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time for pcre2 to be promoted to main?

2 years ago, vte and gnome-terminal upstream switched from pcre3 to
pcre2. The Foundations & Security teams did not like the idea of
having 2 pcre libraries in main, so the Desktop Team has been forced
to maintain extensive patches to keep gnome-terminal updated in

Since then, an increasing number of packages now support pcre2 and the
burden of keeping pcre2 out of main is affecting more Ubuntu teams and

Symbols files for C++ libraries for Ubuntu main


There has recently been a question [1] about whether symbols files
should be mandatory for C++ libraries in Ubuntu 'main'. I'm curious to
hear what other Ubuntu developers think about this topic.

Symbols files aren't mentioned in the official MIR criteria at all. [2]

I think there's general agreement that Ubuntu should use symbols files
for C libraries. And although it's not "required" in Debian as I
understand it, I think there is widespread support for it as "best
practice" there too.

C++ libraries can be much more difficult to maintain symbols files

Intent to remove gksu from Ubuntu 18.04 LTS


I have been working for months to remove gksu from Ubuntu. (It has
already been removed from Debian). The Mythbuntu blocker was fixed
this weekend and I just noticed an Ubuntu Kylin blocker that is being
worked on.

I just wanted to let developers know that I will be trying to remove
gksu from the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS repositories before release. And since
this is a late change that will affect some workflows, I'm emailing
this list.

More details are at <a href="" title=""></a>

Jeremy Bicha

New Ubuntu Core Developer - Eric Desrochers

Today, the Ubuntu Developer Membership Board approved Eric Desrochers
(slashd)'s application to join the Ubuntu Core Developer team
(~ubuntu-core-dev). Eric now has upload rights to the entire Ubuntu

Of note, Eric joined the new ~ubuntu-sru-developers team a year ago.


On behalf of the DMB,
Jeremy Bicha

Drop "Ubuntu Desktop USB" task?

There is an "Ubuntu Desktop USB" task and seed that the Ubuntu Desktop
team hasn't maintained in years and would like to drop. I think this
is a legacy from when Ubuntu's ISO's were limited to CD size. "Ubuntu
Desktop USB" is a confusing name, since the regular Ubuntu Desktop
.iso's work just fine on USB sticks.

The task only adds a few extra packages to the regular install, but
the packageset seems odd now. The only apps there are inkscape and
devhelp which could be allowed to be demoted to universe.

Are there any concerns if we drop this task and seed now?

Jeremy Bicha

New Ubuntu Developer - Olivier Tilloy


After a successful vote at yesterday's Developer Membership Board
meeting, we are pleased to announce that Olivier Tilloy (osomon) is
now the newest Ubuntu Developer. Olivier was granted upload rights for

Congratulations and welcome!

On behalf of the Developer Membership Board,
Jeremy Bicha

Could Canonical consider relicensing libcolumbus?

libcolumbus is a library for search that allows Unity and the HUD to
still show you relevant results if you misspelled a word. For more
details, see Jono's announcement post.

Enabling Connectivity Checking in NetworkManager

Hi, back in July 2012 on this list, it was proposed that Ubuntu's
NetworkManager enable the new connectivity check feature by default.
Some concerns were raised and the feature never landed. I'd like to
reopen that discussion.

In 2014, Fedora enabled that feature by default but they did it using
a separate package. I really like this idea since it makes it very
easy for users to opt in or out of the connectivity check if they

I am proposing that we create a similar package.

Which openssl for zesty?

A few months ago, Ubuntu was hesitant to do the openssl 1.1 transition
because not all packages would work with the new version.

Could we make a decision about what's going to be done for zesty?

If we stick with basically the yakkety stack, we'll need to
temporarily revert changes in several Debian packages that make them
fail to build on Ubuntu currently.

Jeremy Bicha

Sponsoring Activity

I don't think I've sent out a sponsoring email report before but I
thought I'd give it a try this time.

<a href="" title=""></a>
~nacc: Unblacklist and sync zendframework 1.12.18+dfsg-1
Discussed. Ultimately, nacc discovered that Debian intends to drop
this pkg this year so we don't need this synced after all.
Unsubscribed ~sponsors.

<a href="" title=""></a>
~nacc: Sync php-horde-http 2.1.6-3
Done but the autopkgtest fails again.

Re: Let's Discuss Interim Releases (and a Rolling Release)

On 28 February 2013 16:31, Scott Kitterman < ... at kitterman dot com> wrote:
On the other hand, Kubuntu makes the latest KDE available to the
current stable release through their official PPAs.

Removing gnome-nettool from the default Desktop image?


I'd like to see gnome-nettool removed from the default Ubuntu Desktop
image. It will of course still be available for easy install for those
who want it. Personally, I just use tools like ping, traceroute, or
whois from the command line. I don't believe normal people use those
commands anyway.

I'd like to still keep whois, but drop nmap and finger; the nmap .debs
are pretty large and it wasn't part of previous Ubuntu Desktop

Does anyone use gnome-nettool? Is there any reason not to remove it?

The bug is <a href="" title=""></a>


Review Request: Only show KSysguard & SystemSettings in menus when running KDE

Review request for KDE Base Apps.

Add OnlyShowIn:KDE line to KSysguard & SystemSettings.