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Libreoffice 6 irritating view

Since some upgrade Libreoffice insist on showing documents 2 pages side
by side. I don't like it one bit. Does anyone know how to get back to 1
page portrait mode?

kind regards, Sinclair

How to check KDE versions

Dear all,

I am on 16.04 with backports ppa enabled. I hade a huge chunk uf kde5
updates earlier.

So I wanted to check what version(s) I am now on. In the earlier version
you would just go "help" and "about" but that seems gone.

Anyone knows how to?

Kind regards,

Kwallet gone bonkers

Dear all,

suddenly and most unwanted kwallet has decided to go offline. No wallet
can be opened. I have tried open a fresh wallet. No such luck

I have searched high and low on internet but all the clues are like
"disable/enable" and that does nothing for me

Any ideas are welcome as I getting desperate here

Kind regards


Does anyone know if the Kube mail project is still alive. I am having
such headaches with Kmail I am looking for something else.

Kind regards,

Dolphin 5 and getting new services

Dear all,

I regularly use some additional services in Dolphin. That they went
missing on upgrade I can live with but:

When I try to add them using the installer I just get "installation
failed". I like to use root-services now and then and also the encfs

I found out why preview was not working on a number of, well,

Plasma5 ...

So finally, with a new laptop, decided to go "plasma5" or in other words
Kubuntu 16.04.1 with all backports upgrades.

Let us just call it a bumpy ride. This is a Lenovo "stock Intel" not
latest laptop. Yet I get the already documented "screen flicker" thing.

Changing from the now useless virtual desktops to "Activities" I can
live with though I don't get why. And someone tell me why keyboard
shortcuts as in say Meta+1 to activate an Activity simply does not work.

Then we have KDEPIM. For what time I don't know I lost my Notes as in

Strange behaviour from Xenial installer

Dear all,

I am close to giving up. For whatever reason the upgrade route via 15.04
and so on always crashes. Decided to fresh 16.04.1 install.

I have separate / and /home partitions, both ext4. Here comes the
problem: the installer insist that my /home is ext2 and whatever I set
it to wants to format it. No thank you...

Where as the partitionmanager has no problem whatsoever to see that it
is ext4...

Anyone have any ideasof what I can do to get the installer to understand
that my ext4 is ext4 and should not be formatted??

Kind regards,

Scarlett quits packaging?

If I get it right, this:
<a href="" title=""></a>
means our main packager is leaving. How does this impact on a recently
LTS release? Is there someone to replace?

all the best,

A bit OT about Viber for Linux

I use Viber quite a lot to communicate and have always liked that a
linux desktop client exist (unlike say WhatsApp, most popular here).

As you may have read they introduced encryption client to client the
other day. And today I guess my wife had updated (I did) on Android.

And bang, suddenly I don't get half the messages I see on the phone,
some I can't send to her.

The encryption thing, of course.

16.04 w/o KDE PIM?

Dear all,

am I reading this right:
Known Issues:
KDE PIM is in a broken state of brokenness. We are aware, and will
likely drop it from xenialall together. We just do not have the
resources to keep fighting with it. Upstream is making massive
changes and ABI is broken. Aka, even if we manage to get the builds
green, there is still large chances for crashy behavior.

from this post:
<a href="" title=""></a>

Cause if that is case then I will swap distro. KDE PIM is more than half
the reason I use KDE/Kubuntu


Kubuntu 15.10 Beta issues

I am trying out Kubuntu 15.10 (Plasma 5 with all latest versions) in a
virtualbox. After latest upgrades KMail is reporting 4.81 beta version.

For the sake of business I have to use an account at,
Microsoft "cloud" service. In my current work Kmail setup Kmail 4.14.2
this is not a problem. I run it as IMAP with "offline download" and that
is one of the ways to access when you do not run
Outlook/Exhange access.

In the new version however it simply does not work, at least not from a
fresh installation.

Please don't leave or fork Kubuntu

Dear all,

I don't think I need to quote any background information about what has
developed "all over the internet" the last couple of days.

What I sincerely hope is that those of you, users or
developers/maintainers, who feel like giving up on Kubuntu the distro
and community reconsider that decision.

I have used Kubuntu since 2007 as my full time environment despite
working mainly in a Windows dominated environment (support, databases
and what not). Over those years I have toyed with other distros,
currently Manjaro.

About updating to latest newest version - my thoughts

Dear all,

from my point of view Plasma/KDE5 is not mature enough for production
use. That is how I see it and feel free to disagree.

I have one computer and I use to make a living. There is a degree to how
much I can surrender a working stable environment to "new and shiny".

This is not meant as an offense to the developers who have spent
countless hours on the "5" environment.

What I dont get/understand is how many just seem to jump on to this
upgrade and did not expect serious breakages?

Replace MySql with MariaDB

me KMail et al Akonadi depending software seems "snappier" after this.

So, first of all install aptitude as alternative to apt-get. Then:

"sudo aptitude update
when it is done then:
sudo aptitude purge mysql-server-core-5.6 mysql-client-core-5.6
aptitute will tell it has many dependencies, many packages will be
removed ...

