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New: KLettres fails to download via GHNS as GPG missing

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Bug ID: 337203
Summary: KLettres fails to download via GHNS as GPG missing
Classification: Unclassified
Product: kde-windows
Version: 4.10
Platform: MS Windows
OS: MS Windows
Severity: normal
Priority: NOR
Component: installer
Assignee: <a href="mailto:kde- ... at kde dot org">kde- ... at kde dot org</a>
Reporter: <a href="mailto: ... at kde dot org"> ... at kde dot org</a>

I did a clean install of some edu apps, ran KLettres, tried to download GHNS
data files but failed with a "missing gp

Simple improvements to current installer.


While we debate the future for standalone installers, I think there's
a few simple things we can do to improve the existing installer in the
meantime. These suggestions come from my helping a new user over the
weekend to install some edu apps from scratch.

Adopting AppData in KDE?


I've been asked by Richard Hughes from Gnome and Fedora to raise the
profile of using AppData metadata within KDE. I know very little
about this area myself, but thought it was worthwhile raising on the
list for discussion. If you have any questions about AppData then
Richard would be happy to answer them, so please cc him on replies.

The AppData justification, file format and tools are documented at
[1]. AppData and AppStream are slowly being adopted by various
distros for use in their software installers and app stores.

Qt Dev Days 2013


Qt Dev Days Europe is coming up on October 7-9 and once again this
year KDE e.V. is partnering with Digia, KDAB and ICS in the running of
the event. In particular KDE is once again helping organise a Qt
Contributors Day on Monday October 7th. We have been allocated a room
for the day to hold formal sessions, informal discussions, code
reviews, hack around, or just hang out. A key topic again will be KDE
continued contributions of features to Qt and KDE Frameworks 5
development, but the floor will be open for any topic that affects Qt
development, governance or community.

QtMobility / QtLocation in Qt 5.2

[Apologies for cross-posting, please reply to kde-core-devel]


At QtCS Torsten and I attended the QtLocation session to discuss the
future of the module.

Color Management in KDE


A couple of months ago I attended the Linux Color Management Hackfest mainly
to find out how to color manage printing, but also to get a wider overview,
and to figure out the colord versus Oyranos situation. I've been sitting on
this email for a bit as it's probably going to be controversial and step on a
few toes of people who've put a lot of hard work into CM, for which I

Some notes from QtCS


I just want to give some rough notes on a couple of the sessions I
attended at QtCS and my impressions on some of the discussions.

Qt Contributors Summit


We have the Qt Contributors Summit coming next week and I thought we might
want to try co-ordinate our efforts there like we did last year.

I've created a new page at <a href="" title=""></a> for
KDE attendees to put down their details and any issues they want to see

System clock change notification

We've long had various bugs filed for our software clocks not properly syncing
when the Linux system clock changes, and we've always wanted some way to be
notified when changes did occur instead of having to always poll for them.

Thanks to a blog on Planet Gnome [1] I've found out that apparently the kernel
recently aquired a new api for notifiying userspace when the system clock has
changed [2] and which Gnome is now implementing support for [3].

Not being too clued up on how we would hook this all up (Solid I guess?) I
just thought I'd bring it to attention and see if anyone knows any

Fwd: Call for desktop/graphics/mobile tracks for Linux Plumbers' Conf 2011


This is something we should try get people to, not just for the desktop stream
but also to build relationships with the stacks that we often seem to have so
little influence with.


<a href="mailto:dri- ... at lists dot">dri- ... at lists dot</a>, <a href="mailto:mesa- ... at lists dot">mesa- ... at lists dot</a>, desktop-
<a href="mailto:devel- ... at gnome dot org">devel- ... at gnome dot org</a>, <a href="mailto:kde- ... at kde dot org">kde- ... at kde dot org</a>, Linaro Dev

KF5 & Qt5 - QtCS Session


At QtCS we had a follow-up session from Platform 11 to discuss what technical
changes we'd like to see in Qt5.

One major point was the news that the Qt5 feature freeze is planned for
September/October giving us only 2-3 months to get the changes we need in.
This means we have to prioritise those items that need binary and source
compatability changes in the core Qt libraries for 5.0 and leave everything
else for 5.1.

Translation in Qt5


This is the third email in the series of three looking at KLocale in
Frameworks 5. This email covers Translation. This is a repost of a mail to
the Qt5 list with added context for KDE.

This email is a summary of the session on Translation held at the Qt
Contributors summit. The session was lead by Oswald Buddenhagen (Ossi) from

Date/Time in KF5 / Qt5


This is the second email in the series of three looking at KLocale in
Frameworks 5. This email covers Date/Time, so I have also cc'ed the PIM
mailing list for their input.

As with QLocale, the lack of features in QDateTime has forced KDE to create
our own solutions such as KDateTime, KLocalizedDate and KCalendarSystem at the
cost of interoperability with pure-Qt code. In KF5/Qt5 I want to work to
resolve this problem by implementing full support for our required features in
Qt. The discussions held at QtCS were very promising on being able to achieve

Locale in KF5 / Qt5


I want to propose a plan for KLocale in Frameworks 5 as a result of the
various discussions at Platform 11 and the Qt Contibutors Summit. I'll be
splitting the proposal up into 3 emails about Locale, Date/Time, and

Please note that the Translation part is outside my area of expertise and I
will mostly report on the QtCS session that I attended. The plan there
requires proper discussion with the translation maintainers first.

This is the Locale email, i.e.

OpenPrinting Job Offer


OpenPrinting (a Linux Foundation project) has been working for a number of
years to implement the Common Print Dialog [1], a shared print dialog design
and implementation for all Linux desktops. They have now secured some
government funding to complete a Qt version of the dialog in co-operation with
Canonical for inclusion in the Ubuntu 11.10 release.

OpenPrinting are looking for an experienced Qt developer to start work asap on
a short term contract to complete the implementation. The ideal candidate
would have good gui and dbus skills, and any printing knowledge is a big plus.

Re: KDE at the Qt Contributors Summit

On Thursday 09 Jun 2011 15:31:42 John Layt wrote:
Q - 3 and counting...

Unfortunately we couldn't arrange the t-shirts in time so we will be relying
on you to bring your own (although we may have a couple spare).