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Potential module for wxGTK3.1 unstable series / Audacity

Audacity development (git) requires linking against wxGTK3.1.
The normal Fedora wxGTK3 package is at wxGTK3-3.04 in F29/30/31/devel.
wxGTK3.1 is a development series which eventually leads to wxGTK3.2 release.
Upstream is currently at 3.1.3 and expecting at least a 3.1.4 next year.
Audacity 2.3.3 release is imminent (RC02).

I would like to be able to release the next Audacity (once tested) when
it drops.

I've been reading about Fedora modules, and am wondering whether the
following would make sense as a potential solution ?:

$ dnf modules list wxGTK3

Fedora Modular 30 - x86_64

Disabling build options for SSE on non-capable arches ?

Hi, (this is a 4th retry, now trying devel as first try to packaging a
week ago says held by moderator, but doesn't seem to have been posted to
the list, and I don't know why...)

Audacity has had the following as part of rpm spec in the %configure

%configure \
--disable-dynamic-loading \
%ifnarch %{ix86} x86_64
--disable-sse \

Which fails on: non x86 arches:
<a href="" title=""></a>

If I remove the conditional, I get successful build, but not optimized
on x86 with SSE.

What's wrong with this conditional ?




I've got an announcement for you, you may be interested, you can find more information here <>

<a href="mailto: ... at iinet dot"> ... at iinet dot</a>

wxGTK3 - drop down fields - text misplaced (Audacity)

Hi any GTk3 or WxWidgets devs,

In Audacity (next), upstream has moved to wxGTK3. The only visible issue
I can see is with the placement of text within drop down fields.

The text is too low, and if it's too wide, the combo box isn't resizing
to fit the width. [1]

Just wondered if this is a problem with any other wxGTK3 using
applications, or any pointers in trying to nut out the cause would be
welcome ?

contains 3 screen shots indicating the issue, where it's difficult to
read the text.

copr - hung or out of control build .. ? infrastructure help

Hi, I submitted an audacity build f22,23,rawhide. Usually it finishes in
12-20 mins. 22/23 are done, but rawhide's been 80 minutes, so I think
something has gone wrong...

Install Fedora by hand ... feeling brave :-)

Hi, I'm keen to install F22 on a laptop (shared with windows 7), but the
installer bugs out due to problems in libparted when reading my disk
(bz: 1223111):
<a href="" title=""></a>

The machine boots and runs the live iso via usb, but also can't do
install to the HD due to the above.

So, what would it take to set up Fedora by hand ?

My first go is:
boot live iso to runlevel 2
login: root

mount /dev/sda6 /mnt
mount /dev/sda5 /mnt/boot
mount /dev/sda7 /mnt/home
mount --bind /dev /mnt/dev
mount --bind /proc /mnt/proc
mount --bind /sys /mnt/proc
mount -t tmpfs tmpfs

Installer - how to get a shell ?

Hi, booted up a F21 alpha iso cd, and realized after the long wait that
I didn't have networking configured during boot, and this probably led to:
- no repository
- no package selection possible.

I thought I would Alt-F1,F2 etc to find the shell (and set up networking
manually, rather than waiting for a second boot cycle).
F1 had the list of ttys along the bottom, but the shell one (F2 from
memory) accepts enter (which outputs a blank line, but never gave a
prompt or other response.

What's the trick to getting that (usable) shell to do things like
check/set network ?

Also, should we be able

fedpkg build error: Error running GIT command "git reset --hard ..

Hi, I'm trying to build an updated package, first in master, then in f21
and the command failed with the below.

how to build a scratch build of an older version of my package ?

In trying to track down when a bug began showing up, I'd like to build
an earlier version of my package eg from 9 months ago (hence earlier
upstream release and different spec/patches). How can that be achieved
on the builder ?

Does the build system keep the build logs of old packages, ie that shows
what build requires-version was installed, and which gcc compiler
version was used ?

Audacity - audio editor - test request

Hi, It appears Audacity is getting close to v2 release (it's been in 1.3
beta mode for a few years).

I've built the current svn release as 2.0.0.alpha... , and request
anyone with audio hardware who would like to help to download and
install it to check whichever functions you feel like testing operate as

build: {rawhide}, also runs on F16 OK.
<a href="" title=""></a>

<a href="" title=""></a>

Any crash/exceptions definitely report in bugzilla.

