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CentOS 7 hibernation laptop

I have a recent Dell Inspiron laptop on which I installed CentOS 7. I have, however, failed somewhere since I do not have a hibernate option when shutting down, only a suspend option. I believe I created the necessary hibernation partition large enough for the RAM the machine has, 16 Gb if I remember correctly.

How do I identify where the problem lies?

Opera browser on CentOS

Is anyone running the Opera browser on Centos 7 or 6? While not available in a yum-repository, it seems to be available as a snap-package. Not familiar with those yet but curious if the browser is worthwhile to run. I have generally found Firefox less useful/compatible than Chromium but would also like alternatives, particularly since Opera defaults to a VPN-connection.

HERE document in docker script file

I am trying to use a HERE document in a docker script file to generate a text file but must be doing something wrong since I get a warning message that I did not expect:

EOF: line 6: warning: here-document at line 0 delimited by end-of-file (wanted `EOF')

This is the sample script I am testing in my docker file:

RUN bash -c "$(/bin/echo -e "cat << 'EOF' | tee -a /test.txt \
    \n<test> \
    \n  someting here \
    \n  something else here \
    \n</test>")" \

Can anyone see what is wrong in the above statement?



I would love to find an old-fashioned outliner, like the ones that used to exist prior to the modern GUIs. It would make writing structured documents, or organizing thoughts in general, so much more convenient, productive and faster. Ideally it should allow saving files in txt, OO and markdown formats...

Does anything like this exist that can run in a terminal window under Centos??

Testing software on CentOS 7

I need to test a new version of Geany but already have the repo version installed on all my systems. In order not to foul up my current installation, what is the suggested procedure for installing and testing this new version?

I tried installing in a docker container which of course went fine but could not run it from there.

Suggestions appreciated, thank you.

Docker on Centos 7

I recently updated docker to version 18.09 and I seem to have lost the container id in the command prompt when I exec into a running container, a very useful feature in the previous version I was running. I have not found any information in the Docker General Forum.

Has anyone else seen this?

Geany 1.34

Does anyone know if Geany 1.34 is headed to one of the repositories? I am running version 1.31 and interested in the 1.33+ since the markdown plugin has apparently been updated.

Swap space and hibernation on Centos 7

I just reinstalled Centos 7 on my Dell Inspiron 15 7570. This time I created a swap partitition that is 24 Gb in size since the machine has 16 Gb of memory. Still unable to hibernate with 'systemctl hibernate' which generates a message that a 'dependency on failed'.

Typing swapon -s or cat /proc/swaps I see:

/dev/dm-2 partititon 25161724 0 -1

free -m gives me:


Swap 24571 0 24571

What am I missing?

Installing Centos 7 on 4K laptop

I have recently bought a Dell Inspiron 15 7570 laptop with a 4K display on which I want to install Centos 7. I had some problems with the first install and am therefore redoing the install.

One problem is the minuscule font, both in the text window and in the graphic installer. It has been suggested that I should add nomodeset to the grub installer. There is an option to use TAB to complete option choices but nomodeset does not seem to be one of the available options. Am I missing something?

Centos on Dell XPS15

Is anyone successfully running Centos 7 on a Dell XPS15? If so, which model? If not, what was the problem?

Thank you!

Unable to access network from docker container

I have recently installed docker and playing around with it. On a CentOS 7 machine, however, I am unable to get access to the outside internet, thus yum ... fails. The host machine runs fine.

I am wondering if there are some networking setting on the host I need to modify to allow the docker container to connect to the outside?

Cisco AnyConnect Mobility Client for 32- bit CentOS 6

I have the above installed on a couple of 64-bit systems, both CentOS 6 and CentOS 7, where the client works fine.

Now, however, I have installed the 32-bit version of CentOS 6 on a netbook but I cannot get the Cisco website installer to recognize the computer/operating system, not even displaying any error message.

Does anyone have the client running on a 32-bit system?

Problem with ssh disconnecting

Running CentOS 7 on workstation and having a problem with ssh disconnects. My ssh_config contains:

Host *
TCPKeepAlive yes
ServerAliveInterval 30
ServerAliveCountMax 300

and sshd_config on the server contains:

TCPKeepAlive yes
ClientAliveInterval 60
ClientAliveCountMax 300

Have I missed any setting needed to prevent these random disconnects?

Unrar not extracting archive

I received a rar-archive, probably created on Win10, that I could not extract with unrar on CentOS 6.

Is it possible that the version of unrar available for CentOS 6 does not support potentially new archiving algorithms used by some newer archiving program (don't know which one was used) on Win 10? I was later able to extract the files using another program on a WinXP computer. Defeat...

Devilspie or wmctrl for CentOS 6

Anyone running one of the above on C 6? Recommendations for which one to install appreciated.


