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CentOS 7, rsyslog and redis

Is there a sensible way to get rsyslog to talk to redis on CentOS 7.
The official way is to use the omhiredis plugin, but that doesn't seem
to exist in the CentOS 7 repositories? (It's how I do it on my Fedora

The long version:

I'm trying to rationalise logging and am using an ELK stack.

SSSD and cache persistence

I have a large number of CentOS machines (both 6 & 7) getting account
information from an LDAP database using SSSD.

boost-openmpi problems in 7.2

After the 7.2 upgrade boost-openmpi-1.53.0-25 was installed, along
with openmpi-1.10.0-10.  The old openmpi was then replaced with compat-