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Old source files without license header?


Two weeks ago I tried to contact a former developer of KTimeTracker
[1] to license two files under GPL. I got no response from him since
then, but may be we can assume the license is still GPLv2...

The reasons why it might be OK to just add a GPLv2 license header
without asking:
1. When these "unlicensed" files were committed into KDE SVN
repository in 2009, the root directory for KTimeTracker sources also
contained a COPYING file with GPLv2 terms. This could imply that
anything committed under the directory is automatically licensed under

Review Request 128214: Do not use C-style casts into void*

Review request for kdelibs.

Bugs: 325055
<a href="" title=""></a>

Repository: kdelibs

See also the respective commit in kross.git.

BUG: 325055

kross/core/metatype.h 08f7c6cecb9e374e97ebbcddc5528b5c71b72b97

Diff: <a href="" title=""></a>



Alexander Potashev

Naming scheme for Qt5/KF5-based libraries outside of KF5

Hi everyone,

We had a little discussion on how to name shared libraries in
kde-core-devel@ thread "Porting to frameworks 2: libkcompactdisc" [1],
but we did not come to consensus.

The question is, if you release a shared library with deps on Qt5
and/or KF5, but the lib is not part of KF5, how should the .so file be

1. Many people prefer a "KF5" prefix, e.g.
2. Another way of naming is a -qt5 suffix, e.g.

Removal of ksaneplugin from KDE Applications


The only user for ksaneplugin used to be Kolourpaint in KDE
Applications 15.08.x. I have now ported Kolourpaint from KScanDialog
to libksane as suggested here [1,2] (same thread), thus ksaneplugin
can be dropped from KDE Applications 15.12.

BTW, is Kolourpaint ready for KF5 releases? I guess the only
showstopper is qimageblitz-qt5 being unreleased.

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>
[2] <a href="" title=""></a>

Adding kross-interpreters to KDE Applications 15.08


I would like to request addition of the Qt5/KF5 port of
kross-interpreters [1] into KDE Applications 15.08.x.

I didn't manage to fix the Java plugin yet (JNI linkage turns out to
be broken at run-time), so the only language currently supported by
kross-interpreters is Python 2. But this already enables Python
scripting in Lokalize which may be really helpful.

There is nothing to translate: krosspython does not contain i18n() calls.

[1] <a href=";a=shortlog&amp;h=frameworks" title=";a=shortlog&amp;h=frameworks">;a=shortlog&amp;h=frameworks</a>

Git does not pull all commits from the history


I noticed that not all of the commits from the KWordQuiz repository
are present in my working clone.

Let's start with my use case. I tried to track down where a i18n
string was broken and "git blame" pointed me to a merge commit
(e2d5c497 "
Merge frameworks branch into master" [1]). The first problem was that,
because there was a merge, I couldn't easily see what exact commits
from the merged sequence of commits was guiltly.

OK, I decided to see them all. No such luck - those commits do not
exist in my clone, i.e.

playground-libs/libkvkontakte has moved to kdereview


playground-libs/libkvkontakte moved to kdereview today. The next
target for this project is extragear/libs. This project is a library
for interaction with the most popular social network in Russia (also available at using its public API
documented atДокументация (only
in Russian).

Review Request: remove functions *Command::name() which are not used

Review request for KDE Base Apps and David Faure.

konq-plugins/domtreeviewer builds without there functions.

May be these functions were left for future integration of domtreeviewer undoable commands' into Konqueror's undo stack.

Replacement for Qt's Undo Framework


The Qt's Undo Framework (QUndoCommand, QUndoStack, QUndoGroup,
QUndoView) has a few oddities:
1. The names of undo actions can only have a predefined prefix
(<a href="" title=""></a>),
2. You can't use different strings for the name of undo action (Edit
-> Undo/Redo [some action]) and for the items in the undo history
(there is such panel, for example, in Step and Krita).