
= e9d5c800
Feb 29 13:31:12 wadesmart kernel: [13935.315882] [drm:drm_mode_addfb], [FB:23]

Updates for wrong OS

I downloaded Ubuntu-MATE 15.10 to install on a older laptop last week.
Yesterday on my Ubuntu 14.04 machine the updater came up and said it
had 268mb of updates. That is quite a lot. I clicked ok and it started to
download. Now it says I have this error:

CD/DVD "Ubuntu-MATE 15.10' is required. Please insert the above cd/dvd
into the drive.

I looked at the source list and I do not see a entry for this so Im not sure
how this is happening.

pidgin purple-facebook install issue

Im trying to install the purple-facebook plugin.

Im running ubuntu 14.04 x64, Pidgin 2.10.9.

When trying to install via synaptic it says it will
remove hundreds of files. Ive been going through
the developers site but I cant figure out the problem.

Has anyone else experienced this or have any suggestions?


Process using excessive? ram and cpu

Ive noticed lately my computer is sluggish. Even after rebooting and
using janitor it feels this way.

Im looking at hsgamma_FGRP4_1.05_i686-pc-linux-gnu-FGRP4-SSE2.
Its using over 400mb of memory and upwards of 30% cpu. I did some
searching on this but I havent really found any results.

Anyone else have this on their system?

I use Ubuntu 14.04

I have to log in twice after update

I just installed this mornings updates and upon
reboot, I put in my password and everything that
was on my screen when I shut down was back
up on my screen - then the screen blinked and
returned to the login screen, where I then logged
in again and my screen was empty.

I shut down, brought it back up, logged in, came
to a empty desktop then my screen blinked and
returned to the login screen again.

Scanning the log this is what stands out:

Apr 14 08:25:40
GLib-CRITICAL: g_environ_setenv: assertion 'value != NULL' failed

Apr 14 08:26:13

Software Updater: Waiting for authentication

When I got up this morning my updater was up so I said update.
Two hours later its still on screen with the status: Waiting for authentication.
There has been no popup for my password for my system so I assumed it
was waiting for something on the server side.


Launcher shortcut produces error after OS update

I have a trading app I use for forex. It was built on Java.
It worked fine for a month and then after a normal weekly Ubuntu
update it produced this error:

java.langUnsatisfiedLinkError: Cant load library: /

My desktop entry in usr/share/applications:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Online Trading Program

If I click on Barchart-linux32-online directly, it runs fine.

Any help is much appreciated.


Fan doesnt seem to work properly after 14.04 upgrade

Last night I upgraded one of my test systems to 14.04.
It works fine - no problems.
This morning I started started seeing my CPU temp alarm
over and over. As long as SETI isnt running or Im not
running a browser with 15 tabs then my cpu is about 68',
otherwise its 78'.

symlink via command line

Im trying to make a symlink to etc/apache2 stop
via terminal but Im having a bit of difficulty.
Putting in the space between apache2 and stop appears
to be the problem.

How do you put that space in there?

Google Earth shows black screen on startup

Im on Ubuntu 10.04 with ATI RV730 PRO Radeon HD 4650 graphics card.
Google Earth stopped being able to search about two months ago.
One of the many fixes is to update to the latest version, which I did.
When it started a message quickly flashes something about graphics
card may not be supported and 3D rendering, and then the app started.
I tried changing the 3d objects off but it didnt help. Then I saw in the ubuntu
help site about deleting the config file.

syslog from another computer

I have a ddwrt router in a office that I want to send
the logs to my computer. The ddwrt doc said
your computer just needs to have a syslog installed.

So I put in my ip and enabled.

So -- Im feeling stupid as I have NO idea where
that log is going (on my computer).

When Im opening Log Viewer and I dont see anything


Cant boot from the CD after installing Ubuntu

I have a laptop with XP on it and I finally decided to try 12.04 LTS.
I installed it side by side. Now I cant boot from the CD even when
going into the boot menu.


Virtual Box Update Question

If I update virtualbox, will the environment I have be affected?
Do you lose it or have to reinstall?


Live CD login???

I installed a thumb drive with 12.04lts on it for a local business
to use to try out. It has a login and password on it. Ive never seen
that before. How can there be a u & p on a live demo???


Virtualbox access to graphics card

I have a duel dvi nvidia graphics card Im using with ubuntu 10.04.
I have virtualbox installed with WinXP. I have a program that needs
access to this video card. In XP Device Manager it says Video Controller
is not installed. When I run the card install cd, it says, "The VGA detected
seems not XFX's product. Please go to to get the driver for the
other NVIDIA VGA."

Im not even sure I can do what Im trying to do.

VirtualBox USB support

Ive just installed VB and XP and it says to download the expansion
pack to have USB access.
So I did and I ran it. Now it says I have to put my user in the
vboxusers group. My user is or
was already in that group. Does it mean the name of the VB install
has to be the name of
the user on Ubuntu?


Plugged in subwoofer and lost all sound

A friend gave me his older Altec Lancing subwoofer
after getting a new one. I plugged it into my sub port
but had no sound. I went to Sound Preferences and
under the hardware tab, highlighted my Internal
Audio card and in the Settings for the selected device
below changed from Analog Stereo Duplex to
Analog Surround 5.1 Output + Analog Stereo Input.
Nothing happened. After trying several of the choices
I lost sound all together.

I rebooted and noticed I heard the ubuntu start up

RhythmBox No longer downloading cd information

Ive not listened to any cd's in a while butwhen I put one in I notice
its no longergoing to online to download the cdinformation and, I cant
seem to find thatoption in the preferences.
Is something up that Ive missed withthe music app?

pidgin cant connect to google account

Two days ago my three google accounts stopped working
under pidgin. I've checked the password - which I have not
changed recently. I tried turning off SSL with no luck. Nothing
new with my firewall. I was using it at 0602 and at 0604 I was
disconnected and it hasnt connected since.


cant print pdf's

Ive printing off documents for a soccer tournament and my printer
suddenly stopped this morning.

From the print menu I can print a Test page but I cant print from another app.

I found these errors:
E [15/Oct/2011:11:20:28 -0500] cupsdReadClient: 19 IPP Read Error!

D [15/Oct/2011:10:38:14 -0500] [Job 12] Connected to (IPv4)...
D [15/Oct/2011:10:38:14 -0500] [Job 12] pdftops argv[5] = 12 wadesmart
TomSalamon.pdf 1 Resolution=1200dpi noHPBookletBackCover
Smoothing=PrinterDefault MediaType=None HPBookletPageSize=Letter
HPBookletScaling=Proportional PageSize=Letter