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Eclipse and Fedora 31

Dear Eclipse users,
Whoever faces issues installing Eclipse RPMs on Fedora 31 - this is beyond
us (Eclipse packagers) and depends on a number of bigger issues in Fedora
land both technical and political.
Until this is fixed, you're strongly recommended to try using Eclipse from
Flathub [1].

Orphaned a number of Eclipse pacakges

As eclipse module is the supported way to get eclipse now and there are a
number of FTBFS for me as a package I've just orphaned the following:
* eclipse-tm-terminal
* eclipse-swtbot
* cbi-plugins
* eclipse-dtp
* eclipse-ecf
* eclipse-eclemma
* eclipse-egit-github
* eclipse-linuxtools
* eclipse-moreunit
* eclipse-mylyn
* eclipse-mpc
* eclipse-pydev
* eclipse-packagekit

Most of them are leaf packages so can go freely - only critical parts if
one wants to keep eclipse srpm in is eclipse-ecf and cbi-plugins.

Orphaning h2

I don't need h2 package for anything and it fails to build on F30. It has 2
co-maintainers so maybe someone will pick it up.

Orphaning eclipse-xtext and dependencies

eclipse-xtext and its dependencies eclipse-xpand and eclipse-emf-mwe have
just been orphaned. Eclipse SIG has no use of these packages anymore
(despite them being really active upstream), the build system is quite
complicated and they haven't been properly kept upto date lately.

Orphaning not-yet-commons-ssl

I've just orphaned not-yet-commons-ssl [1]. It is a dependency of
eclipse-fedorapackager but I'm not sure how useful this dependency still is
I haven't used it lately. The library has a dependency on
jakarta-commons-httpclient which has been EOLed in 2011 [2] .

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>
[2] <a href="" title=""></a>

Orphaning eclipse-birt

I don't have the time nor to will to deal with it anymore.
Master is orphan now, feel free to pick it up. If noone does it in a week I'll deprecate the package.

Alexander Kurtakov
Red Hat Eclipse team

Heads-up: Maven builds might be failing for some period

Hi everyone,

Fedora is transitioning to using Maven 3 by default. Up until now it was
working because a lot of things were bringing maven2 into the build system.
Maven2 was part of Fedora for more ~5 years - long enough time to get a lot of
crap accumulated. We are slowly fixing issues as they arrive but there will
surely be a lot of pain until we get Maven 3.x properly working without maven2
being installed.