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Left handed cursor

Good evening,

I use my mouse with my left hand, is there a pointer shows in the
appropriate orientation? I am not able to find one...

Connecting WD MyBook (WhiteLight) TB drive via Router

Good morning,

I have recently moved from a system based firewall/server to a router.

Router is a Belkin N600DB wireless router. I have been able to get
everything up with the exception of my MyBook (worked before as a
dedicated host using NFS to access it). The router fails to find it when
I plug the network cable directly into the router.

What am I missing...

Belkin claims no support for Linux. Suggested I try one of the other two
popular OS.

What is going on here....

Good? Morning,

On one of my systems I have started getting the following message in
response to various commands:

cdjsys@mateo:~$ ifconfig
-bash: /sbin/ifconfig: Input/output error
cdjsys@mateo:~$ vi
-bash: /usr/bin/vi: Input/output error

.bashrc has not changed, other commands still work (ls, tail, etc.).

This is a headless server system and is maintained via ssh. All the
current updates have been applied:

Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS (GNU/Linux 3.2.0-64-generic-pae i686)

Any ideas???


UFW help on configuration

Good Afternoon,

I have used UFW (Uncomplicated Firewall) for a number of years and it
has performed very well, for the most part just the default
configuration is what I have been using.

Now I need to add a three of rules and I do not know how to translate
them from iptable notation to UFW notation. The rules folow (in iptable

1. ipchains -A input -p icmp --icmp-type address-mask-requests -j DROP
2. ipchains -A input -p icmp --icmp-tyoe timestamp-request -j DROP

Problems with headless system

Good Morning,

At least I hope you day is good...

I have a headless system that I manage via ssh from another system in my
network. This morning I got the following:

cdjsys@mateo:~$ sudo apt-get check && sudo apt-get update && sudo
apt-get dist-upgrade
-bash: /usr/bin/sudo: Input/output error

I tried just sudo apt-get check alone and get the same error.

I am logged on as a user in the sudoers file. Up until this morning I
never had a problem with the above command string.

Error Message From Flash Player (resend)

Good afternoon,

I am having a small problem with flash player ( running on 64
bit Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

I get the message: Video format or MIMEtype is not supported. When
trying to play Watch SpaceX's Falcon 9... from CNNMoney Videos, or from
any other video.

What is wrong I have tried to search for that message but have found
nothing that is relevant. Some OLD stuff but nothing current.

I did receive one response suggesting that I change my browser... I do
not wish to do so.

Error message fro Flash Plater

Good evening,

I am having a small problem with flash player ( running on 64
bit Ubuntu 16.04 LTS.

I get the message: Video format or MIMEtype is not supported. When
trying to play Watch SpaceX's Falcon 9... from CNNMoney Videos

What is wrong I have tried to search for that message but have found
nothing that is relevant. Some OLD stuff but nothing current.


Upgrade problem after system failure, help please...

Good afternoon,

System information Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

I lost my hard drive (somehow it got erased COMPLETELY). I replaced it
with an older drive and did a restore from my backup.

I was successful in getting my home directories recovered. The system
reported that updates were needed, not surprising.

Firefox Question (Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS)

How to disable "would you like firefox remember this password" pop-up

I have found several references to this, however, the suggestions never
reference passwords, only logins. I don't mind firefox remembering my
user id, it is being asked every time about remembering my password.

An option for password seems to be missing...


tickvue and Ubuntu 16.04

Good Morning,

I use tickvue 0.13.05 with 14.04 and I have grown to depend upon the
information it displays.

In preparation for upgrading to 16.04 I have found that it is not available.

Will the package that I have installed remain after the upgrade?

Can I install the packages from 14.04 on 16.04?
There are 3 directly required -
tickvue 0.13.05
libqtwebkit4 2.3.2-0ubuntu7 (This one has a raft of dependencies)

I would expect that each would have to be examined and installed if
necessary, this could involve a great deal of research and

Question About /etc/shadow

Good Evening,

I noticed that he entry for root is slightly different on two of my
systems. I am wondering which is the more secure.

In the second field each has a single character:

one has !
the other *

man shadow:
If the password field contains some string that is not a valid
result of crypt(3), for instance ! or *, the user will not be able
to use a unix password to log in (but the user may log in the
system by other means).

What are those other means and when should ! or * the be used?

In reading I find that ! normally precedes the prior hash.

16.04 Printer definition problems

I have tried to get the server option to display in the printer
definition GUI. Not happening.

This is a fresh install with a HP 2430tn printer connected via a usb
connection. According to the documentation I read if no printers are
defined then it is supposed to appear. It does not happen...

Is there any way I can force the line to show up?

If I install the printer it displays the note Not published see server
settings, however, there is not a server settings option anywhere.

I do have another system that I have not yet upgraded from 14.04 LTS
that does publish a printer.

Failed 16-04 Upgrade recovery question

I was attempting to upgrade from 14.04 to 16.04 when the system reported
an error message and QUIT!

I was using the upgrade tool that is an option in the Software Updater
(the system was up to date and all critical data is backed up).

I created an CDROM from the Ubuntu site. WQhen I attempt to do an
install I get a message that there is no root partition. But there is
not an option of creating one either. The device entry contains the
correct drive info but the partition table space is BLANK.