Cheers, David Timms.


adding manual to existing package - soft review ?

Hi, I'm adding a subpackage -manual to audacity to include the
additional manual archive. It links from the help menu items if it is
installed, or else points you to the in development online version.

I already made a mistake and included manual files in both the main and
sub package. The spec change [1] I've committed fixes this.

The -manual package can be used by either audacity or
audacity-freeworld. At the moment the manual spec marks up the
datadair/audacity folder and hence dually owns it with audacity if that
is installed.

illegal instruction - create compile variants ?

Hi, a user of rakarrack was getting startup exception SIGILL [1].

Seems the config/make/compile process for this app checks CPU capability
of the machine it is being compiled on, and applies optimisations that
are available on that processor.

The user has a much older processor.

Upstream suggest [2] that distros could add a script to detect runtime
CPU, and call the appropriately compiled executable.

To do that in rpm, I think I would need to call configure a second time.
Also, the new compile would overwrite the first compile, so it doesn't
seem that easy.

Any suggestions on a way fo

process to use when missed a patch addition

Hi, new to git, and while following the "conversion" guide [1], I missed
the fact that I had added a new patch, but not added it to git.

So the build failed. I have now: git add x.patch

I'm not sure what is correct procedure to attempt rebuild with the
included patch:
1. fedpkg commit -p
2. fedpkg commit && fedpkg push
3. bump release in spec first, then one of the above.

Does a new unique tag get created automatically, or do I need to mess
with "git tag $(fedpkg verrel) && git push --tags" ?

[1] <a href="" title=""></a>

spin development: how to trust an iso built outside the fedora build sys

Hi there,

I was wondering if there is any process that we (spin developers - music
list) could use to confirm that a spin iso was
1. built with a particular kickstart file (or list of files when there
is kickstart %include x directives).
2. hasn't been doctored on purpose eg by the person building the iso, or
corrupted by the upload/download process
3. hasn't been tainted by unknown code on the build machine

A few thoughts:

music list maintainer/owner - how to get changes made

Over on <a href="mailto: ... at lists dot"> ... at lists dot</a>, we have some difficulty because by default a
reply to a list message doesn't automatically get sent back to the list.

I find it really limiting in a forum that is supposed to be enhancing
communication and collaboration to end up with most people replying only
to the original author. I hope it isn't intended.

Anyway, with no response from the list owner, is there somewhere else I
can request a change ?

source url when upstream disappears (geocities)

I vaguely remember something about this, but can't find it in wiki or
list archives:
My upstream hasn't updated in years, but the package (glglobe) still
builds for fedora and epel.

rfc: give koji diff capabilities

Probably thought of a million times, but was wondering whether it would
be possible, and useful to give diff capabilities within the koji web

eg: x86_64 build
Output build.log (tail)
root.log (tail)
state.log (tail)
could become:
Output build.log (tail) (diff)
root.log (tail) (diff)
state.log (tail) (diff)

hovering over diff would cause a (json) load of options:
- diff -u with other arch:
i686, ppc, ppc64
- diff -u with other version:
list other builds in this release (eg devel): 4.3-1, 4.3-4,
- diff -u with other release:

rpm -q --changelog listing items twice

Hi, with the recent libcurl/curl updates for F12 I tried a:
rpm -q --changelog of each.
While curl's changelog looks normal, the information is shown twice for

Is this normal for a subpackage ?
Bug in rpm ?
Bug in the package (while the .spec in cvs looks normal):
<a href=";view=markup" title=";view=markup"></a>

I was going to write a bug, but maybe it is supposed to be this way ?


review request - pre-review done, needing actual reviewer

Hi, I would love to get tnef (an ms lookout email attachment lister /
extractor) review completed for F13 (ie before next week). Anyone
reviewer like to take a look (I can't convince every acquaintance to
stop sending ms "rich text" which this application fixes for me :~).

<a href="" title=""></a> if interested.

Cheers, David Timms

review request - pre-review done, needing actual reviewer

Hi, I would love to get tnef (an ms lookout email attachment lister /
extractor) review completed for F13 (ie before next week). Anyone
reviewer like to take a look (I can't convince every acquaintance to
stop sending ms "rich text" which this application fixes for me :~).