15.04 issues

Playing with 15.04 in a VM but having some issues. Can not find Lancelot
that I find to be the best launcher? Where is kdeplasma-addons package?
Muon package manager seems to have issues in finding packages

So far I am VERY hesitant to let this replace my stable 14.10, no matter
how "beatiful" it might be

kind regards,

transfer to a new disk - HDD to SSD

Dear all,

I have bought an SSD and am about to migrate to it. As I do not just
want to make "clone" but will exclude some things from the existing disc
(such as Windows7 recovery partition) and also want to trim the new disk
to the best of my abilities I am pondering the way to go

Options I can think of:
1. Clonezilla partitions / and /home, install new disk and the
clonezilla back (you have to edit stuff to move partions that do not
have same name but it is doable)

Replace MySQL with MariaDB

I am using Kubuntu 14.10 with KDE 4.14.2 and for some time have seen
other distros migrate to MariaDB from MySQL.

Can this be done without "bombing" my stable desktop and use of

Anyone have a pointer to a "manual" on this? Also does anyone have an
idea why Kubuntu have chosen to stay with MySQL?

best regards,

replaced .xsession-errors?

I read on g+ kubuntu some time ago that Kubuntu has "relocated" a lot
of error loggin from /HOME/.xsession-errors to another location and
when I checked: for sure my .xsession-errors is near empty and the
other had quite a bit of info.

Problem: I lost track of both the post and where the new location(s)
are, anyone knows?

Kind regards

KDE 4.14.1??

Dear devs/packagers,

I know you are hard at work with 14.10 and KDE5 - but given the rather
serious bug with Courier IMAP in 4.14.0 I was expecting 4.14.1 to be
packaged for those releases that now have 4.14

Any chance we might see this soon?

Kind regards

KDE 4.14 heating up my lap(top)


I installed 4.14 KDE on my 14.04 laptop and find that the cooling fan
is constantly running and the cpu-heat reports an extra 4C or so

Starting any webbrowser from Rekonq via Qupzilla to Firefox I see TOP
reporting that they chew from 15% CPU up to over 100.. with 1 tab open.

This was not happening in 4.13.3 - anyone seeing this and have an idea
of why and what to do?

kind regards,

4.14 rc in kubuntu backports ppa?

I found a huge batch of updates waiting in kubuntu backports ppa this
morning and it seems they are version KDE 4.13.97

The number makes me think it is 4.14 RC but I have seen no
announcements on this list or on website or in newsfeeds.

I thought that beta, RC etc should be in beta ppa and not in backports?

Kind regards,

4.13.3 in Trusty

Updates for 4.13.3 is now available in kubuntu-updates ppa. For users
of KMail this is a awesome update as it sorts issues with html-viewing
and memory leaks.


Connect Kontact/KDEPIM 4.13.x to UPDATED

Connect Kontact/KDEPIM 4.13.x to

For business reasons I have to use Office365 online Exchange mail as
that is where one of my accounts are now hosted.

Connect Kontact/KDEPIM 4.13.x to

Connect Kontact/KDEPIM 4.13.x to

For business reasons I have to use Office365 online Exchange mail as
that is where one of my accounts are now hosted.

Kgpg problems


being on 14.04 I have since somewhere in 2007 sometimes used (k)gpg to
sign files and the odd email.

I admit it is not very often and when I now read of someone having
issues with kpgp I discovered that I too had serious issues.

On starting the program it could not find or import my keyrings and I
eventually had to delete my .conf file and reimport the original version
of my key files. That I luckily have kept all these years...

Kgpg was still complaining that it could not import the files but DID
import them.

I am not too overly impressed...

KDE 4.13.2 in Trusty

Am not sure who came up with the idea of first introducing KDE 4.13.2
packages in kubuntu updates ppa and THEN now in trusty-updates ppa.
Thereby awarding me an extra update of 340 Mb or so...


Neat trick with Dolphin and file tags

Found a way to easily search for tags in Dolphin, see screenshot in the
<a href="" title=""></a>

clicking on any tag in the window opens the Dolphin window with all
files tagged with the clicked tag

Note: this works with Baloo in KDE 4.13.x, am not all sure it would/will
work in Nepomuk versions


New version of Skype available

Something that does not happen often, a new release of Skype for Linux.
Version 4.3 is available for download, read here:
<a href="" title=""></a>

I had the ubuntu offical version installed and before installing this
version had to manually remove skype and skype-bin packages. After that
I have had no problems (only a few days of use, so YMMV)

Have no idea when or if it will come to ubuntu repos

Kind regards

KDE 4.13.2 packages available

In case you have not noticed packages for KDE 4.13.2 are in Kubuntu
updates ppa for the Trusty 14.04 version. Am not sure about earlier
releases though

Kind regards

Trying to use Blogilo with a blogspot account

Kubuntu 14.04 and KDE 4.13.1

It has been a while since I set up Blogilo to work with a
blogspot-hosted blog. Since then I have made "clean installation" and
now thought I would configure it again.

Sadly Blogilo seems not to be maintained so the setup "wizard" for a
blogspot account fails.