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CentOS Stream and major releases

I'm pretty sure I understand the workflow, or what will be the workflow, for
CentOS Stream and RHEL, but there's one thing I'm curious about that I'd love
to have clarified, at least to the extent that it's been planned or thought
about so far:

Historically, a major release of RHEL has been cut from Fedora and polished up
(or chopped down or...) but now that CentOS Stream exists, I can see several
paths forward.

One possibility I envision is that CStream will progress at about the same
pace as RHEL point releases today, which would suggest that when it comes time
to branch something for RHEL

Xenial shutdown/restart issue with LUKS

Hi all. I haven't submitted a bug report yet, but I've got a couple systems
using root-on-LUKS (and in one case root-on-LUKS-on-MDRAID) and systems
configured so all hit an annoying 90-second timeout on reboot where systemd
tries to detach LUKS and spin down the RAIDs and such, but can't. I've been
pointed at this:

<a href="" title=""></a>

...and told that I want to deal with this from a shutdown-initrd, and that
seems sensible. What I'm unsure of is whether or not Ubuntu has some
relatively straightforward way to set something like this up.

14.04 with HWE kernel on SecureBoot et. al.

Hi all.

I'm researching doing an install of 14.04 with the 3.19 HWE kernel under
SecureBoot, but I only see a HWE install with the netboot images. The netboot
image won't boot without legacy mode, and what I'm reading suggests that I
need to at least boot in UEFI mode for the installer to do the right thing
with UEFI.

Can I force the netboot installer to do the right thing for UEFI end
SecureBoot even though it's not booted into it? Is there a way to select the
HWE kernels from a normal 14.04 boot stick? Is it possible to install an HWE
kernel after an install?