<a href="" title=""></a> if interested.

Cheers, David Timms

switching to vts in a virtualbox guest ?

I just installed a fedora 12 i386 guest on a fedora 12 i386 host.

The virtualbox manual says the equivalent for ctrl-alt [backspace,
delete, F1..F8 is to press the assigned Host Key (by default mine is
right ctrl, along with just the bs,delete, F1. That doesn't actually
work at the moment.

Any ideas what's needed to get to a VT ?

upgrade to F12, nautilus wont start - dbus

I'm having no luck starting nautilus after my upgrade.
$ time nautilus

(nautilus:24582): Unique-DBus-WARNING **: Error while sending message:
Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application
did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply,
the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken.

(nautilus:24582): Unique-DBus-WARNING **: Error while sending message:
Did not receive a reply.

pdf viewer wont zoom in enough

Wondering if anyone is having trouble reading pdf files. Document
Viewer. Using poppler 0.10.7 (cairo), opens the pdf OK, but even at the
largest zoom (400%), the page is shown at less than the full height of
the screen, making it real hard to read it.

What's with that ?


adding/using a mimetype that matches every file ?

Hi I want to add the ability to call up some command line apps from
nautilus, eg right click any file, a menu item named "open in ghex2"
should appear, which is programmed to run a small script with certain
parameters, or directly.

Particular ones are any file for md5sum, sha1sum etc, leaving a result
window open for review.

Also, would like an any text file one to point to gedit, eg so I can
edit backup~ files, and a heap of others where mime detection is screwed
eg- text config file is considered to be a cisco vpn setting, with no
editor assigned.

Did I mention I want to do this on

combining image files into a pdf

Hi, I have image files of type:
- png
- tif (b/w) - fax like
- jpg
that were produced by my scanner, during scan of a document.

I've tried a few ways to achieve this, with limited results:
- gscan2pdf: all png pages have a strong purple tint.
- tiff2pdf: works for the tiff files
- pdfedit: needs a pdf to start with, so not much help
- pdf chain: uses pdftk to do manipulations; generates 0 byte pdf,
output dialog seems to hang.
- oopresentation/draw: doesn't like the tif files.
and a few attempts with command line tools.

I haven't found a way to (easily) combine those into a pdf.

unintentional (re-)install of nexuiz game

Hi, I don't remember installing nexuiz, nexuiz-data, at all. I noticed
that it was a 800MB hit on my disk, and removed it yesterday. A yum
update later, and both have been re-installed.

Jul 04 00:27:31 Installed: nexuiz-data-2.5-1.fc11.noarch
Jul 04 00:27:36 Installed: nexuiz-2.5-1.fc11.i586
Sep 12 07:50:13 Erased: nexuiz
Sep 12 07:50:28 Erased: nexuiz-data
Sep 13 00:18:31 Installed: nexuiz-data-2.5-1.fc11.noarch
Sep 13 00:18:31 Installed: nexuiz-2.5-1.fc11.i586

Any ideas ?


howto making rescue mode available from grub prompt with install.img ?


I want to config grub so that I have a rescue mode entry.

meeting minutes posts - line / wordwrap in

Hi, what would be the best location to list an issue with the meeting
minutes, where the entries overflow the width of the user's screen ?


yum upgrade v anaconda upgrade differences

On the yum list a question was asked which intrigued me:
Why can anaconda manage to upgrade a system, when yum upgrade can't.

The postulation was that anaconda is cheating (ie running --nodeps
installs). This would allow it to complete an upgrade where dependencies
lead to unavailable packages that are not on the dvd, but are in the
complete Fedora, and or non- fedora repositories, that are not available
at upgrade time.

Is that why it can work ?
Or what are essential differences between an anaconda upgrade and yum
upgrade ?


re: gcc updates {kicking old thread back to life}

Actually, you must send email to the list with the address that you are
subscribed with {rather than hdf3 _}, or you might like to
change your subscribed email address. Use the link at the bottom of the
list mail.

Don, in case you weren't watching fedora closely, fedora 8+9 updates
have resumed service.

I'm sure there are many around who can lend a hand with your situation...