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18.04 HWE stack causes Thinkpad button problems

I installed the HWE stack on my Thinkpad X220. This might have been
unwise; everything was working fine.

Now, the middle button no longer causes scrolling, and I can't tap to
click on the trackpad.

Anyone else having problems?

Updated to 18.04, lost Unity

I am not feeling any Unity at all at the moment.

I gave in to the repeated nagging and tried to upgrade to 18.04. The
GUI updater wouldn't run so I did it from a vconsole.

It didn't work -- there was a systemd file that could not be
overwritten. It finished way too fast & left me with 18.04 on the
terminal screen and 16.04 on the GUI login screen. I could not log on.

So, I ran ``apt install -f''

This reported the systemd file. I moved it to a new subdirectory.
``apt install -f'' now completed successfully.

openSUSE conference 2018: fancy a weekend away in Prague?

The programme for this year's openSUSE conference has been published.

<a href="" title=""></a>

It's in Prague, Czechia, the last weekend of this month. The event is free
and Prague is surprisingly cheap -- beer is £1.50 a pint and unlimited
public transport is £3 a day.

<a href="" title=""></a>

And there will be at least one Ubuntu user there... that is, me. :-)

Apologies if anyone is upset by the spam. Merely plugging it 'cos I work
for them and live here in Prague. There's nothing else in this for me

I will shut up now.

Blatant self-plug, and a question

Because I thought it might be of some interest...

After my rant about GNOME made it onto HackerNews, I've written a brief
follow-up with a few tweaks that IMHO make the new GNOME-based 18.04 a bit
more bearable.

<a href="" title=""></a>

Is there any progress on an unofficial Unity remix? The only one I can find
for 18.04 hasn't updated since February.

I'm considering rolling my own.

On which note, is there any way to upgrade an existing 16.04 install and
*not* get GNOME?

Python 2 support in Ubuntu

Python 2 goes end-of-life in 2020:

<a href="" title=""></a>

Does anyone know if there has been an official announcement of when it
will be removed or become unsupported in Ubuntu, or indeed in Debian?


Any Ubuntu people at FOSdem?

Shock announcement

OK, not a tech query, but important Ubuntu news from the SABDFL

<a href="" title=""></a>

<a href="" title=""></a>

Containers with elderly to ancient Linux versions

Anyone tried this?

I have, or had, a VM somewhere with WordPerfect for Linux running on
Ubuntu -- but the last version it works on is Ubuntu 8.04. Having it
in a VM works but is not very satisfactory.

It occurred to me that an Ubuntu 8.04 container -- LXC, Docker,
whatever -- would be a far more elegant way of doing it.

64-bit Firefox

Just got a software update this morning, and now I notice that I have
64-bit Firefox. I did not choose this and I think I formerly had
32-bit -- or at least it didn't tell me.

I'm on 16.10 and this machine started out with 13.04 or thereabouts, I think.

Is this a new thing?

MS Word 2003 on WINE

Does anyone know of a way to install just the Word part of Office 2003 on WINE?

I have been happily running Word 97 for years, but I am currently
working on a big project and the newer version has some useful
features (such as word-wrap in Outline view, nested tables, and
smoother DOCX import) that are useful to me.

Which means I've had to go back to using Windows 10 for now.

16.10 not working with dual screen

Anyone noticed this?

I have a spare recovery install of 64-bit Ubuntu on my Mac mini's
external Firewire backup drive. (Normally the machine runs Mac OS X

It was a copy of 16.04 -- I reinstalled over the top of a copy of the
OS from my old (BIOS-era) laptop, to "Macify" it and bring it back to

Worked perfectly. Sound, wired and wireless networking, dual head (one
HDMI + one Displayport), everything. The dual head uses the on-chip
Intel HD 3000 GPU.

A few days ago I updated the laptop the image came from to 16.10.

Xenial login failure

My Mac mini is off for a hard-disk upgrade. The donor is my old
desktop-replacement Toshiba laptop.

So I only have my Thinkpad X200 for a couple of days and thus it has
decided now is a good time to refuse to log in.

