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Hiding a specific user from the User Accounts GUI

Hi All,

I install Ubuntu to computer illiterate people.

During the install I want to create an admin user I can use to manage their
computer using SSH.

Sometimes the user logs out and tries to login with my admin users and get
frustrated when they do not succeed...

Is there a way to hide my admin user from the user so they won't try to
login with it?

The users are aware of this user, of course...



ZoneFiles Showing: Windows 10 As Guest OS on Ubuntu 14.04 As Host OS - VirtualBox

Hi All,

I have two computers running the same version of VirtualBox (5.1.26). Both
run Windows 10 as Guest OS (not the same VM file).

On one of the computers, the Win10 VM show the zone.identifier files in
Windows Explorer, and it is very annoying...

This doesn't happen on the other computer, and I can't figure out what's
causing it...

Any ideas?


Amichai Rotman

Changing defaults for all users to be created in the future

Hi all,

I'd like to change some of the default setting for all users created on an
Ubuntu 14.04 system. Something similar to changing the /etc/skel/ - but in
the GUI.

For instance, the default key binding to change the keyboard layout (Called
'Switch to next source using:' in Text Entry).

How do I do this?



Using WGet to download files from Google Clound in CLI

Hi All,

I would like to be able to open a terminal on a freshly installed Ubuntu
box and use wget to download the contents of a folder in my Google Drive

These files are actually bash scripts I want to run post installation.

Is GitHub the best way to go? Just clone my repository every time?

I am looking for the most simple and secure way.



Installing Ubuntu 14.04 on a Lenovo Thinkpad E460

Hello All,

I am trying to install Ubuntu 14.04.5 on a Lenovo Thinkpad E460 Laptop [1].
This one has two video cards: Intel and AMD.

I work a a University and we bought 4 identical Laptops for a specific task
that requires Ubuntu 14.04.

I installed it with OEM mode enabled so the end user (students) can
configure their preferred settings....

Everything went great until the student runs the initial setup. It randomly
crashes with a Kernel Panic on the amdgpu driver.

It uses the free driver.

Creating an image from an OEM Installation


I installed a laptop using the OEM method. Now I want to use this as an
image to install other laptops.

How do I create a bootable USB, like the one created with th eUSB Startup
Disk Creator, containing my customized OEM install?

Googeling took me as far as the end of the OEM Installer process...



ATA Smart Update Requires Authentication on Every Login

Hi All,

My home Ubuntu 16.04 box has a few users. Most are regular users and two of
them are Admins.

Whenever I login to the main user (the firs one created during the
installation), a window pops up saying: "Authentication is required to
update SMART data from..." followed by my Hard Disk model.

The details state the action as org.freedesktop.udisks2.ata-smart-update.

How can I make it stop asking?! It really bugs me...



Paste in a Terminal using mouse wheel on Xenial?

hi All,

Since performing a clean installation of Ubuntu 16.04, I am unable to use
the mouse wheel to paste in a terminal.

Guide for making a USB Live System

Hi All,

I asked this here before, but decided to ask again, after I've done some

A guy I know made a GCompris Live CD a while back. It uses syslinux to

If i burn the ISO to a CDR ot works perfectly.

How to convert a iso9660 ISO to a USB ISO?

Hi all,

I have an ISO of customized GCompris based on Ubuntu. It is intended to be
burned on a CD (iso 9660 FS Type). When I try to burn it to a USB, the
pendrive "becomes" a CD and it won't boot...

The guy who made this ISO as a school project a while back, says he can't
remember how he made it in the first place, but it has something to do with
extracting the squashfs and re-create it using chroot.

Can any of you point me to a step by step guide on how to do it - from the


Unlocking keyring on every Google Chrome startup

Hi All,

A friend of mine is having a weird problem:

Every time she starts Google Chrome she is asked for her login password.
She has two laptops - an old one and a new one, I did a clean install of
Ubuntu 16.04 on her old one, formatting only the Swap and Root (/)
partitions (leaving her /home partition intact), and the problem came back
as soon as I installed the latest Google Chrome.

Totem: Resume Last Position

Hi All,,

I did a clean install of Ubuntu 16.04. I was expecting some quirks, being a
new release and all, but this one really bugs me (pun intended ;-) )

I watch videos before i go to sleep. Some times I doze off, so I close the
Totem Player window while playing . On 14.04, I could continue from the
exact same position (time stamp) I closed it the night before.

Now it just starts from the beginning.

"Re-packaging" SquashFS

Hi All,

I've got an ISO of a Debian based Linux Distro. Basically, a Localized
GCompris dedicated LiveCD.

I can burn in to a CD and boot from it without a problem, but when I try to
"burn" it to a USB thumb drive, the USB becomes ISO 9660 and it won't boot.

The files inside of the ISO consist of a 266MB .squashfs file and isolinux.

Can any of you point me to an article explaining how to "re-package" the
ISO so it would work on a LiveUSB?



Creating an Ubuntu OEM Install ISO Image

Hey all,

I am starting a Recycling Project similar to Free Geek in mt local

Ubuntu Secrets Book?

Hi All,

Back in the day, when I used MS-DOS 6, I bought an IDG Press book called
"DOS 6 Secrets", and I also had O'Reily's "Windows Annoyances".

Is there a similar book / site for Ubuntu? Somewhere I can get some
advanced tips for Ubuntu?



YouTube, MP4 and FFMPEG

Hi all,

I am trying to use 'youtube-dl' (and other) converters to download a
specific YouTube video [1]. i want to show it in a lecture and i do not
trust the availability of an Internet connection over there.

