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F28 systemd plans?


Taking the advantage of the fact that developers of both (fedora and systemd) attend
this list, let me ask: will we get systemd v237 in Fedora 28?
We have a bit over a month until branching. As WireGuard support got
merged into networkd, I'm very very very interested in getting v237 with next Fedora.


crypto-policies not very useful, FUTURE too strict?


Since few release we have nifty, consolidated way to select system-wide crypto
policy. It's great, but granularity of selection is little lacking. We have
basically two sensible choices:
- DEFAULT, which is, well, default
- FUTURE, which is said to be more secure; if the admin wants to change the policy,
(s)he will have to switch to FUTURE

So let's imagine Joe Sysadmins who in the face of LogJam and other vulnerabilites,
wants to tighten security a bit.

Unannounced boost ABI break in Rawhide


It seems that this boost build:
* Tue May 03 2016 Jonathan Wakely < ... at redhat dot com> - 1.60.0-6
- Rebuilt for GCC 6.1 (#1331983)

broke ”rbd” from ceph-common-10.2.0-2.fc25.x86_64:

$ /usr/bin/rbd
/usr/bin/rbd: symbol lookup error: /usr/bin/rbd: undefined symbol: _ZNK5boost16re_detail_10600031cpp_regex_traits_implementationIcE17transform_primaryEPKcS4_

Downgrading Boost packages to 1.60.0-5 fixes it.

Build failure on fedora rawhide (21)


My package failed to build on rawhide. Upstream comments point
to Swig as guilty party. Was there any un-announced Swig change?

----- Forwarded message from Tomasz Torcz < ... at pipebreaker dot pl> -----


While building latest version for fedora rawhide, I've encountered a build failure.
I do not see anything obvious in the code, so I was unable to fix it by

Tinyproxy - provenpackager intervention needed (760474)


Tinyproxy package has a problem since F16 - because of missing tmpfilesd snippet,
the program won't start without intervention of admin. Tinyproxy wnats to store
pidfile in /run/tinyproxy. This directory does not exist after fresh boot.
There's a bug open: <a href="" title=""></a>

Yesterday I attached a .spec patch to the bug. Patch provides tmpfilesd file
and systemd unit file as a bonus. Can someone commit&build, so at least we have
working tinyproxy package for F19?


Packaging directory in /mnt - how to do so?

Hey list,

In the course of review of owfs (#927237) I was pointed that
shipping directory in /mnt is prohibited. FHS seems to agree.

owfs is suite of program for accessing 1-wire network, which is
simple hardware protocol. One of the program is FUSE module,
giving the access to network and devices on it through filesystem.
The "/mnt/1wire" directory is widely used default - it's in the
default config files and many scripts over the net uses it. I'd really
like to retain this similarity eith other distributions in Fedora.

Is there any way out from this situation?

Stalled review of pg_journal


There is some stall with the review of pg_journal:
<a href="" title=""></a>
which is journal-logging add-on for PostgreSQL.
I've addresed all the issues and upstream is really helpful, but
the reviewer dissapeared. Can I have moved the review forward?


Anything changed on rawhide builders recently? Can't build ladvd


Today I tried to build ladvd 1.0.4 package for rawhide, but it failed with
some strange message <a href=";name=build.log&amp;offset=-4000" title=";name=build.log&amp;offset=-4000">;name=build.log...</a> ,
which is pasted below. So I rolled back to 1.0.2 and it failed to build, too.
It was building fine previously.
Then I tried to build for F18, it was built succesfuly (although it packaging ultimately
failed because of unrelated reason).

So the question is: what's broken with rawhide builders?

The message on rawhide builder is:
libtool: compile: gcc -std=gnu99 -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I.

Intent to take ownership of deprecated package - maradns


I'd like to take ownership of “maradns” package. It is a small DNS server, which
I do use. I'd like to update version in Fedora to 2.0 branch and continue maintaining it.
maradns was deprecated some time ago. In pkgdb I was able only to take F16 branch. What
should I do to get F18, too?

Heads up: ladvd using ifAlias coming to rawhide


WHO MAY BE AFFECTED: people, who installed "ladvd" voluntarily. It is not
installed by default.

WHAT IS LADVD: it is a small daemon, using low-level ethernet mechanisms to
learn how switches are connected. It implements CDP protocol, LLDP protocol
and few others. By default it sends announcement only for protocols it already
heard (this way it does not generate CDP traffic if you don't have Cisco switch).

WHAT'VE CHANGED: there's a feature called ifAlias in Linux network stack, giving
ability to append free-form description to interface.

block-device-added event for upstart not emitted

Hi list,

while packaging hdapsd I've created upstart script reacting on
block-device-added event, as I found over the internet that this
is event should be emitted. But on Fedora rawhide it isn't. I
believe someting like following is missing from udev rules:

ACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEM=="block", KERNEL=="*[!0-9]",
RUN="/usr/sbin/initctl emit block-device-added %k -eDEVNAME"

Is this deliberate omission, just bug, or is list of common events not
yet established?