Postings by Stephan Bergmann

F28 `dnf update` "Error: Failed to synchronize cache for repo 'fedora-debuginfo'"

On F28, `dnf update` recently started to fail for me with "Error: Failed
to synchronize cache for repo 'fedora-debuginfo'":

GCC produced wrong code in gvfs-1.14.2-3.fc18.x86_64

I happened to run across a problem with current gvfsd-sftp in x86_64
Fedora 18 that is apparently due to bad code generated by GCC.

The function

Problem in rawhide with ld and weak symbols?

Building LibreOffice for x86_64 starting to fail in an odd way recently,
I stripped that down to what I would assume is a newly introduced bug in
how ld resolves weak references?

Given a test.s of

"gcc test.s" builds fine, while "gcc test.s -lcom_err", i.e., including
a reference to some .so that in turn needs libpthread, fails with

grub2-tools and UEFI/GPT

When my UEFI/GPT-based Fedora 17 box refused to boot yesterday, I ran
into the following trouble.

Self Introduction

Hi all,

I've recently joined Red Hat's team, so I'll
probably want to get my hands dirty with the corresponding Fedora
packages in the future.

My background: I've been a core member of development
for 14 years. I'm mostly taking care of the lower code layers, and have
also been deeply involved in areas like building, testing, and packaging
the code. (So its hopefully not all Greek to me here...)