(I am typing in Win10. :-( It's fine, actually, it works, but it's sluggish.)

It's v16.04, upgraded from 14.04, upgraded from a new install of 13.10.

It has occasionally done this before, but usually, a reboot clears it.

It's running vanilla Ubuntu-64 with Unity.

The machine is a Core 2 Duo with 8GB of RAM and on-chip Intel HD4500

(L)ubuntu on Raspberry Pi

Is this list a good place to talk about RPi issues? If not, can anyone
suggest one?

Yesterday, I upgraded Lubuntu on my Raspberry Pi 3.

Glxgears running under 15.10 gave 20fps. Compare that to running under
16.04, where it gives 90-100fps.

The FOSS VideoCore drivers are clearly improving rather well!

The odd thing is that at one point I had kernel 4.4 thanks to
rp-update, but finalising the updated system took me back to 4.1.

The Pi doesn't use Grub or any other conventional bootloader; the GPU
starts the OS. I'm not sure how to switch kernels. Does anyone know &
could help?

AbiWord autostarting in 16.04

Since my 15.10 machine upgraded smoothly to 16.04 some weeks ago
(apart from some easily-fixed glitches due to using Nemo to handle my
Unity desktop), I took the plunge and updated my 14.04 machine as
well, using

sudo do-release-upgrade

... since it won't do it via the GUI until 16.04.1 is released.

This has gone perfectly. My Thinkpad X200's fingerprint reader even
started working again, which it's rarely done in over a year.

But now, when I log in, Abiword is started automatically. I don't know

Display settings panel applet

Am I going a bit mad, or did older Unity versions of Ubuntu have the
option to have a display-settings applet in the panel at all times?

I've got an old 19" Trinitron CRT plugged into my laptop. Trusty sets
up both heads no problem from a cold boot, but on wake from sleep,
/every single time/ it inactivates the LCD and I have to dive into
System Settings to re-enable it.

Unset Caps Lock from being Super

For a while I used an external keyboard on my laptop. It was a 22y old
keyboard (IBM Model M) and has no Super (Windows) key.

So I put in a tweak that remaps CapsLock to Super.

Snag is, I have now moved that keyboard to my work PC and need to undo
the tweak...

And I can't remember where it is.

It's not an `xmodmap` line in .bashrc, as far as I can see. Ubuntu
14.04 has removed the keyboard options setting in System Preferences
for doing it, too. So I think I put it in a config file somewhere but
I can't find it. I have tried grep on my ~ with "super" but it found

Any ideas?

Keyboard not responding after suspend

Is anyone else seeing this?

As there were some issues with my install of 13.10, at the weekend, I
nuked my main laptop & reinstalled 14.04.1-64.

It's working a treat in almost all ways, but I have one problem.

When I close the lid, on wake, it shows the login screen. (This is
desired.) But I can't enter my password. The mouse moves, it's awake,
but both internal and external keyboards are unresponsive.

But if I press Ctrl-Alt-Fn, I can switch vconsoles, log in, do an
update or just reboot with Ctrl-Alt-Del.

It's weird and annoying. I have a workaround, but is this a known issue?

Getting action on a known, identified, reproducible bug in Saucy

What can one do?

I have a problem with Saucy, fully updated.

It is not a new problem & it affects others. It is accurately
described by the following open bugs in Launchpad:

<a href="" title=""></a>

<a href="" title=""></a>

<a href="" title=""></a>

<a href="" title=""></a>

AFAICS these are all duplicates of the same issue.

I have subscribed to these.

Dropbox on Saucy

Is it normal for there to be no panel icon?

It's installed, the command-line daemon says it's working... but I
can't find out what version I have from the CLI, and as mentioned, no
panel icon.

13.10 alpha

Two small questions. Not important, I'm just curious.

The Ubuntu web page for the alpha version seems to offer many things
but not what I'd expect.

