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Unreliable Fedora 26 installation using a kickstart file

Dear listers
I never had such an unreliable installation as the one for fedora 26. I
am a long time user of fedora (at least since 2003).

The HW here:
1. Workstation with two disks, each having its own fedora installation.
On each fedora bare-metal installation there is a fedora installation
under VirtualBox. All four installations are of MBR type.
2. Laptop with UEFI type installation.
There are 5 installations to be done.

My fedora installation:
I am an Xfce4 user, so i don't use any of the worksation spins of

Is this a flaw or not?

Hi listers

I have a workstation with two disks:

[root@casablanca ~]# parted -l
Model: ATA WDC WD20EFRX-68E (scsi)
Disk /dev/sda: 2000GB
Sector size (logical/physical): 512B/4096B
Partition Table: gpt
Disk Flags: pmbr_boot

Number Start End Size File system Name Flags
1 20.5kB 262MB 262MB BIOS boot partition bios_grub
2 262MB 21.7GB 21.5GB ext4 Linux filesystem
3 21.7GB 32.5GB 10.7GB swsusp Linux swap
4 32.5GB 870GB 838GB ext4 Linux filesystem
5 870GB 900GB 30.0GB ext4

Making apache ready for ruby ajax responder

Hi listers
Sofar, i found out, that an ajax responder cannot be in the cgi-bin
directory, because, apparently, apache from this directory expects other
headers and contents than usual ajax resonders send. That means,
whenever i try to put an ajax responder into the cgi-bin directory, i
get a 500 Internal Server Error reply to an ajax request.

Next i found this: When i put a ruby program into any directory of the
current virtual-web (except into the cgi-bin directory), when i try to
invoke it from the browser, i get the ruby text as response.

Compiz fails after upgrading the Kernel

Hi listers

I upgraded myhost to the following version of fedora 13 this morning.

[myuser@myhost ~]$ uname -a
Linux myhost.lan #1 SMP Sun Sep 5 17:16:27 UTC
2010 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
[myuser@myhost ~]$

After the upgrade compiz failed to work in the upgraded system.

Ext4 errror?

Hi Bill
on July 5 you replied kindly on my message.
The last few days i mean to have solved the problem by facing out LVM.
As you said LVM adds considerable overhead and makes the system error
prone. What previousely has been on an lv is now on a real partition.

Ext4 errror?

Hi listers

i got file system errors on a new machine (hw errors should therefore
not be an issue, also smartctl does not indicate any errors), which
holds two disks on SATA controllers.

From when on is IPv6 address information available on an interface?

Hi listers
I have activated an IPv6 router in the local network. Every host has, as
expectect, grabbed the prefix and constructed its own Link local, Site
local (if requested), and Global addresses. Problem is: from when on is
IPv6 adress information available for a certain interface?

I have a laptop which I normally use via Ethernet (interface eth0). But
at times, I use it via wlan0.

Multihoming confusion

Hi every

I am changing the ISP from aaa.bbb.243.160/27 to ccc.ddd.206.128/27.
In order to provide seamless service to our customers I made the hosts
concerned multihomed, i.e. I added them a logical interface on the new

A hundred kernel failures while booting fedora 11 with ndiswrapper activ

Hi listers

A hundred (and no typo) kernel failures while booting with ndiswrapper

Present installation:
[myuser@myhost ~]$ uname -r
[myuser@myhost ~]$

[myuser@myhost ~]$ rpm -q ndiswrapper
[myuser@myhost ~]$

the ndiswrapper is installed from the rpmfusion repo.

after booting with the ndiswrapper activ (i.e.