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ScotlandPHP on

Forwarding the request below to the webmaster list and Eli who has been
dealing with conference submissions for us; hopefully one of those can
handle this quicker than I can.

Paul, things generally go quicker / easier by submitting a PR against our
GitHub repo, instructions can be found at <a href="" title=""></a>


Hey Mate,

Would you be able to sti

GitHub mirror for web/master.git

Howdy webmaster list,

Is there any reason why web/master.git isn't mirrored on GitHub? I suspect
it is just a case of, "because no-one did the work" but want to be sure.


Hi chaps,

I’ve pushed up the files that were in the museum up on to S3 [1], with the
notion being pointing the subdomain there.

Thoughts, comments, hate mail…?


Peter “he who misses having the museum around…” Cowburn

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

P.S. Yes, this is me volunteering to maintain museum.

Prototype - Changing the purples

Hi folks,

I'm not a huge fan of the purples used on the prototype design, nor
the green colour for hyperlinks. It's an itch that I have been
holding back from scratching for a long while, but have finally given
in. So, I'd like to change the purples to the old ones used on the
current design and also make those hyperlinks the correct
colour (blue!).

The change would look like (mine on left, current prototype on right):
<a href="" title=""></a>

In my completely biased opinion, that looks much better.

windowsweb incorrect copyright year and hard-coded last modified date

Hi chaps,

The copyright year and last modified dates in the footer of
windows.php.netare incorrect.

I have issued a pull request on github for your convenience (
<a href="" title=""></a> ).

Committing to the web/windows.git repository is only afforded to a very
small number of people, hopefully one of you guys will read this.