There are Alpha 1 builds for Kubuntu, Lubuntu, Xubuntu etc. - all the
official remixes, pretty much - but *not* for Ubuntu itself. That in
itself seemed odd.
<a href="" title=""></a>

Also, there's already a page up for Alpha 2 but again just the

Raring backport kernel for 12.04

I have seen others comment that there was a raring backport kernel for
the current LTS in the repos, but I couldn't "see" it.

zRam and Swapspace

So, just for the experiment, I tried configuring a 1GB RAM VM with
both zRam (compressed swap in RAM) and swapspace (on-demand swapfiles
in /var so you don't need a swap partition).

It seemed to work fine. I loaded Firefox with a ton of image tabs,
plus LibreOffice, the GIMP, VLC, Evince, System Monitor and watched
the swap gradually climb until zRam's half a gig of "virtual" virtual
memory (IYSWIM) was exhausted, at which point it started creating
swapfiles - one of 216MB followed by one of 270MB.

System performance gradually degraded, as you might expect.

AMD Radeon HD 3450 driver broken in 13.04

I updated my Toshiba Satellite Pro P300 from 12.04 this afternoon --
and now it's comprehensively broken.

This is apparently a known problem - see:

<a href="" title=""></a>


<a href="" title=""></a>

There is a workaround, involving downgrading to an older version of and AMD's legacy driver, but this workaround has issues with
Unity, which appear to affect me.

<a href="" title=""></a>

I have installed the fix as described and now my graphics are back up
to thei

LibreOffice menu problem remains

So I am now running beta 2 of Raring, I guess, and LibreOffice's menus
still are completely inaccessible via the keyboard.

This is a really serious problem. It renders the entire suite unusable for me.

Is there any official way to draw more attention to this really quite
critical bug?

GNOME Shell software rendering - how to tell?

I am running the Ubuntu GNOME Remix (13.04 beta 2) under the latest
version of VirtualBox on Ubunt 13.04 beta 2.

How can one tell if it is using the (emulated, virtual) hardware 3D
acceleration or software LLVM rendering?

Filing a new bug against Raring

This might be a daft question.

on Sunday night, I reinstalled Quantal.

Before I had even installed the nVidia drivers, Compiz started
crashing on startup. Same bug as before. Not impressed.

So I thought "what the hell" & updated it to the alpha of Raring Ringtail.

Works a treat. Fast, smooth and so far more stable than the
released-with-5-months-of-patches Quantal Quetzal.

Quite impressed.

But LibreOffice 4 is unusable because the menu-in-the-top-panel
doesn't respond to keystrokes.

Word Perfect

Ha anyone ever managed to get WordPerfect for Linux to run on modern Ubuntu?

Crash logs - where & how to (re)submit?

Since I got home from my holidays and updated my install of 12.10, it
is crashing on every login, shortly after reaching the desktop. So
far, one time out of 3, Apport appeared and told me that Compiz had

I said "yes" to submitting a bug report, but sadly, I need to manually
enable a wifi connection (my home broadband is down) & there was no
available internet connection to submit it.

Is there any way of viewing past crash logs? Is it possible to
manually submit one after the dialog has gone?

I have checked on Launchpad & no new bug report has been filed.

No keyboard access to LibreOffice menus in Quantal

Is this normal?

I can't use any keyboard commands to access the menus. Alt-F O to open
a file, Alt-F A to Save as..., Alt-T W to wordcount - nothing.

Is this expected behaviour? It renders the suite unusable.

It was a failing in the old "lo-menubar" package for earlier Unity
versions, but that is not used any more. I've had to remove
libreoffice-gtk to disable the menubar integration so that I can use
the office suite again. Result, it looks a bit ugly - but at least I
can operate it.

Non-PAE kernel in 12.10

I'd like to upgrade Lubuntu 12.04 on my old Thinkpad X31.

It's a 1.6GHz Pentium M with 1GB of RAM, so not too slow.

But the Pentium-M doesn't support PAE so the generic kernel in 12.10
will not boot.

Is there a non-PAE kernel available?

If not, I am perfectly able to compile my own - but how to
install/upgrade the rest of the OS?