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Config.dat locked and can't update on 18.04

Searching I tried the following fixes.

fuser -v /car/cache/debconf/config.dat

in order to find user process to kill it but that command hangs and returns

hd audio unable to bind the codec

Kubuntu 19.05 new install on hp pavilion gaming laptop boots from USB drive
and installs fine but first boot after install stops with "hd audio unable
to bind the codec".
Kubuntu 18.04 installs and boots without error and upgrade to 19.04 works
just fine. Is this a known thing with a bug report I can add to our should
I file a new bug report?

unit mount is masked

I ran an update today and it printed this out. Anyone know what or how to
fix this?
"Error: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.systemd1.UnitMasked: Unit -.mount is

Just so happens my partition manager won't work either. Could this be
the issue?

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Development Tester*

clipboard images to libreoffice problem

trying to do a copy/paste from source (example chrome) to libre office
results in the following error: "requested clipboard format is not
available". This is only a very recent issue, using 19.04. It worked after
updating to 19.04 but now it isn't. 2 computers, mine and sweeties (and
sweetie isn't happy lol). I'll bug the users before I bug the dev team and
then will decide if it needs a bug.

copy/paste to any other target seems to work fine as far as I can tell

-Fat Trucker

19.04 discover sources failure

in 19.04 in discover>sources>software sources I'm getting an error that
it's trying to launch lxqt-sudo software-properties-qt
I haven't installed lxqt anything as far as I know. Any idea how to fix

discover has no way to configure sources

I've lost the ability to configure sources in discover. Is this a
known issue, or am I missing something?

plasma browser integration failure to connect to host (chrome)

I have plasma-browser-integration package installed and the
plasma-browser-integration extension on chrome. I keep getting
plasma-browser-integration has failed to connect to host. I have a bug
report for it here:
<a href="" title=""></a>

It works in firefox as far as I can see or have tried.

kubuntu podcast

Is there no longer a kubuntu podcast? been searching for one and can only
find old ones 2016 or so and before.

libperl5.26 dependency problems

I've been getting this for a couple of days, searched the mail list but
couldn't find anything. launchpad had some hits but i couldn't find this
exact thing.

single vs double click dolphin

I have 18.04 running on two computers. On both, Dolphin main window is no
longer single click, it's double click to open. Is this intentional? If so,
I cannot find a way to set it back to single click.

also, wifi no longer reconnects automatically upon restart.

wifi doesn't reconnect

Using kubuntu development version 18.04 on two computers, and with recent
updates (and now fully updated current) the wifi doesn't reconnect on
either machine. I have tried several GUI things. Unchecking and rechecking
both the "automatically connect" and "All users may connect". No matter
what I do it doesn't reconnect after restarting the computer.


Fresh installed kubuntu 18.04 dev, have had this ever since, notification
in the taskbar for "failure to download update data files".

kmymoney on 16.04

getting these errors. anyone know what to try next?

heather@heather-Inspiron-3543:~$ sudo apt-get install kmymoney

16.04 64 bit won't boot live session

Removing quiet splash, the last line that prints is
"Begin: Running /scripts/casper-bottom ... Connecting to plymouth:
Connection refused"
AMD quad core 3.2 gzh
4gigs RAM
AMD radeon HD 7700

Thank you

Often the tribulations and trials of the devs go unthanked. Please share
this story for the kubuntu devs in the 16.04 cycle.

I lost my father on thursday. on sunday I was trying to go on with life and
upgraded one of our many trusty lts to 16.04 lts. It went completely
flawless. no errors no hickups. You guys (and gals) did a fantastic release
(IMO) and I want to thank you. That for those few minutes in time my mind
was occupied on the upgrade, and relief that all had gone well.

Thank you.

kwin broken in 15.10?

Just updated my 15.10 today, autologin went straight to black screen. X is
running, kwin is running but seems to not be able to display anything.

restarted and command line removed my autologin. got to login screen and
selected failsafe.

failsafe login restarts kwin and put's me back to login screen.

login in with plasma session gives the black screen with large X mouse icon.

any suggestions?

gwenview 15.08.0 kipi-plugins

I've always used gwenview to bulk edit, and resize many pictures at once. I
believe in kde 4 this was achieved with kipi-plugins. As of right now i
have gwenveiw 15.08.0 and afaik the most recent kipi-plugins (terminal
says Version:

Does anyone know if kipi-plugins will be ported to plasma 5 applications
and/or is there a plan for gwenview to do batch edits on it's own without a
plugin involved?


kubuntu 15.10 right click kills dolphin

for the past several updates (am current up to date rtm) dolphin dies when
i right click on any file. Anyone know if there is a bug report or needs to
Running in terminal spits out the following:

QLayout: Attempting to add QLayout "" to PhononWidget "", which already has
a layout
KServiceTypeTrader: serviceType "KonqPopupMenu/Plugin" not found
QThread: Destroyed while thread is still running
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

kubuntu 15.10 has two volume sliders

in testing i have two volume sliders on the two computers i'm running 15.10
on. Anyone else have this? Is there another email group i should be
contacting instead of this one?


chrome dolphin integration 15.04

Just installed a fresh 15.04 for sweetie, Fantastic guys, really.
On the 14.10 she had before I had figured out how to have google chrome use
dolphin as the file picker (you know, when you go to add a picture in
facebook and it brings up a file browser of it's own instead of dolphin.)
Dolphin is much cleaner, nicer, and has preview view so it's much easier
to find the image you want.
It seems like I did it in something like chrome://about or something like
that and I seem to remember xdg something.

15.04 kwallet

Have one machine fully updated (as of 4/21) and can't disable kwallet. When
loading kwallet to get to its options it locks up. We really dislike
kwallet, is there a way to disable it using the terminal?

Kubuntu dev, 15.04, apt-get dist-upgrade wants to remove kde-window-manager
kde-workspace kde-workspace-bin kde-workspace-data kdegames-data
khelpcenter4 klipper kubuntu-desktop kubuntu-docs libkactivities-bin

any suggestions or just wait longer?

can no longer disable touchpad kubuntu utopic

On the developement version utopic of kubuntu I can no longer disable in any
way my touchpad. The hardware button on the laptop no longer works to
disable it, and in settings/input devices/touchpad there is no way to
disable it either by check box, or as a setting such as when typing. It
was there not long ago.
Am I missing something?
Is this a known bug?

Thank you

-- Dale

kubuntu 14.04 wants to install firefox

I have been using 14.04 kubuntu development version since it was ready for
testers. Even though I really liked firefox at one time I really don't like
it anymore and don't use it. I have never install firefox on this setup and
still have the Mozilla Firefox Browser Installer icon in

Not sure what has changed but suddenly doing a dist-upgrade wants to
install firefox. I don't want it unless it's a change the developers have
done to default to firefox.