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Removing code from kdeexamples dir

From what I can see, the kdeexamples repo is mostly unmaintained (the
last useful commit dates back to 2014), the master branch only
contains KDE 4 code and the frameworks-scratch branch is just as

I propose the following:
1. Create a branch (or tag) called master-unmaintained, master-old or
whatever you prefer, pointing to the current HEAD
2. Obliterate everything from the repo, leaving only a
README.unmaintained file, reading:

Problems with KItemModels 5.2 and Windows


I managed to compile and install KItemModels in Windows, but, when I
try to compile an application which requires KItemModels, CMake
complains about a missing KF5Config.cmake, which is nowhere to be
found at my install dir -- even though I had installed ECM already.

I already managed to compile and use KItemModels (4.100) properly on
Windows, but I had to install a somewhat outdated kf5umbrella (4.98)
to do so, which shouldn't be needed anymore AFAIK -- I actually
couldn't find a more recent version than that.

What am I missing?


Custom EXPORT macro won't expand when included outside lib


So, I recently started to write a "pluggable" library. You can check it
from here:
<a href=";a=summary" title=";a=summary"></a>.

It was all good until I tried to write a dummy plugin for it (currently
available in the dummy_packagesource branch of the above repo). It was a
pretty trivial plugin, it just implemented the pure virtual functions from
the interface.

Developing without creating a dedicated developer user account


So, so far, I compiled KDE from the sources in a separated user
account dedicated for KDE development, following that Techbase

But, as this has led to many inconvenients, I'd like to know how (or
if) I can use my own user account for KDE development, especially for
plasmoid, dataengine development and/or frameworks development.

QByteArray and operator+ related compilation problems when using Qt master

Hi. I asked about this in #kde-devel@freenode and I was told to post
here, so here it goes.

So, lately I've decided to compile latest KDE master linked against
latest Qt master. When I do so, I get errors like the ones described
in this review[1].