Postings by Allen Winter

GammaRay 2.11.0

Announcing GammaRay 2.11.0

Highlights of this Release:
* Drop support for Qt 4 and Qt <= 5.4.
* Drop support for MSVC 2010 and MSVC 2012, as well as GCC < 4.8.
* Add support for more QtNetwork properties.
* Add new network operations monitoring tool.
* Fix inspection of QJson types.
* Add thread affinity check to the problem reporter.
* Add new event monitoring tool.
* Initial forward compatibility with Qt6 build system.
* Improved performance of the Qt Quick 2 inspector and the signal monitor.

The source code can be found on GitHub at: <a href="" title=""></a>

GammayRay 1.3.0 Released


GammaRay 1.3.0 is now available

Highlights included in this release:
* New KJob tracker plugin (requires KDE4)
* Qt5 support
* New Meta Object Browser tool
* New QStandardPaths and QMimeTypeDatabase browsers (Qt5 only)

GammaRay is a tool to poke around in a Qt-application and also to manipulate
the application to some extent.

GammaRay 1.1.0 Released


GammaRay 1.1.0 is now available!

Highlights included in this release:
- Plug-in system for tools
- Graphical state machine viewer
- Object hierarchy visualization plug-in
- New timer profiler plug-in
- New locale inspector plug-in
- New property view/editor for non-QObject types