Chromium on CentOS 6

I have chromium installed on CentOS 7 and it works fine, I now need to install it on a CentOS 6 workstation. However, it is not available in EPEL as it is for C 7. From what I understand, this is because it is already available in a supplementary channel from RHEL for C 6.

Is this the recommended method for installing it on C 6?

<a href="" title=""></a>

Intermittently unresponsive mouse

I am using the Mate desktop on CentOS 7 and have found that the mouse intermittently becomes unresponsive for a few seconds, typically no more than 3-5 seconds. I do not remember seeing that when I used the regular Gnome desktop on CentOS 6 but I could misremember. The machine is fast and uses a dual-monitor setup with the native nVidia graphics driver.

Is this really to be expected?

Incorrect characters in Chinese font

I frequently exchange e-mails, read and write documents and visit Chinese websites although the language of my computer is English.

As I was translating a Chinese document yesterday, I had three characters I was not able to translate and after much hair-pulling realized to my surprise that they may be incorrectly drawn in Centos 7. These very characters in the same document were drawn correctly on my Android phone... As none of the characters are uncommon, I am very surprised.

Could this be a Unicode issue? How does one report this in CentOS?

How to encourage maintainers to update their software

How do I best encourage maintainers to update the software they are responsible for in various repositories?

Akema Yagi made sure kmod-jfs for CentOS 7 was updated amazingly fast which is greatly appreciated. On the other hand, I have requested updates of some other software packages and have heard absolutely nothing in months...

Comparing directories recursively

What is the best tool to compare file hashes in two different drives/directories such as after copying a large number of files from one drive to another? I used cp -au to copy directories, not rsync, since it is between local disks.

I found a mention of hashdeep on the 'net which means first running it against the first directory generating a file with checksums and then running it a second time against the second directory using this checksum file.

Open-source home automation software

Is anyone running any open-source home automation software on CentOS and willing to share experiences?

gdevilspie on mate

I just read about gdevilspie on this list the other day and downloaded it for my mate desktop. Although it installed, it complains that python-wnck is not installed.

Does anyone know if it is supposed to work on mate? I would have expected it to install python-wnck as a requirement if not already installed?

KeePassX replacement

I have been using the KeePassX password manager on CentOS 6 and 7 for some time and it works pretty well. On my Windows machine I use KeePass which offers a number of features missing from KeePassX, I also sync the database between several machines, including Android units where I use keepass2android. Database compatibility is thus required.

KeePassX, however, does not seem to be maintained any more, the last update was just a bit less than a year ago.

Cups driver

I recently bought a Brother HL-L2360DW printer, a BW printer, and I was hoping the printer properties settings GUI could be used to adjust how colors are printed. There is a print-color-mode setting but it only has one selection: monochrome.

I was wondering if tinkering with the cups driver parameters would make the above possible?

Geany markdown plugin

I have not been able to find the markdown plugin for Geany for CentOS 7 on EPEL despite a number of other plugins being available. I filed a bug report some time ago so it may eventually be resolved.

In the meantime, has anyone found it in a repository or should I compile all plugins from the Geany website?

CentOS 7 on HP DL160 G6

I am running the latest updated version of CentOS on a HP DL160 G6 server as a workstation with the Mate desktop, not Gnome. The only expansion card I have installed is a MSI Geforce GT710 graphics card driving two monitors.

Unfortunately the computer locks up at random intervals: neither the mouse nor the keyboard work and I lose the SSH connection to the computer I have used to see if the entire computer locks up or only the desktop.

kmod-jfs on Centos 6

I am a bit of a noob with Linux and Centos but would like to be able to access an old external USB disk formatted JFS by OS/2. I have seen there is a kmod-jfs package on elrepo that ought to work with Centos 6 but am unsure how to install kmods without hosing my existing system...

If anyone would like to be so kind to give me a short how-to, I would be very grateful.

Thank you.

Installing support for Chinese text in Centos 7

I have just done a minimal installation of Centos7 followed by X Windows and the Mate desktop on a workstation. Although the default language is English, I would like to be able to write Chinese text in various applications.

I seem to remember this was very easy to do in Centos 6 and Gnome: possibly only requiring only a simple 'yum groupinstall "Chinese Support"' after which I could use iBus to switch between languages. This does not seem to work in Centos 7.


nVidia K1200 on Centos

Can anyone confirm that the above 4-port card is supported at its full resolution and capabilities under CentOS 6 and/or 7? The card has four DisplayPort 1.2 connectors, each capable of driving a 4K monitor.

Thank you.

Noise Cancellation of Server Noise

Has anyone come across a device that could cancel out the noise from servers, ie. the fan noise? I have a server rack near my office and would like to see if i can decrease the noise level. It would seem to me that the steady drone of the fans could be cancelled out to a large extent.