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Destop environment and gl performance...

Can someone explain why the destop environment (here Cinnamon) can have
such an impact on the graphic card performance ?

Using glmark, we see a 2x to 20x factor in glmark performance between
various destops (mate,xlfce,cinnamon). What can justify such a huge gap
in perfs ?

Even better is there a way to investigate the GPU usage (a la ps or top)
to understand such issues ?

Thank's in advance..


Packaging problem in pybind11-devel ?

Before submitting a bugzilla, I wonder whether this is a choice made on
purpose or not.

The pybind11-devel package defines a set of CMake Module files. But (at
least for fedora 29) these files do not end up in
/usr/share/cmake/Modules as usually but in /usr/share/cmake/pybind11
where cmake does not find them by default...

JSharing some poor experience


I recently upgraded my computer to Fedora 28 and experienced some
strange behaviour with the cinnamon deskop when having two screens.
On the second screen there was a black "border" around windows (eg
terminals) that was flickering and expanding eg when the mouse was

This was somewhat unpleasant but manageable...

Unretiring itpp


I'd like to unretire itpp(which was retired on 2011-07-25 due to
constant C++ build problems). It seems that those problems have been
solved and that as of (at least) itpp-4.3.1, it now correctly builds.

Basically I recovered the last spec from fedpkgs and adapted it to cmake
(which is now supported by itpp). As far as I can tell, it builds with
almost no troubles.

Specifying arch in comps/yumgroups.xml


I'm playing with comps to install software. I'm mostly in an x86-64
environment, but for compatibility I need some i386 packages...
but those seem to be invisible and I find no syntax that make them
visible... And there seems to be no error messages either at
createrepo time or at use time.

On the internet, I found the following message:

:>>>>> "sv" == seth vidal <skvidal at> writes:
:sv> No. It doesn't support arch syntax b/c comps doesn't support it
:sv> either.
:Any hope of extending it in the future?