Ideas for recovery appreciated.


TICVUE stopped updating

Hi Y'all,

I use IicVue 0.13.05 with 14.04.3 LTS, this morning it stopped updating
anyone have an idea why?


Latest Updates to 14.04.2 LTS

Good morning,

The latest updates for my system has caused Flash Player to quit working.

Adobe no longer supports ...

Is there a suitable replacement?
I use Firefox and it is up to date also. I would prefer not to change

Other ideas I might try to get Flash running again?


Ubuntu equivalent of SKYPE

Hi Y'all,

Is there an equivalent for Ubuntu(Linux) Skype? I do not want to use M$
software of any variety, however, I do need to be able to do video
conferencing. I believe that iPad users have an app called Facetime... I
would assume that a version of that for Linux would work as well, if it
exists, I do not have a smart phone either...

Is there a video conferencing application available to us that can
interface with Facetime?

I am currently running Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS


libre-writer problem

Folks I get the following message when I try to open a *doc file from
an e-mail message:

loading component library failed:
<a href="///usr/lib/libreoffice/program/../program/" title="///usr/lib/libreoffice/program/../program/">file:///usr/lib/libreoffice/program/../program/</a>.

I looked on the net and the suggested fix for this message was reinstall
libre-office, and libre-writer, so I did that. I still get the message
what else did I miss?

The remainder of LibreOffice appears to run fine.

I am running 14.04.1 LTS and all updates have been applied

LibreOffice Question


My wife has her recipes in LO Writer. My question is is it possible to
sort on the 1st line of a page? That way she can keep them alphabetically

sbackup question


I use a network drive as the target for my back ups. My question is, if
more than one system is backing up to the same drive should each be
placed in a separate directory on that drive.

For example:

Network drive path /big_archive
system_1 /big_archive/system_1
system_2 /big_archive/system_2

In the past I have used just /big_archive and it appeared that if
backups were done on more than one system per day it got confused and
would not function properly...


Firewall Questions


I have my wired network secured with ufw. However, I am wondering about
my laptop which is connected wirelessly via an access point. It is,
however, sometimes used in a more public setting. Correct me if I am
mistaken about it being safe on my wired network without ufw running on it.

Should I run ufw on it as well? If so, can I use the default
configuration that is present on it? Will there be a problem when it is
running behind my home network as a wireless device?


re: Upgrading from 12.04.5LTS to 14.04.1LTS Unable to do an upgrade from CD


I am trying to keep the same thread, however, to losing my entire hard
drive contents during an attempt to upgrade from 12.04.5LTS to
14.04.1LTS it may not be the same thread.

Current status I have gotten things back together, mostly, that is.

I lost everything that was not backed up offline, I learned a vital
lesson here, backing up to the same drive, different partition is not a
good method.

Upgrading from 12.04.5LTS to 14.04.1LTS Unable to do an upgrade from CD


I am trying to upgrade the last of my systems to 14.04.1LTS.
3 have been done...

For some reason this last system will not allow me to do an Upgrade only a
reinstall, the others I was able to do an upgrade. However, each was a separate
set of circumstances...

This last system will not allow me to do an upgrade using the Update Manager.

I created an DVD from the download page and used it on another system, that

Bash Shell Login Trouble


I use an ssh connection to one of my systems. Initially when I login to the
remote system my customized aliases do not function. If I issue a source .bashrc
command. They work...

For example:

alias cls=clear
alias ping3="ping -c3"

Neither of these will work until I issue the source .bashrc command, then all is

Anyone have a idea of what is going on here? I am using 14.04.1 LTS with all
updates applied.


Did my subscription stop?

I have not gotten any messages in several days...


Question RE Cinnamon for 12.04 LTS (Possible OT)


I have been using Cinnamon for sometime. Now the supporting stable PPA for
precise is gone.

I checked for info in the Mint list, however, I am not sure if changing to
another version will work.

I know that this is off topic, however, if anyone knows of a work around for
this please contact me (off line if necessary).


Test Connectivity to List

Just to see if this message makes it..

I have had nothing from the list in over 24 hours...


System Drops Network Connection


Recently one of my systems started dropping the connection to my network. If I
reboot the system it is up for a while as long as no one is doing anything on
it(no logins and no printing) but it will drop the connection after a time.

Multiple Instances Open in Unique Workspace at Start Up


I have a situation whereby I have multiple instances of things like
e-mail(Tbird) and a browser(Firefox) open at the same time.

Is it possible to cause them to open in an assigned workspace at start up?

I have the two e-mails starting up under the All Applications-->Startup
Applications menu entry. However, they both startup on Workspace 1. It would be
helpful if I could assign a separate workspace for each of them. Say one on WS-1
and the other on WS-2.


RE: Show Desktop ICON **SOLVED**


Somehow my Systrem Tools -> System Settings -> Preferences -> Themes -> Other
settings got corrupted. I hae reset them.


Show Desktop ICON


I do not know what I did but on one of my systems I have a green box shaped icon
that displays "show desktop" when I hover my mouse over it. However I can not
seem to activate it.

All my settings have gone away... I want themm back...


I am running Ubuntu 12.04 LTS an it is up to date.