I tried using different methods and managers - but the result is the same -
an MP4 file without any sound. It seems that after downloading the streams
separately, FFMPEG is used to join them to an MP4 file.

How To Install & Use VeraCrypt In Linux An Alternative To TrueCrypt [COMPLETE TUTORIAL] - LinuxAndUbuntu

<a href="" title=""></a>

USB Startup Disk Creator Fails to Install Bootloader

Hi All,

I am trying to create an installation USB stick for Ubuntu 14.04.3.

Every time i try, with different USB sticks - I get an error at the very
end that the installation of the bootloader failed.

1. Why?!
2. Is there a way to install it manually?

Could ot find any solution on AskUbuntu

Please help!

I need it for tomorrow...


Re: Unable to install HP AiO Ink Advantage 3835 on Ubuntu 14.04

Just to let you all know:

I was able to fix it by answering a few questions on the HPLIP site and
downloading the relevant version. After running the installation script -
all went well and got to print OK.

Thank you all for tyour kind help!


2016-02-04 14:52 GMT+02:00 Jatin khatri <khatri. ... at gmail dot com>:

A quick question about PPAs

Hi All,

Just a quick question:

I am using the Libreoffice PPAs since version 4.3.

Unable to install HP AiO Ink Advantage 3835 on Ubuntu 14.04

Hi All,

I've installed Ubuntu on my friend laptop a few month ago. All went great
and he was very happy with it.
Two days ago he went out and bought an AiO HP 3835 - without consulting me

I've been trying to make it work since then...

This is what I've done:

1. I went to the Printers in the System Settings.
2. I waited for the Printer to show up and clicked on it (connected via
3. I chose HP for the manufacturer.
4. The printer's specific model is not on the list, only 3022 or 3040...

Collaborative Knowledge Base System Recommendation

Hi All,

I am about to start a project similar to Free Geek in my neighborhood. I'd
like to install a server to manage the project. The server should perform
the following roles:

- Knowledge Base: For technical guides and procedures.
- HR Management: Manage the volunteers' shifts and schedules.
- File server: For the installation images and backups.

I'll appreciate your thoughts / ideas etc.


Changing the Update Manager Server from the Command Line

Hi All,

I am writing a BASH post install script to run after an Ubuntu vanilla

This is what I do today, manualy via the GUI:

1. I open 'Software & Updates':
2. "Ubuntu Software' tab: I check all boxes, except for the "Source
Code". I change the server from the auto-detected one to 'Main'.
3. Under the "Other Software tab: I check both "Canonical Partners".
4. Under the "Updates" tab: I check all check boxes. Set the
"Automatically check fr updates" to "Weekly". Set "When there are security
updates" to "Automatically download and install".

Recommended mSATA SSD for Ubuntu

Hi All,

I got a new motherboard (Gigabyte GA-B75-D3V_REV1.2) and was plesed to find
an mSATA connector on it.

I'd like to install Ubuntu 14.04 on an mSATA drive and use it as my OS

The motherboard's manual states it supports a 3Gb drive. Can any of you
recommend me a make and model to buy that will be compatible with Ubuntu?

I guess a 32Gb (size) drive will be enough. my current Root (/) partition
is 30GGb of which 14Gb are free.



Ubuntu 14.04 set to Auto Login Starts Guest Account

Hi All,

I installed a few Ubuntu machines in the last year. Recently, some of them
called me saying that instead of automatically logging in to their user,
they got the Guest Account desktop.

The issue was resolved on its own after a reboot.

Can anyone tell me how it happened?

As I said - it happened to more than one person...



Creating a Windows VM Inside Ubuntu

Hi All,

I am a bit stumped:

A friend of mine just graduated from Graphics Design school. Of course, all
design schools teach Adobe products only (Photosop, InDesing, etc.) - god
forbid any Open Source alternatives...

Putting *that* discussion aside....

A few days ago he came to me and said "I am sick of this POS OS" (referring
to Windows 8.1 installed on his super charged Asus laptop).

Printing Conversations from GmailI

Hi Ya'all,

I know this isn't quite on topic of the Ubuntu OS, but I need your advice...

I use Gmai's Web interface to write emails/ Some of them to my girl. Some
of them are loove letters...

I'd like to surprise her for our Five Year Anniversary with a scrap book of
all our mail correspondence - chronologically organized and beautifully

I want to export it to file (say, PDF?) and then cut'N'paste to a template.

I can't figure out how to get the first stage - getting a file with a clear
timeline of the emails...

Is there an easy way to do it?



Synchronizing with Google Drive

Hi All,

I am trying to move from Dropbox to Google drive, for two main reasons:

Price and performance.

I have been using Dropbox on all my devices for years now. It even saved me
2-3 times when my hard drives failed - I was able to restore my files in a
matter of minutes.

Dropbox - Pros:

Seamless synchronization
Desktop integration.

Dropbox - Cons:

Hogs my Internet bandwidth.

Google Drive - Pros:

I use Google services since it was invite only (that's how I got my
account, initially).

Nemo Hangs While Accessing a Specific Folder

Hello All,

A friend of mine is running Ubuntu 14.04 on her laptop and installed Nemo
as the default file manager.

After a few times the laptop shut down due to overheating, she can't access
her Downloads folderin Nemo. Every time she tries, Nemo hangs forever (goes
dark) until killed.

Other folders are OK. Nautilus opens the same Downloads folder in a snap...

I ran "fix all file systems" from the recovery mode twice, and it did not
resolve the issue.

Is there a way to reset Nemo, delete the cache or some other way?



Sound in Videos Player

2015-06-23 22:25 GMT+03:00 Amichai Rotman < ... at iglu dot>: